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[Hero] Electro.Discharge


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Date 12/14/2012

-Hero created


- Fixed a few typos


Name: Electro.Discharge

Portrait: High Templar

Unit Base: High Templar

Role: Initiator, Support, Caster


Script: Electro is a specialized High Templar that studied harder in Psionic Energies. This enabled him to use more powerful forms of the Psionic Storm. Eventually he became powerful enough that the basic Psionic Storm was to weak, and developed further uses to use againest his Foes. He comes to the Aeon of Storms to use his new Abilities at his first Mission.


Starting Stats:

Base Health - 250

Movement Speed - 2.7

Attack Range - 4.5

Attack Speed - 2

Base Damage - 42

Attack Name | Animation - Eletro-static Charge

Base Armor 2

Strength – 21 + 5

Agility – 14 + 4

Intelligence – 33 + 7



Theme: Controls Eletricity and Charges energy towards his favor. He primarily works around apply a specialized debuff on enemies. Without these debuffs, his abilities are nearly useless. With these debuffs on the enemy, they become extremely strong, even for Non-Final Abilities.




Ability Image

Heroic Passive Name [Active//Passive] [Q]

"Electro can stack up Eletro-static energy in a player. For every attack Electro gets on an enemy, it applies 1 Static-Charge stack. In addition, Electro can use this passive as an active, which will successfully apply 1 Static-Charge stack on the enemy too. Static Charges can stack up to 5 times and last 15 seconds (Refresh duration every time applying a stack). Static charges will deal [10% int] Spell Damage after 15 seconds (basicly removed over time and not debuff immunity). In addition, Electro's Static Charges increase the effects of his abilities."


Cooldown: 4 [1 Second intervals] [Charges: 3 ]

Range: 12


In Depth Skill Explanation: An ability that amplifies the effects of your abilities. Your abilities revolve around this so it is suggested that you get a few stacks on enemies before you use your abilities. It is fairly easy to get stacks as you can just AA or use the ability with massive range. The range can be a hassel but it makes it easy to apply stacks. It may seem over powered at how much it amplifies stacks, but since the abilities aren't strong without



Possible Uses:

Your abilities are on cooldown and enemy has nearly no hp, try applying as many stacks as you can, as they will take damage later and hopefully enough to kill them.


When Playing:

  • Really amplifies your ability and strong at taking down a target.

When Playing Against:

  • Parallax counters greatly. You can also avoid getting to many stacks by staying back, before joining in again. Moving alot also helps, and any debuff immunity works too. Take advantage of terrain and try to keep high grounds




Static Shock [Q]

"Enemies with Static-Energy build up will take damage every second they are near Electro in a 5 unit Radius for every stack they have per second. In addition, it refreshes (but doesn't apply) Static-Charge stacks."


Level 1: Deal 10[+2%int] Spell Damage per stack.

Level 2: Deal 15[+3%int] Spell Damage per stack.

Level 3: Deal 20[+4%int] Spell Damage per stack.

Level 4: Deal 25[+5%int] Spell Damage per stack.


Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: 5


In Depth Skill Explanation: A Passive ability. Same range as Super heated Mantle. It only damage enemies with Static-Charge stacks. At full stacks it will deal 50[+10%]/75[+15%]/100[+20%]/125[+25%INT] at full stacks.

Animation: Eletrical bolt striking enemy between Electro and enemy if said enemy is in range every second.


Possible Uses:

Good for chasing enemies. It is slightly farther than attack range, so just AAing the enemy can get you good damage during a chase


When Playing:

  • Getting stacks on an enemy causes him to take quite a bit of damage per second. It is also very good with Nitrogen Retrofit.

When Playing Against:

  • Parallax counters. Also keeping a distance from Electro works too and only engaging when you have to. If you can prevent yourself from being attacked or being targeted by Heroic passive you should be fine. It is no great threat, especially since he is limited to amount of stacks he can apply per second. (He can't really apply all the stacks on an entire team easily, especially if you bum rush him).




Electrostatic Discharge [W]

"Electro gathers up energy, and super charges it to shock his enemies, to electrify all enemies in a 3-unit Radius around Electro. All enemies hit will be lose 30% Movement and Attack Speed for 4 seconds and take spell damage. In addition, each stack of Static-Charge will deal additional spell damage, and will stun enemies equal to the amount of stacks the enemy has up to 5x. All enemies hit will lose all their Static-Charge stacks."


Level 1: Deals 40[+35%int] Spell Damage. ---> Each Stack deals an additional 10[+10%int] Spell Damage and stuns enemy for 0.15 seconds

Level 2: Deals 70[+35%int] Spell Damage. ---> Each Stack deals an additional 20[+10%int] Spell Damage and stuns enemy for 0.20 seconds

Level 3: Deals 100[+35%int] Spell Damage. ---> Each Stack deals an additional 30[+10%int] Spell Damage and stuns enemy for 0.25 seconds

Level 4: Deals 130[+35%int] Spell Damage. ---> Each Stack deals an additional 40[+10%int] Spell Damage and stuns enemy for 0.3 seconds


Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 26//23//20//17

Range: 3 (From self)



In Depth Skill Explanation: Stuns stack. At each stack, 1 = .3 sec stun / 2 = .6 sec stun / 3 = .9 sec stun / 4 = 1.2 sec stun / 5 = 1.5 sec stun. Ect. Note: Abilities at full stacks will deal 85%int scaling and : 90//170//250//330 spell damage and stun .75//1//1.25//1.5 secs.

