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[Hero] Adaptor.Triform


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Date 12//22//2012



Name: Adaptor.Triform

Portrait: Changeling

Unit Base: Changeling

Type: [starts INT] ----> Mixed Breed can change into STR and AGI at beginning. A hero that is ment to Counter the enemy.

Script: Adaptor has been able to adapt to a situation. He can change his Primarily stat once in the first 5 minutes of the game to adapt to what his enemies may be.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 200 [+100 Hp if STR from Heroic Passive]

Movement Speed 2.7 [+0.3 MS if AGI from Heroic Passive]

Attack Range 1.25

Attack Speed 1.8

Base Damage 57

Attack Name | Animation - [Morphing Claws]

Base Armor 2

Strength – 25 [+5] + (9+[2] If Primary Stat from Heroic Passive)

Agility – 25 [+5] + (9+[2] If Primary Stat from Heroic Passive)

Intelligence – 25 [+5] + (9+[2] If Primary Stat from Heroic Passive) Starts as Primary Stat, but can be changed from passive.




Heroic Passive: Power of Change

"Adaptor Triform can change his form within the first 5 minutes of the game. This changes his primary Attribute to either STR or AGI or INT for the rest of the game. The Primary Attribute will also gain +9 base stats and an additional +2 Stat for the primary Attribute per level. In addtion, the choosen Attribute will give Adaptor an additional effect. STR gives Adaptor +5% Damage Resistance and +100 Base HP. AGI gives Adaptor +0.3 Base Movement Speed, and +5% Weap Damage. INT gives Adaptor +5% Spell damage and +0.5 Energy Regen"


Effect: Adaptor Triform has the ability to change his Primarily stat. He will first start off as an INT Hero. During the first 5 minutes he can change his main stat. As he starts as an INT unit, you can change into an AGI unit inwhich you gain weapons damage based on amount of AGI, AND you also recieve an additional 5 + 2*lv Agi if you chose it. Same applies with STR. If you don't change it, it will auto-maticly stay at INT.

Note: This heroic passive allows you to change into what you need after everyone chooses. If your team needs DPS, you can change AGI, or if you need a tank, you can change into STR, or if you need a Caster you can stay as you are. In addition, you can change your Attribute in favor towards a counter towards enemy. If they have a lot of casters, you may want to change into a tank or something that specificly counters their hero for an edge.



Ability One: Changing Skin

"Changeling changes his soft skin to make it much harder based on how much strength he has. The hardened armor causes enemies to take damage on attacking it since it is so hard, it actually hurts trying to damage it. The amount of resistance gained on one specific type of damage maxes out at 50%. The Scaling stacks Linearly."

Energy Cost: 75//90//105//120

Cooldown: 18//17//16//15

Range: Self


Level 1: Gain 8[+1 per 15 STR]% Physical Resistance and 4[+1 per 30 STR]% Spell Resistance. Enemies take 10[+10%STR] Spell Damage per attack on him. Lasts 3 seconds.

Level 2: Gain 12[+1 per 15 STR]% Physical Resistance and 6[+1 per 30 STR]% Spell Resistance. Enemies take 20[+10%STR] Spell Damage per attack on him. Lasts 4 seconds.

Level 3: Gain 16[+1 per 15 STR]% Physical Resistance and 8[+1 per 30 STR]% Spell Resistance. Enemies take 30[+10%STR] Spell Damage per attack on him. Lasts 5 seconds.

Level 4: Gain 20[+1 per 15 STR]% Physical Resistance and 10[+1 per 30 STR]% Spell Resistance. Enemies take 40[+10%STR] Spell Damage per attack on him. Lasts 6 seconds.


Effect: Resistance caps at 50%. Altho it is nearly impossible (if impossible on this hero) to actually get there. Good if your going to be tanky. Still good even if you lack the STR. The reflect damage only applies towards AAs. Enemies who use an ability to damage will not recieve this reflected damage. If you happened to have 1000 STR (Which would be 20[+66.67]% Physical resistance, it will be reduced to 50% because of cap. An ability that goes very well with STR, especially if you want to be a tank.




