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Is Demi-god offensive skill underused? Is it used now-a-days in IHs?


From my experience this is a very useful skill that provides you extra dmg for harass and pretty much guarantees last hits (= extra minerals throughout the game)... And works really well with Explosive retrofit ... giving your almost permanent 50% dmg when you fight near creep


Now my Agi experience is mostly related to Darpa so think of the late game Darpa initiating on you (400+ dmg) + BHM + Cynide clip loaded + Demi-god buff (from killing a random creep on its way to gank you)... I have seen many a RQs. ( I cam see that also workign on Nova and esp Shadow w/ Explosive)



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Only used once in pub with TBone troll opening (+200 minerals, Demi-god, +25 WD item) to do as much damage with Capacitive Clip as I can. Found out that it doesn't help u harassing to much but its great tool in last hitting and denying. So can be useful on some heroes. I found out it proc even after killing unix infested terran.

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