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[Glitches] Suggest Adding a Rules for Glitches


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This is just a suggestion for RedHydra or a Moderator.


I noticed that there are rules (or models) for nearly every single catagory or often used thing. (i.e. Balance Comment Rules, Hero Sugg Format [as it is popular],). I suggest making one for the glitch section too. (Aka, a Pinned Topic that is labeled at the top explaining what the purpose of the said theme is)


Rules Under : Bug Reporting



1) Write an Appropriate Title Name


2) In the Title, make sure you name the Item or Hero who has the said glitch [You can add a few words to give a brief summary of what the glitch is (i.e. Darpa's Grenade Amplfication)]


3) Try to stay on topic. If you stray enough off topic, the topic will most likely be locked.


4) If you are familiar with this glitch, please confirm it if no one else has. If it already has been confirmed, we won't need to block the page with 50 Posts saying Confirms [i know i violated that tho xD]


5) When posting a glitch, please look down the page to prevent writing a glitch that has already been mention, as most glitches already have. [Just check the first page to see if it is mentioned, it is ok if it is labeled every once in a while, but rather annoying when there are 3 of similar and same glitch titles on the same page and people don't care about looking to see if the glitch has been posted [by chance it will be unless rare glitch that never occurs].


6) Label the situation you were in, and what caused the glitch


7) Optional: Post the replay, as some ppl like proof, but sometimes people with either test it, know it, or will assume you aren't lieing (as why would you lie about a glitch).



Of course we don't need every single one of these rules but I'm just trying to be specific.


Obviously, I shouldn't be the ones making the rules :P

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