Animation: Looks like a psionic storm but lasts only .5 seconds and then all units hit will look like they were hit by the Feed back animation from a high templar.


Possible Uses:

If you have mutiple enemies near you, it is good to use, especially enemies who have Static-Charge stacks.


When Playing:

  • It stuns enemies giving allies chance to kill. Even after the stun, (assuming enemy had stacks) it still slows for a good duration making it hard to escape and deals alot of spell damage. This ability is especially good to combo with after using Magnetic Pull and Final.

When Playing Against:

  • Do not get to close to Electro, Use debuff immunity to void slow//Stun or even the Static-Charge stacks. This ability can be troublesome if caught in it with full stacks.




Magnetic Pull [E]

"Electro tries to absorb as much energy as he can. In a 15-unit Radius, he tries to absorb energy from enemies, causing them to lose energy. In addition, if they have any Static-Charge stacks, they will be pulled towards Electro a distance depending on how many stacks they have. If any enemy gets pulled by Electro, they will be pulled the distance equal to amount of stacks they have and take spell damage, and then will also be stunned for 0.5 seconds after the pull is over. Enemies hit will have all Static-Charge stacks removed from them. "


Level 1: Destroys 30[+35%int] Energy. In additional, deals 15[+20%int] Spell Damage per stack, and also pulls 1.5 units per stack.

Level 2: Destroys 60[+35%int] Energy. In additional, deals 30[+20%int] Spell Damage per stack, and also pulls 2 units per stack.

Level 3: Destroys 90[+35%int] Energy. In additional, deals 45[+20%int] Spell Damage per stack, and also pulls 2.5 units per stack.

Level 4: Destroys 120[+35%int] Energy. In additional, deals 60[+20%int] Spell Damage per stack, and also pulls 3 units per stack.


Energy Cost: 80//110//140//170

Cooldown: 30//27//24//21

Range: 15 [From Self]


In Depth Skill Explanation: This pull works similar to jacksons except in a massive radius. It has no effect on enemies with no stacks. A person with 5 stacks can be pulled 15 units while a person with 1 stack can only be pulled 3 unit. Maximum pull at levels: 7.5//10//12.5//15 radius. In addition it deals Maximum 75//150//225//300 [+100%int] per Static Charge. This ability doesn't pull threw walls and terrain.

Animation: Blueish Line that pulls the target back


Possible Uses:

Getting mutiple stacks on an enemy can really screw them as they get pulled by this ability. You can use final to pull an entire team, but it leaves your Static Discharge [w] ability weak. You can try to get as many stacks on enemies as you can before you use this ability, so you can pull a good few, then final, then use [W] ability for maximum damage.


When Playing:

  • A unique pull. This ability is a massively long pull, as you don't have risks. The issue with this ability is that you need to get the stacks on your enemy, and enemies will know if your aiming for them, although it may be to late. The entire purpose of this ability is to hit enemies Pre-Team fights. Usually teams wait for the time to strike when a person makes the move. During this time, you can get a few discharge stacks from a safe distance, and once you get enough off, you can pull from a safe distance without having to worry and get a nice pull//kill. This ability is basicly useless without the stacks on. It can be an annoyance to low energy chars, especially late game, but other than that, late game, the pull is what it is for.

When Playing Against:

  • As this hero needs a lot of stacks on you (which isn't to difficult to do) on you, it gives you an idea that the enemy is possibly trying to pull you. Parallax can remove these stacks to the pull useless. As this ability revolves around stacks and he can only apply it on one person at a time, rushing him is a good idea as he can't pull you all. If you get Static stacks on you, just keep your distance until stacks are removed.




Energy Surge [R]

"Electro charges energy causing a mass of energy to form in a 7-unit Radius around him. This causes enemies hit by it to take minor spell damage and be stunned for 1 second. In addition, enemies will be silenced a duration equal to the amount of Static-Charge stacks said unit has. This removes all the Static-Charge stacks on the enemy but reapplies a certain amount of the enemy as a result. 1 Second Channel required."


Level 1: Deals 100[+50%int] Spell Damage. Sets Static-Charges to 3.

Level 2: Deals 150[+50%int] Spell Damage. Sets Static-Charges to 4.

Level 3: Deals 200[+50%int] Spell Damage. Sets Static-Charges to 5.


Energy Cost: 150//225//300

Cooldown: 130//110//90

Range: 7


In Depth Skill Explanation: At level 1, if you have 5 stacks on enemy and he is hit, he will be stunned 1 sec//silenced 5 seconds, and hits 5 stacks will be reduced to 3. Even if you only have 1 stack at level 1 on an enemy and silence 1 sec and stun 1 sec, Enemy will still have 3 stacks of Static-Charge stacks. The final applies Static-Charges to a fixed amount AFTER the effects are in place.

