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Who are your favourite heroes and why?



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I personally love three heroes: Darpa, Rancor and Chuck.


I personally like Darpa because I begun with him in ih, in the 4.0 version, and I just played him. It's one of the few agility heros I like to play, becuase he is cool and smart, but these days I see him as easy and ridiculously devastating as Shadow or Nova or Toxe (and even more), so I don't like to play him as the old days (I'm talking about pub).


I also like Rancor because he is a ninja, and a very very nice ganker. He can be very annoying, and a true nightmare if you don't stop get kills, I love ward the enemy jungle and wait in the enemy neutral camps, cloaked, and let them start the creeps, kill them, and steal the creeps. When you stalk so much the lanes they only can kill neutrals, then I stalk them too.


I love Cow, because is a cool hero in general, the Tauren Marine unit is awesome, the responses too, and the mobility of the hero in general is awesome for me. You can have a very good time with this hero, using walls, double walls, toilets to finish enemies, use your capacitive clip to deal more damage or just play with your skills, I don't know the hero in general is awesome.



So I would like to now what this community likes, and I tryed to make a pool to also know what this community prefer, str, int or agi. (80% of my games are INT heros)


Sorry for grammar mistakes or if the poll fail (it's the first I make) and have a good day.

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I have a strong love for a lot of heroes. They are: Mandrake, Zeratul, Rancor, Toxi, Raynor, Grunty, Darpa, Jakk, Cow.


I hardly ever play Zeratul, or Rancor, because it doesn't feel fair considering how well I do each game. Darpa and Toxi are very strong, so I reserve them for times when I want to carry. Grunty is all around fun, and my personal favorite. I play him often. Raynor, Jakk, and Mandrake are heroes I do well with, usually destroying pubs, but don't often play because they are my fallback heroes that are for "The gloves are off" occasions. Cow is just a really fun hero, that can have a huge impact, especially in a pub.

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I'm personally a fan of playing DARPA (main character), Shadow, Marine King, or Summers.


DARPA: He's just a load of pain for teams who like to sit back and spam long range spells without HP :)




Marine King: he takes a bit of effort to micromanage, but it's fun punishing heroes who attack you and ignore your bribed unit and also clearing lanes of towers at a time :D


Summers: Land mines + Spyder Mines = the occasional triple kill. And also, he's fast like lightning if you get the MS talents (and maybe a Menace if you feel troll.)

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My favourites are Maar & Shadow and maybe Zeratul.


Shadow because he is, along with Maar, the best looking hero in the game. (Flame me!)

and because he's somewhat scary and has lovely abilities.

Ever since my first game I've liked his looks and stepping strikes.

How bad can a black hero be (I'm white but my favourite color is black :D)


Maar because he can be played as support, tank (mystery...) and as a Pure DPS caster, and as an AA maybe (will try :D).

and obviously because he looks majestic, is scary and is a pretty good lone-wolf because of the extreme range! :)

He also has a gigant variety of spells.


Zeratul because his abilities are seriously good, he is the best 1v1 Hero, he can teamwipe and he's a good lone wolf.

In general because he's a very good hero and i like his blade.

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I change heroes I play every few time.


I like to play hard ones.


But mains.


1st game I did was Bio ( v.1-2-3 don't remember)


I started Erekul a bit 4-5 then I played Grunty v 5. and Boros when v.6 started then I changed to Garamond. Currently I play differents per week but mostly: Micro/ Drake/ Cain/ bio/ Viking ( A bit)/MK/ shadow/ Leo/ Raynor/ Unix/ Medic/ Doctor... I can play almost everything except Nova cause she is really hard to play :'(

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My favorites are tass, zeratul and unix


Unix is my main in IH because every skill of his offers utility and helps the team by great amounts by either helping a teamate by getting behind him and slowing the chasing enemy ( if fungal misses or on CD), marines are beast and unix is hard to target with a silence, stun during his ulti in IH cause of the close grouping of the team.


Zeratul cause well.... he is zeratul... aoe silence slow bubble.. and a phase jump that procs with BHM as well as ninja cloaking. couldnt ask for much more. also I personally have gone 50 kills and <10 death in pubs more than once.


and then we have tass. which of course I go pure dps with. so far I havent found one counter to him. team wipes all day. pulling as well as a clone double proc'ing pyre. bhm and stun baton.

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My favorite:


Tassadar: I love tassadar because he can be played as any role VERY effectively. The illusion proccing EM and Superheated is just a great combo with all of the other fun items. Caster and Carry are both viable options, but frankly, not as fun. Those of you who say is is UP hit me up sometime (if you can find me muahahah) I'll show you how its done.


DARPA: I'm also a fan of darpa, possibly because he is such a BOSS, or because he used to be the trolliest hero in the game (v3 SotIS) and the love from way back then made me love him now. He is probably one of my best heroes, but when I play him in pub, its usually a team that i can easily steamroll (today I tied the other team's total kills with 31 of my own).


Molgloo: I find the speed available to him to be awesome and rockets cause I get godly snipes off and perma stun people.


Honorable mentions:


Chuck.Tbone: I love doing caster Tbone and udderly (hehe puns) stampeding the other team with my toilets. I love sniping people off for kills while they try to run with the ultimate.


Garamond: I just love garamond, hes soooo silly. I love lockboxing myself immediately after using my ultimate, its just a fun way to play which is really effective against greedy people (so most everyone who plays this game).

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I love how most folks here have chosen the strongest heros in thier respective fields.... but lets get off that!


My list:

Caster cow = Most fun

Egon = Super troll!

Derpa = against strong pub stomps teams...

Rancor = if i'm feeling extra trolly that day

Bio = still super fun to play

Dustin = So nice for feeding the carries!

Vorpal = for the fun of it...


Oh gawd, i'm in the mood to own nubs... c ya

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Raynor (Own you across map)




Other heroes i like:

Rory (Molotov owns you to death)


Mandrake (KAMAKAZIE!)

Garamond (So funny to lockbox then stunlock)

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My list (majority of casters):


Zeratul: My favourite carry. The way you can disable whole groups of enemies and get large amounts of last hit kills from Q + BHM is what makes him fun.


Cow: T-Boner is definitely one of the funnest heroes. His burst damage is very good and the skill shot of last hitting an enemy with a toilet is a great feeling of success.


Garamond: Probably one of the most unique and spammable casters in AoS. Gara's arsenal makes him fun to play and somewhat challenging to keep up with at times.


Cyprus: My favourite assassin hero in the game and also a very decent carry, the amount of spell damage output and the speed at which he needs to be played makes him great to play.


Balrog: Once stacked and built properly, Balrog can be practically unkillable. Who doesn't like tanking the whole enemy team with ease?


Vorpal: Just like Balrog except you can build around massive AoE burst damage and tank up enough to cause your enemies to kill themselves with their own damage.

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