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EnTaro.Tassadar (the Tasshole build)


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So, I noticed that some of you really don't like tassadar the way he is now, in my mind, he is an agility hero that really wants to tank again (like he used to be able to with evasion). So, here is my leveling set and item build:



So, the best item to start off with by far is:

1. Duran's pendant


Next, comes the trolly part, since tassadar's illusion procs item uniques, i get either an:

2. Electric Mantle/Superheated Mantle

3. Other option for #2


This helps you tank AA or deal 80 damage per second if your illusion is nearby. The EM will proc if the enemy attacks your illusion, which makes this build a whole lot more worth it, as well as superheated giving off the burning aura.


So, by this point, you may be calling me crazy, but hear me out here. Next up is a tank item that we all know and love:


4. Barbed Plating


Barbed helps in many ways, it gives you the chance to deal LOTS of damage to enemies who are trying to AA you to death, while you can easily just suck HP from them with W, and can also suck more HP with illusion, or that one can do the same job as what the actual is, tank another carry.


Next up, we have to get a bit more health and INT:


5. Nitrogen Retrofit OR Gravity Edge

6. Other choice for #5


These will make you and your illusion tankier (INT gives HP to illusion). Also, whenever an enemy attacks you or your illusion, they are stunned after one attack and take a decent amount of damage because of gravity edge, slowed and take true damage per attack equal to about 45% of their weapon damage, considering the gravity edge boost. During this time, you can take advantage of the enemy at close range and use W to get hp and deal damage, and or if need be, swap with an ally who is taking a pounding, and take the hits for them.


Lastly, sell the Duran's Pendant for a much better INT item:


7. Argus Crystal


The Argus will boost all of your spell damage by 25%, you do the math, the enemy takes 35% of damage received as true damage but with an additional 25% spell damage boost added to it, it equals quite a bit of damage, which can be dished out via all the item uniques.


So, the game where I first tried this build, I was facing 4 carries and a Mandrake. The highlight of the game was when I saved my ally by swapping spots with him when he was in Zera's bubble, allowing him to escape, and zera began AAing me, which almost instantly killed him. If you are better at swapping around than me, you can switch in with an ally with the real Tass, then switch the real Tass with the illusion, this will proc EM twice, and let the illusion die and the real go free! So, let me know what you think, but IMO this is one of the best tassadar builds that I could think of, it makes people sooooo mad when I use it because its just that good, IDK how it would work IH, but I guess I could try it sometime there, maybe...

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I have always really liked getting spell damage items with gravity edge/argus :3 One thing to consider is if you are doing really well you could swap out the Super Heated Mantle for a Pyre towards the end of your build. It would give much more single target damage for both you and your illusion with the passive being affected by argus and gravity edge.


Plus I also really like tanky Tass cos it basically gives you double the tanking power (if you can heal your illusion with w).

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Well, I go 5 points defense, and 1 utility point (energy). I think my talents are all defense except health regen and armor.


In my mind, building caster Tass is actually a standard build, yes AA can be too, but Tanking can actually be more reliable. As for the pyre option, yes getting a pyre would be good, but i suggest this ONLY if you don't have anyone else to get one, or an entire enemy team of tanky heroes, otherwise, there is really no item to swap out unless you don't want to get barbed, which is one of my favorites.


I messed up on the build order, I suggest getting a nitrogen retrofit before getting barbed, maybe even EM if you go superheated first. I think it works much better if you do earlier retrofit, you can kill people with W much more.


As for saying its a typical build, I highly detest your comment, I have never seen it used once (other than me of course :P), and the hybrid build is the fact that there is INT and health/Armor, sooo I believe your point is invalidated.