Ability Two: Weaponized Claws

"Adaptor morphs his claws, causing them to stretch out and stab all enemies in a line dealing spell damage scaling with AGI. The claws will stab all enemies up to 5 units far. Enemies hit will be stunned for 1 second too. "

Energy Cost: 70//80//90//100

Cooldown: 16//15//14//13

Range: 5


Level 1: Deals 60[+150%AGI] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 110[+150%AGI] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 160[+150%AGI] Spell Damage.

Level 4: Deals 210[+150%AGI] Spell Damage.


Effect: Close range ability that scales excellent with AGI. While you may think 150% AGI is a lot, most AGI heroes don't even get a lot of AGI, and INT heroes usually have 80% more of their primary stat than AGI. Also zeratuls backstab deals 60% AGI, which in final can easily stack up to 900% AGI damage.




Ability Three: Copy Psionic Blast

"Adaptor has disguised himself as a protoss unit so much, that he can actually use some of the Psionic energy. Adaptor targets a 1.5-unit Radius area, causing it to explode after 1.5 second causing enemies to take Spell Damage and lose 60% Movement Speed for 2 seconds."

Energy Cost: 80//100//120//140

Cooldown: 22//20//18//16

Range; 12


Level 1: Deals 80[+100%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 150[+100%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 220[+100%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 4: Deals 290[+100%INT] Spell Damage.


Effect: An ability that massively scales with INT and long ranged. Good if you choose INT.




Ultimate Ability: Adapting Counter [Passive] [Active]

"In a 5-unit Radius, Adaptor causes enemies to gain a debuff depending on what their Primary Stat is. In addition, he can target an enemy heroic, and copy them, and some of their abilities. 2 seconc channel on active. Clone always has 0% Resistance and takes bonus damage from all sources. Also copies abilities, items, and passives. (Doesn't copy talents). Clone can last up to 60 seconds. [Clone can not use Item Actives]. All summons from the Clone will be destroyed upon its death."

Energy Cost: 150//200//250

Cooldown: 120//110//100

Range: 8


Level 1: STR lose 10% Spell//Physical Resistance. AGI lose 10% Weapon Damage. INT lose 10% Spell Damage. Clone takes 250% more damage. Deals 25% Weap//Spell Damage (Heals 25% too). Copies all target's abilities at Lv 1.

Level 2: STR lose 15% Spell//Physical Resistance. AGI lose 15% Weapon Damage. INT lose 15% Spell Damage. Clone takes 200% more damage. Deals 30% Weap//Spell Damage (Heals 30% too). Copies all target's abilities at Lv 3.

Level 3: STR lose 20% Spell//Physical Resistance. AGI lose 20% Weapon Damage. INT lose 20% Spell Damage. Clone takes 150% more damage. Deals 35% Weap//Spell Damage (Heals 35% too). Copies all target's abilities at Lv 3.


Effect: This debuffs all enemies on what their main purpose usually is. Tanks will lose resistance, as int lose their spell damage and AGI lose some base damage. The Active also causes Adaptor to copy the enemy. It is also effective vs Casters as it also copies their abilities. It may seem rather over powered, but if you copy a cyprus, and their combo usually does 3000 Spell damage, the copy cyprus will only deal about 1050 Spell damage on the combo which is significantly less because it copies spell damage too at a low %. The copy is best for effects like silence, stuns and other things.




Additional Information

Not Really much. He can be builded many different ways. Although once you choose your path, you can't really turn back. This prevents him from being to over powered from being able to change at will anytime so that he can still be countered. That is why you can only change your primary stat once and only within the first 5 minutes of the game. (That gives 3 minutes after choosing heroes to change).

This Hero is mainly about countering the enemy. You can counter their hero by getting the Stat you want. In addition, your final also helps counter their abilities and items they got.


P.S. I choose this name because i couldn't think of one LOL



Closing statement

Thanks for Reading! :D

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