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[Item] Blessed Armor


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Change Log:

Increased Armor by 1, but removed energy regen.

- Buffed many stats, but debuff it by increasing cooldown, and causing it to share a cooldown with Shrapnel Cloak causing the following results:

(+5 more STR +5 more INT +75 more energy, +.5 sec evasion item, lowered cost by 100$, +15 sec CD, Share CD with Shrapnel Cloak)


Blessed Armor

Recipe Cost: 740

Total Cost: 3300

Required Items: CyberneticImplants.pngMetabolicBooster.pngMetalGear.png


+ 35 Strength

+ 15 Intelligence

+ 15% Cooldown Reduction

+ 8 Armor

+ 425 Energy


[Active] Grants 100% Evasion for 3.5 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds. Shares a cooldown with Shrapnel Cloak.


This item is specificly vs AA heroes. Not only that but it would make an ACTUAL counter vs boros besides having an entire tanky team. Note: But Boros is Balance or Under powered in IH. Well I will tell you this, He is underpowered in IH because you got a team. Really Boro's final shud make barely any difference if you had this item and you are with your team (since he bounces). This item is primarily to counter his final in a 1v1. Note: But wait! I thought Lockbox counters boro's final. Mostly wrong, there is a currently glitch that makes if when you 1v1 a boros, if he is waiting for you to come out of lockbox (and no one near you) he will only lose about 1 - 2 slashes over the 2.5 sec period instead of 4 - 5 slashes. This is more of an item you get if you want to counter AA but don't want shrapnel for some reason. (Maybe debuff immunity on them? I don't know your reason.). [i feel this item would fixed the PUB problem without really changing the IH game play vs boros.]


---- Overall, This item would be used to counter heroes in more specific situations that shrapnel can not deal with (Usually heroes with debuff immunity). Note: Evasion only blocks physical damage, this means that the enemy attacking you will still deal spell damage from Pyre (I believe) or other spell damaging effects.

---- Yes i know "Evasion is not wanted because it is luck based," but note it is 100% Evasion meaning it is NOT luck based.


-Edit- You can not combo this with Shrapnel as it shares a cooldown with shrapnel. This will prevent 6 seconds immunities from AA heroes. The 0.5 seconds is to make it slightly more favorable (altho still not exactly worth it) item than shrapnel. While shrapnel is still better, this item will gives people an option if they need more specific counters or requirements (like more HP//Armor//CDR or simpley to counter a unit with debuff immunity like Lord Z).

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This item has almost the same effect as Geneva's ulti, so I don't see the problem

Geneva's ultra removes ALL damage.

Evasion only stops Physical damage.


This would mean you still take damage from spell items. Easy counters to this item are fairly simple. Pyre and Sliptide and Blackhole Magnum (Explosive Retrofit too i guess) counter this if your an AA hero.

Note, this item would basicly be wasted on any Int Hero or non-AA STR//Agi hero. It preforms better and worst vs AA heroes in mutiple ways. 80% of the time i would go with Shrapnel than this (and this item cost more). But there are such occasions that this item is valid for.

Blessing armor for Vergil!

That is actually where it came from. I noticed omni didn't effect vergil after he teleported, thus i was think that vergil was like the only counter (besides geneva) vs boros in a 1v1 encounter.

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The only problem with building more AA counters is that they are almost always good on AA heros themselves

I like the idea of wanting more ways to protect yourself, but I really don't see why I wouldn't just pick this up along with a shrapnel on every AA hero / carry to have 6 seconds of free hits on other AA's (9 if you have a geneva on your team)


I also really don't see how this gets you anything more than what shrapnel provides functionally

Actually its not as good as shrapnel, because you will still take spell damage from things like prye, I'm pretty sure evasion doesn't stop people from attacking you it just prevents the damage, and it doesn't do the aoe damage, or provide spell resistance. Sure it may protect you from abilities and ults that do physical damage, but it also wont have the effect of stopping heros like shadow in their place or shutting down ults like leo or cain that proc on attack.


That aside I feel like adding more items like this will just make it even harder to kill off carrys and even easier for them to take out 2-3 members of your team at a time. I see shadow abusing this easily and I shudder to think of how annoying boros could be with this. SS already makes him immune to spell damage, adding an immune to physical on top of that is just asking for trouble, and leaves no way to counter his approach....(obviously there are crits and grav edge but you know what I mean...).


I could be over thinking this, but I think its important to think of the flip side of things and how they might get abused

That aside if this does come out I am deff trolling with DPS Geneva and abusing the crap out of 9 seconds immune to physical damage to whipe out teams of AAs (its already pretty easy to do with only 6 seconds). Toss in 1 more spell resist item besides shrapnel and youll def outlive anyone even if leech gets shut down.


Unrelated note: Omni is physical damage so it makes sense that it would be countered with evasion even though its a spell...

Although I could swear I've used that blink move on vergil and had boros tele after me and continue attacking to kill me me before. Pretty sure It doesn't stop the attacks, but it might make you immune to the damage for a short time, SS will still keep hitting you tho so its not like you wont take damage.

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This item is better than Shrapnel is a few ways.

- Heroes with debuff immunity will still not hit you

- Heroes that somehow avoid it

- It provides more HP and armor and Cooldown reduction at cost of Spell resistance that Shrapnel has.

- It has a smaller Cooldown than Shrapnel

- Useful vs enemies that has just joined the battle (like vanish nova) that Shrapnel just missed by a second or so.


Shrapnel Better:

- It is an AoE which can help your allies

- It provides Spell Resistance

- It deals Damage

- It cost a reasonably lot less than Blessed Armor

- It dead out stops attacks stopping items like Pyre too.


While getting two of these items may really disable an AA for a good period of time. Both items provide no weapon damage causing your hero to sacrifice another item if you really deem it worth it.

- Bandit Artifice (Horray another use for item) can cause the enemy to use these actives (or at least 1) on the enemy

- You can get the items yourself

- Lockbox can remove the activation time of Evasion

- Abilities can be used to stop the duration (vortex).

- Kite evasion enemy

- Use an item damager (Like Sunflare Gun) to deal damage during it.

- Shadowmourne shud definately counter the Evasion since shadowmourne's shadow copy physical damage is basicly useless. On the top note, spell damage is full damage, which would be good to counter.


- TBH this item isn't all that great. Personally, i would sub this item for something else (even if i already had shrapnel cloak), as it doesn't provide much except a fairly hard counter towards AA. Simpley, enemies can target a different hero, and if an AA starts charging towards your group, there is no garentee he will be targeting you.


But I'ma add something to prevent this.

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Too much STR from a Primary Component. The END.

You gain +11 STR after the items. Items are suppose to upgrade as you upgrade them...


6STR +18STR = 24STR. Not the big of a deal. Look at organics. something with 42STR component give you 65 STR. It is about same ratio there in the increase of STR. Not really a big deal...

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