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Tass full health regen?


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Lol there is nothing IMBA about that, its part of basic tass play


The reason you havent seen it is most people lead with their clone as tass to soak up damage and bait ults and other traps

If he swaps with clone in that situation he will loose health not gain


Clones are also used to swap people away from towers and into enemy teams, or just plain swap people into towers for lols

They can also be used to let tass be in 2 places at once, like support 1 lane with clone while tass himself supports a diff lane or farms

They are very handy to have, but require solid micro to be good, since clones also die super easy


This is what makes tass "hard" to play, the ability to micro 2 heros at once and still play effectively, and not let one of them get killed off while you micro the other


But yeah not IMBA not a bug, just a little used feature of tass

(tass is a horribly underused hero so its not surprising you haven't seen this)


Was unaware of that, but it's still a load of crap. All he has to do is keep his clone safe by the tower, then *poof* full HP.

tass swap range maxes out at 11ish ..meaning your fight would have to be in range for that to work

If that was the case you should really be happy he used the clone to save himself instead of killing you.

If I had a clone camping tower I would just swap you into the tower to save the real me and have my damaged self use souldrain to slow you by ~50% movement and leech life from you while my clone moves in to attack you directly. You'd die for sure, and I would heal anyways, no need to waste the swap on swapping with myself to heal.


You are complaining that it was OP but really he was just trolling you, he could have easily killed you instead and still healed back to fullish health ;)



Either way tho Kudos to the tass player for using swap to troll ;)

You should really take time to play each hero and learn what they do and you wont be surprised :)

Private games are great for testing out diff heros and builds

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