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Cost of Health/Mana pots


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i think the energy and hp pots are fine...although the hp pot is a lil week in my opinion. but damn that chrono!! i dun wanna play rancor! lol. if playing against team with like a unix/zera/rancor or whatever. 2 chronos on ur teams mid-late game is nice...but losing 600minerals!!! ffs everytime you die i think is ridiculous i mean sure..u could always designate some1 on ur team to keep a slot open for scan..but cmon in pubs ppl arnt doing this they just care bout themselves and their own kills. can we make chrono cost something like 450-475 minerals? waht u guys think?

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Chrono is OK, since it lasts as long as you do. 600 minerals for potential perma-sight withouteating an item slot? Fine and dandy.


In the early-mid game, a chrono feels like a major investment, but by the late game you are popping a chrono and all three stat pot's just to eat your money...so it isn't that bad.


Boundary scanner is...lack luster honestly. Not fond of that item at all.


Personally, I don't think chrono needs changed, and I am not really sure there needs to be another sight potion. An item with a small sight radius maybe...but that might be a touch on the op side. dunno.

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