Animation: Shockwave like animation.


Possible Uses:

Use this ability to damage and apply a short stun which gives you time to apply a new ability on enemies. You can use this first to get stacks on all enemies in an AoE right off the bat (as it is the only way to get multiple stacks on enemies easily without kiting and changing targets constantly). Combos: Magnetic Pull enemies towards you, then final (stuns) and applies static charges, then you electrostatic discharge is at full fury and stun duration too. You can get a chain stun of AoE 3 seconds and high damage. Second combo: Use final First and then Magnetic Pull causing nearly all enemies to get pulled to you fast. Then you can electrostatic discharge, as it won't be as powerful, you'll likely hit more ppl since Magnet pull will get all enemies hit by final.


When Playing:

  • Gives you a way to apply Many stacks and to mutiple ppl at a time nearly instantly. Another powerful way to nail an enemy is to spread your stacks out first, and then final First for the silence first, then magnetic pull//electrostatic-discharge, which will slow the enemy, have him silenced and pulled. You can try mutiple different combos for mutiple different effects. Even if you get final off, but fail to use an ability to damage enemies, it will still deal decent damage. 200[+50%int] may not seem like a lot, but the stacks will deal an additional 50% int is they are removed naturally over time.

When Playing Against:

  • This ability is more of a way to buff allies. Get a parallax or debuff immunity. If you have debuff immunity during his final, the final becomes basicly useless. Beaware as it can be used for many different purposes. Decent Cooldown, try avoiding it, or even silence him, there is a slight channel that gives you time to dodge (although not alot). You shouldn't really be worried about the ability, but more about what ability comes AFTER this ability is used. Has decent range, but keeping your distance will prevent you from getting hit.



Item Recommendations


Starting Items

:DuransPendant: Duran's Pendant [650]: Good for casters at beginning. Gives Hp//Energy//and Energy Regen requirements that this hero needs.


:WarpShard: Warp Shard [1750]: Allows you to warp for an escape, or to warp into enemies for an engagement // initiation or just better position.


BlueGene.png Blue Gene [1250]: Your a support INT hero. But you can also deal massive Spell Damage with your high scaling INT to the heroes you focus down on (and moderate to those you didn't target but still hit). Plan on getting assists.


OlympicTorch.png Olympic Torch [1400]: Your a support Hero. But as you have to get into the face of enemies for initiation and pulls onto you, plan on taking damage. This can solve the problem by giving you some nice easy hp after a few assists.


Core Items

:SuperheatedMantle: Super Heated Mantle [2400]: Your Hp//Armor Item. It deals AoE damage which goes well with your Ability 1 Passive. It is reasonably cheap too.


:ShrapnelCloak: Shrapnel Cloak [2600]: Gives you Spell resistance and some Armor. In addition, you disable enemy AA damage right after Magnetic Pull. It is like the reverse of Jackson's Silence then :)


SmallHadronCollider.png Small Halldron Collider [4000]: More Hp. By this item, you should have decent Hp now. In addition, this stuns enemies after you teleport, enabling you to get your final and Magnetic Pull down without worries. It also gives you a chance to chase enemies and get some Static Stacks on the enemy before casting your ability.


:ArgusCrystal: Argus Crystal [4250]: You have really good INT scaling if you got stacks on an enemy. This enables you to deal serious damage at the same time supporting your team. Not enough to kill, but enough to massively injure to either finish off, or to weaken to a state an ally can easily pick off.


GravityEdge.png Gravity Edge [3600]: Movement speed which helps and converting some to true damgae to void some spell resist. High INT too. An Item you should definately get.


:YamatoReactor: Yamato Reactor [4700]: Good INT, also gives you some STR for hp and AGI for armor and slight attack speed. The Active gives you nice bonus spell damage and speed. In addition, you can use this to lower the duration required for you to channel, and the Cooldown intervals between charges. Very good. Just make sure you react fast after using this, as enemies may know you will make a move soon.


Luxury Items (Other items that are good too)

:NitrogenRetrofit: Nitrogen Retrofit [3800]: Slows enabling your allies chance to chase down an enemy after pull and your passive to slow. Gives nice hp and INT too.


:ChillingArtifact: Chilling Artifact [2925]: Slows enemy Attack Speed even more (after your Electrostatic-Discharge slows attack speed). Good support, altho Shrapnel is probably better


:ElectricMantle: Eletrical Mantle [3150]: Nice Cooldown Reduction, STR (HP) and also unique is pretty good too as it stuns longer.


:MossbergTaser: Mossberg Taser [2100]: After your pull, it enables you to silence enemy, so they can't escape either (especially with the slow already in it).


:ForceofEntropy: Force of Entropy [3900]: Your attacks slow the enemy. This means you can get a good chain of attacks to fully stack Static-Charges on the enemy to use your abilities at full effect. Also gives a lot of Hp too and good for allies who chasing enemies too.



Thanks for Reading! :D

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