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The issue, primarily, is the way move speed stacks. As two heroes with different base speeds stack move speed bonuses, the difference gets progressively larger.


Take two heroes, one having 2.8 base speed and the other having 3.0 base speed. The difference is 0.2. Now consider that each one gets 3 move speed buffs, say a 10%, a 30%, and an 8%. Now their new speeds are 4.3 (2.8 * 1.1 * 1.3 * 1.08) and 4.6 (3.0 * 1.1 * 1.3 * 1.08) which is a difference of 0.3. The faster hero is either closing or increasing the gap 50% faster. But, honestly, if you're in a dead chase, you're probably doing it wrong unless you're the faster hero and chasing a slower hero. If you're slower and trying to chase a faster hero, just let him go. You're probably running right into a trap anyway.

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I thought that move speed is calculated additionally not multiplicative.

Nope. Only few things in movement speed are linear.


Your +0.4 Movement speed on all heroes is Linear [base movement speed] (Meaning it is not mutiplied with other movement speed)

Cracklings Movement speed on final is also linear.

Tosh's is a Fixed movement speed (I believe.)

Other than that, all movement speed mutiples. If you have movement speed that adds up to 10, and you gain +10% movement speed, you will then have 11. 10% of that then would be 12.1 Movement speed and so on.

Its a shame that the +0.4 Base Movement speed is linear tsktsk. ):

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I think zeal is the problem, its a talent that buffs speed if you have 70% hp or more. If you get it and movementspeed from utility tree you get 3,5 movementspeed at lvl 1 at some heroes.


+ 1 or 2 Items that gives Speed.

+ Impact Dial

+ search Raptor and Harass



Nice on Jack


you Turbo :)



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After playing Grunty with this build:

:ArcboundRavager: :ArcboundRavager: :ArcboundRavager: :ArcboundRavager: :ArcboundRavager: :ArcboundRavager:

Movement speed bonus build and speedy

i can tell you:


Speed is fine.


I did something similar to that, i had 5x arcbound and a phantom menace with boros, i ended up with 2.8+4.54 movespeed, it made for some insane bolas, you have to make sure you dont go too fast though otherwise it just cuts off at the 17 unit limit.

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