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how to shut down virgil?


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He bursts pretty hard, but his ult has a long cooldown. He does all AoE damage, so his potential is pretty great if you aren't positioned right.


My advice:

-Learn good positioning. Make it impossible for Vergil to get to your carries without landing himself in a bad position himself. If vergil somehow gets stuck without his gap closers/escapes available, he is dead meat.

-He is especially vulnerable to stuns and silences due to being melee, squishy, and item-dependent. Don't get electric mantle to counter him though, a good vergil will never autoattack an EM user.

-Don't cluster up too much when he's right next to your team. That's asking for him to ult you all.

-Pluck him after he blinks for best results.

-Always keep track of where he is. Place wards all over the map to know when you can and cannot engage him.

-Don't ever chase him (or anyone) too far, you will get caught out of position and he gets a lot of evasion/untargetability with his E and Ult. If you get him low then chase after him in a straight line, he can ult all of you, blink away, and have his teammates mop you and your teammates up.

-Building on-hit items on carries is best against a vergil because he reduces your weapon damage.

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I tend to play tanks, and when doing so facing vergil I just grab a spell buffer and ignore him.


His zaps tickle and his ulti isn't potent enough to drop a tank.


Pinning him down to kill him is another story: that requires taser or a trap skill, such as Nova's or Zyrkhan's...or gratuitous use of the Force of Entropy/Nitrogen Retrofit.

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