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@OP I tried this out in a pub just before and it worked really well. Although I bought Stars Fury instead of Argus for the passive and CDR. I think i went 25-10 or something similar, although it was 3v5 and then 2v5 for most of the game (me being on the 3 person team). But I think I will start playing tass more often now haha! ty

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@OP I tried this out in a pub just before and it worked really well. Although I bought Stars Fury instead of Argus for the passive and CDR. I think i went 25-10 or something similar, although it was 3v5 and then 2v5 for most of the game (me being on the 3 person team). But I think I will start playing tass more often now haha! ty


Yeah, I've had the same thought, but I like the argus better because of the spell damage boost, and it gives much more INT so all abilities do more, and the illusion takes more damage, which is a lot more fun if you have barbed and stuff.


And your welcome.

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I usually go


SHM / 3 gp10s for income



Pulsehammer (bought before ocelots if you are haiving issues keeping up with heros to AA them)





some kind of leech item (darwins / SFG) or khali for more damage and crit


Late game I sell the SHM to free up a slot if I got it (double SHM is boss early game when paired with soul drain for some fast kills, but doesn't do much damage late game)

and my last item is generally a flex item so I can shrapnel/axe etc as needed

If I don't get leech and go for khali as my last item is pretty much always get axe to even the playing field (unless my opponents aren't relying on leech, which rarely happens)


I dont always follow that exact order, some games I get crit before IHAN/BHM it really depends how my opponents are built and how easily I am killing them, and how much damage I am taking

I usually try to avoid leech and go for the khali + axe play because I do way more damage, and I don't like to rely on leech builds anyway since axe counters it so easily

soul drain is great for getting health back up after a fight anyways, and I can always swap with my clone to recover health (if I was the one attacked instead of clone during fight)


I know it doesnt really do much in the way of INT to take advantage of tass's great scaling, but on the flip side you proc double prye and double crits, which tends to melt most heros pretty fast

+ you have max attack speed so you proc BHM a ton via both clones


I'd love to use bandits but I just never have the space bc I almost always need axe

But in testing I have seen that this build would be really strong with bandits as a last item, bc it means triple prye's and crits (not a bad tradeoff for not countering leech)

Altho BHM wont proc on the bandits clone sadly :(


Talent wise I go 4 offense (leech+weapon+veteran+haste) 1 defense (Integrity) and 1 utility (swiftness)


I find that swiftness is more useful than CD since the only skill I care about spamming is Q and that already casts super fast with max attack speed (every 1-2 seconds or so)

Haste is amazing to have for chasing ppl down and getting away in a pinch, or you can swap in to save a teammate and haste + E your way out (+70% movement)

have used this many times to save allies from shadow etc because I outrun enemies completely and avoid any damage


I dont worry about energy regen bc I buy mana pots throughout the early game as needed and by mid game he never has mana problems anyways.

You dont need health pots because you have soul drain so its easy to invest in energy...


I tend to build QEWQQRQEEER then I either go WWW or the 3 stat points depending on where I am at. I find this is ideal because it makes for super easy tower pulll/swap into team kills, and works well with SHM if you have it. Also I start with veteran and use QE to get to lvl 3 soloing nuetrals as creep spawns. Its kinda nice to be ahead of everyone in most lanes.


Ill have to try your build sometime tho, I don't usually build him for INT, and I rarely play defensive talents unless I am draking

I have done barbed on him before tho bc I found it hilarious, but I usually do that if I plan do bandits, bc I find it funny to let them damage themselves on clones then swoop in for the kill

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So ive been playing solely tass for about a week and the build that has most worked for me is a strait dps build. I use the offensive talent tree with haste then 2 in utility for move speed and regen. My skill tree usually is EQEEQR.. so on so forth. durans to start then I get leach saber. By level 6 I should have enough for pulse hammer so I can slow with hits after swap. then I go for pyre valors stun baton EOC sell durans revolver then BHM sell leach saber buy hive symbosis then sell valors for masamune. This build right here ive been able to team wipe in pubs while half my team were super noobs and also do very well in IH.... but then again. I make tass easy cause of my razer NAGA mouse. lol

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OMG Thats crap dont do Entaro on int go like this in right order : masamune,HoM,Coat of Arms, Stun baton,shadowmournee, Thats Easy clone use ulti away then u press w with your hero then u do the Same with the clone and can kill him

lol, i dont know what to say to that build.

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