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In a recent change to Jackson, his ultimate was given a 1 second cast time. This was due to a consensus that his combo was too effective and too hard to counter, which I agree.


It did, however, have what I believe is an unintended consequence that makes his hero design weaker.


The usual combo for a Jackson is:

  • Warp Shard in
  • Magnetic Link (Silence)
  • Ultimate (1 second cast, 0.9 second Stun)
  • Beam
  • Magnetic Link breaks as the enemy runs (Stun)

With the addition of the 1 second cast time to his ultimate, it is often the case that enemies caught in this combo are not hit by the stun and bonus damage of his Magnetic Link breaking. This is because the link is on them for a full second longer before they can run away, and it usually dissipates before they reach the breaking distance.


For this reason, I suggest increasing the duration of his Magnetic Link to 4.5 seconds (from 4) and testing it at this duration.

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Wrap shard is 1750 min, SHC is 4000 min, which to me is huge difference.


I should've answered the question first: yes wrap shard is essential to Jackson play.


Now that his ulti is on a cast time, saying "SHC solves this problem" shouldn't disqualify the points of Wrath.


I think the ulti casting time change was a big nerf to jackson, and Wraths proposed change should counter balance somewhat, but still keeping Jackson at a manageable level.

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Really? I never knew that Magnet link was supose to be casted first in a combo. I usually just warp shard (Cast final) then magnetic link and optic. Altho i can see that it wouldnt work on a Tosh or insta stunning units.


I feel like jackson nerf could of just slightly lowered affect radius without making it a Channel. (Maybe a 4-unit Radius instead of 5). I mean it is a final, and finals are supose to be good. ):

Could also make it so that Silence is removed immediately after jackson dies, so that if your team just kills him, they are no longer silenced. :P

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I agree with Divine, it isn't really viable to cast your ulti first, especially at competitive levels.


Having warp shard be a mandatory item is actually fine, Jackson's damage and crowd control is fine early game so he doesn't need high stat items at first. But to invest in a Small Hadron? The health component fits nicely into his build, but the 1,200 mineral recipe is very expensive for little benefit beyond the stun.

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