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Clear orbs on MAAR


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I think MAAR would really do a lot better if he had something like a "clear all orbs" spell.

If you're about to cast a heatwave plus and you see...let's say a nova closing in you might want to sap hear as soon as possible (because for whatever reason one can not cast a heatwave that explodes on your current location).

Now if you have two red orbs you can either try and discharge the heatwave or you can cast another red orb to go for destroyer aura.

I'd (and i might not be the only one, although the hero is underplayed) love to be able to clear either just all orbs having the same color (one shortcut for blue, one for red) or both at once, setting the orb count to 0.


Tell me what you think :)


Oh and fix the cast-delay-bug on Jakk and Maar :)

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I like this suggestion, it opens up options for more fluid gameplay.

Have it do damage for every red orb and heal surrounding allies for every blue orb. Or give shields, since heals are toxic.


Haven't thought about that yet, seems nice.

why not heal, and why is healing toxic? o.O

Anyway, i think that Maar has enough spells to deal damage/heal so it wouldn't be necessary after all. Would help tho, maybe give him a little boost in popularity as well!

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In laning, most heroes with healing can nullify almost all harass, making the lane really boring and passive.

In other situations, heals accentuate the concept of critical existence failure. e.g. you bring an opponent down to 5hp, but. he escapes and heals back tobfull. Your work is now gone.


I'm not saying that all heals should be removed, but that having a shield and two heals on one character may cross the threshold of anti-fun. Too many heals is bad, a few is good.

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While it could be a good idea, I wouldn't want it. I hate idiot Maars that run around with 2 red orbs all the time, because all they use is heat wave plus. Personally, I keep 1 red orb at all times, because it can turn into any spell that I normally use, other than shield. Just try and be more clever with your orbs.

Uhm yea. Heatwaving every shap that moves isn't hard. Casting on moving targets is :). At least sometimes.

I'm no friend of spamming heatwave uncontrolled.

I'm a friend of spamming Heatwave with skill! :)


I am not talking about running around with two orbs really. I am talking about casting in general. Everybody else can just change his mind while as a Maar you need to cast some spell to dump the orbs. I don't like that, period. Nor does the rest.


Oh and btw, whats so bad about heat wave? Sure, you've got plenty of other spells, but wait, good spells are:


Frostwave, Heatwave, sap.


These are DPS-spells. Destroyer aura is good but the time-aura is completely useless and the -25% damage aura won't save you from the average Nova.

So, Heatwave has a range of, what...20? slows ( :NitrogenRetrofit: ) and deals great damage. What's the problem really?

Besides, i just want Maar to be more effective in the combat you're trying to advertise as "fair" or "good" and "non-idiotic" - close combat. And if you have to switch from Sniping to it - you will have a bad time.

I spot a slight Paradoxon in your post lol..

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If you have 2 red orbs, see a nova coming your way, it's just as easy to cast the heat wave plus in some vague direction (maybe even hit her) and then to hit the w and e keys simultaneously, giving you the orbs needed for sap, than it is to cancel a red orb, then get a blue orb, and then sap.


That said, I like the idea.

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