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- Hero creation began

- Changed ulti to telelport instead of movement speed

- Reworked E




Name: Executor.Selendis

Unit Base: Carrier

Unit Portrait: Selendis

Type: Ranged int Carry

Script: Selendis


Starting Stats:

Base Health [225]

Base Energy [275]

Movement Speed [2.75]

Attack Range [5(8)]

Attack Speed [1.75]

Base Damage [50]

Base Armor [1]

Strength – [26] + [4]

Agility – [22] + [3]

Intelligence – [40] + [8]







Heroic Passive: Interceptor Hub

Selendis has no auto attack but instead uses a squadren of 8 interceptors to fight her battles. When Selendis attacks a target(must be within 5 unts to start launching interceptors and must stay within 5 units to keep launching) an interceptor will be launched every 2 seconds, All current interceptors will attack the target and will be joined by new intereptors as they are lanuched. Interceptors have an attack speed equal to Slendis' attack speed and will continue to attack the target until it moves farther than 8 units away from her or Selendis changes attack targets.Interceptors deal (12% weapon dmg) physical dmg + (8%int) spell dmg each attack and return to selendis if they havent attacked or been issued an attack order in the last 5 seconds.


Note: Interceptors do not proc on hit items when they attack.





Ability One: Purification Laser

Selendis turns The mighty Purification laser that is normally used to burn zerg infested worlds upon an enemy. Selendis channels for 2 seconds then fires the purification laser at a target dealing dmg to it and all enemies in between her and her target. Purification laser procs all on hit item effects

Energy Cost: 100/120/140/160

Cooldown: 25/22/19/16

Range: 8 initial 12 break


Level 1: deals 40(+90%int) spell dmg

Level 2: deals 65(+90%int) spell dmg

Level 3: deals 90(+90%int) spell dmg

Level 4: deals 115(+90%int) spell dmg






Ability two: Graviton Catapult

By upgrading her carriers graviton catapult Selendis is able to launch interceptors faster and interceptors that are launched will also attack faster.

Energy Cost: n/a

Cooldown: passive

Range: self


Level 1: Interceptors launch every 1.65 seconds. +8% weapon speed

Level 2: Interceptors launch every 1.3 seconds. +16% weapon speed

Level 3: Interceptors launch every .95 seconds. +24% weapon speed

Level 4: Interceptors launch every .6 seconds. +32% weapon speed






Ability Three: Overdrive Capacitor

Selendis Overdrives the Capacitors in her interceptors weapon systems causing their attacks to temporarily explode on impact dealing their dmg in an 2 unit aoe around the target.

Energy Cost: 60/80/100/120

Cooldown: 20

Range: n/a


Level 1: Deals 60% of interceptor dmg around the target for 4 seconds

Level 2: Deals 70% of interceptor dmg around the target for 5 seconds

Level 3: Deals 80% of interceptor dmg around the target for 6 seconds

Level 4: Deals 90% of interceptor dmg around the target for 7 seconds


Note: Does not deal this dmg to the original target





Ultimate Ability: Interstellar Warpdrive

Selendis has Traveled the galaxy in search of zerg infestations to purify and with the help of her Carriers Warpdrive she is aple do get to her desired destination quickly. After a 2 second channel Selendis creates a warp in space time around her Carrier teleporting her a great distance and dealing aoe at her leaving and ending location in a 3 unit aoe.

Energy Cost: 200/300/400

Cooldown: 150/120/90 seconds

Range: 40/50/60


Level 1: 40 unit teleport range and deals 150(+100%int) spell dmg

Level 2: 50 unit teleport range and deals 250(+100%int) spell dmg

Level 3: 60 unit teleport range and deals 350(+100%int) spell dmg






Additional Information

-Bla Bla i wrote like 3 paragraphs here then accidentally refreshed the page and the entire hero got deleted and i dont feel like doing this part again. Bla bla Int aa carry.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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liked it up to the zlot part, dont really need another summoner imo she needs a better escape then her ult if your being chased by 2+ people its not like your going to stand still for 5 seconds to get a MS bonus for 5 seconds ,


get rid of the zlot completely and give her another skill and turn her ult into a blink , make it like a 20 unit or so if not 30 unit blink to a visible area with a cool down, also the story behind it could be she uses her warp drive to create a black hole to travel vast distances in a blink of an eye, and have her come out of a vortex on the other side a neat thing also is because your warping space and such you could even make it do an aoe damage at the entrance and exit , make the ult have a channel obv


i.e you see a team fight you get in range you ult into the middle dealing damage to the team fight then you start to unleash your interceptors while you use your burst lazer and zlots i guess



/ edit



or u could make her ult when you blink in a aoe stun and no damage to make her syncs better, so that way you have more time to ramp up the interceptors etc.. like a 1 sec stun or less

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Is there a limit to how many interceptors that Selendis can launch? Doesn't seem to specify it in the passive (unless I overlooked it). It seems like it would do crazy damage if the target stayed near for a few seconds with a maxed out w.


Naw i forgot to say because i was assuming it would just be 8 like a normal carrier but i added it in.

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With her passive, she has the ability to be remarkably OP. With an 8% INT bonus on attacks (x8 interceptors) she would be doing 64% intel on every interceptor pass resulting in incredible damage. With max attack speed she is doing approximately 128% INT every second to her target as long as she can remain in range.


Also: her first ability is rather under-powered That's a long cast time for very low damage. I would probably make the final beam do somewhere in the vicinity of 280-320 base damage. The on hit effects is rather usless because her passive attacks makes it undesirable to get on hit effect items anyways.


Other then those two details, I think it's fine.

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