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[Hero] Tyrinian.Titan


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Date: 12/13/2012

-Hero Created

- 12//14//2012

- Fixed a Typo or so. Also added a last comment about suggestions on using Offensive and Defensive at bottom.



Name: Tyrinian Titan

Portrait: White Archon

Unit Base: White Archon

Role: Support [ DPS OR Tank]

Script: Tyrinian Titan is a Protoss Commander. He himself has endured many battles, but his massive amounts of success doesn't come from his own skills in battle, but by the fact on how well he uses his allies and supports them bring them to success in many battles. He rarely loses a battle, as he has low casualtys from the results of his supporting role enabling his forces to attack at full forces. He now is placed in the Sanctum for his true and final test before retirement, to support his allies to victory.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 300

Movement Speed 2.8


[ Attack 1 ] Offensive

Attack Range – 6

Attack Speed – 1.8

Base Damage – 51

Attack Name | Animation - Offensive Psionic Beam // Red Beam



[ Attack 2 ] Defensive

Attack Range – 3.5

Attack Speed – 2.1

Base Damage – 35

Attack Name | Animation - Defensive Psionic Beam // Blue Beam


Base Armor 3

Strength – 31 + 7

Agility – 26 + 6

Intelligence – 13 + 4



Theme: Tyrinian is a true Protoss Warrior. He is willing to give it all to protect his allies by defending them and also buffing them. He is what you would call an "Adaptable" hero enabling to adapt to situations.




Heroic Passive


Adaptable Training [Toggle] [E]

"Tyrinian is trained in supporting his allies Offensively and Defensively. Always aware, he can change his tactics from Defensive to Offensive in a moments notice. This then changes between Offensive and Defensive abilities and including in his own Attack type. This heroic passive starts on Offensive Attack. [in case of clones]"


Offensive Attack - Gains bonus range and base damage. In addition, he gains +5% Weapons Damage.

Defensive Attack - Tyrinian's attacks lower the enemy's Attack damage and Spell damage by 20% for 3 seconds.


Cooldown: 10 [CD to prevent spamming back an forth super fast]

Range: Self


In Depth Skill Explanation: This enables Tyrinian to choose to support allies with either his offensive abilities and damage or to support them with Defensive abilities. Offensive and Defensive abilities that use the same Hotkey share a cooldown. [Q/W/R].

Animation: None


Possible Uses:

This ability gives Tyrinian to be either offensive or defensive. It is suggested to be defensive during team battles. Only switch to offensive if you really need that firepower as you will be quite tanky but vulnerable with a decent increase in damage out put. Defensive is overall better, but in chase situations, 1v1s and other things, Offensive can be very useful too.


When Playing:

  • Enables Tyrinian to have more abilities than the standard Hero and be more adaptable to situations. This also enables Tyrinian to get a wide variety of items and builds. Tyrinian is more of an adaptable hero.

When Playing Against:

  • With a decent cooldown, you can try to make Tyrinian constantly to the mode inwhich you can counter him easier then use Taser to prevent him from switching. Other than that, you can try being flexable by getting both Anti Offensive and Anti Tank items. ( i.e. Eletrical mantle + Pyre)



Defensive Abilities


Fall Back [Q] - Defensive

"Tyrinian Titan calls his allies to fall back as he covers them. In an 12-unit Radius from Tyrinian gain Movement Speed while Tyrinian himself loses Movement Speed. Allies and Tyrinain will also recieve Physical//Spell Resistance for said duration. In addition, allies will gain debuff immunity and shields for said duration. These buffs on allies are removed if said Ally attacks."


Level 1: Allies gain +35% Movement Speed, +10% Physical/Spell Resist, Debuff Immunity, and 60[+50%int] Shields for 2.5 seconds. Tyrinian loses 35% Movement Speed but gains +10% Physical//Spell Resist for 3 seconds

Level 2: Allies gain +40% Movement Speed, +15% Physical/Spell Resist, Debuff Immunity and 100[+50%int] Shields for 3 seconds. Tyrinian loses 30% Movement Speed but gains +15% Physical//Spell Resist for 3 seconds

Level 3: Allies gain +45% Movement Speed, +20% Physical/Spell Resist, Debuff Immunity and 140[+50%int] Shields for 3.5 seconds. Tyrinian loses 25% Movement Speed but gains +20% Physical//Spell Resist for 3 seconds

Level 4: Allies gain +50% Movement Speed, +25% Physical/Spell Resist, Debuff Immunity and 180[+50%int] Shields for 4 seconds. Tyrinian loses 20% Movement Speed but gains +25% Physical//Spell Resist for 3 seconds


Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 45//40//35//30

Range: 12 Unit Radius from Tyrinian.


In Depth Skill Explanation: An ability that sacrifices some of Tyrinains movement speed to save allies in desperate need of escape by giving them debuff immunity from slows, resistance from damage and movement speed to run away. Note: ALL buffs (including debuff immunity, resistances, movement speed, and shields are removed upon attack) Spell casting// items does NOT remove the debuff.

Animation: Shieldings on Allies, and Fading very clear green Defense Matrix animation over area.


Possible Uses:

This can be used if any ally gets stunned and is taking heavy damage as they can then run with fast speeds out of danger and the resistance also lessens the damage taken. It is especially good vs Pullers as it protects your allies if they happen to get pulled giving them a surviving chance even if silenced. It can also be used to remove debuffs from your entire team. Even if they are offensive and will basicly instantly remove ALL the buffs applied, it will still remove the debuffs for extremely short duration (from between cast and ally attack cooldown) which can be as little as only 0.1 second debuff immunity, but still removes debuffs like Molotov, or Desalvation (egon), slows, ect.


When Playing:

  • Save an ally if he messes up. While the cooldown is fairly long, it gives every single buff needed for an escape besides cloak.

When Playing Against:

  • Again, you can use a taser to stop the enemy. If the team is making a tactical retreat, it may be to late to stop them, this means that Tyrinian will most likely be vulnerable and enables your team to focus him down instead as his team leaves him behind or riskes getting killed. Since this ability is not spamable, it is wise to make him use it, and then re engage. As it is more defensive ability, the only benefits from it is if they go defensive, giving you an opportunity to be offensive. Warp shards can be used to chase down and Phantom Menace too. Units like shadow can also chase down, and teleports. Massive bursters can also kill the unit too. Crit and Gravity edge can also be used to crack threw the Spell//Physical resist.




Cover Fire [W] - Defensive

"Blind an area with gas, causing enemies inside it to lose weapon damage and have their sight reduced to a certain amount. Gas lasts 4 seconds all levels and effects a 2.5-unit Radius. "


Level 1: Enemies inside gas lose 30% Weapon Damage and have their sight reduced to 1.5

Level 2: Enemies inside gas lose 40% Weapon Damage and have their sight reduced to 1

Level 3: Enemies inside gas lose 50% Weapon Damage and have their sight reduced to 0.5

Level 4: Enemies inside gas lose 60% Weapon Damage and have their sight reduced to 0


Energy Cost: 65//90//115//140

Cooldown: 15//14//13//12

Range: 6



In Depth Skill Explanation: Debuff lasts as long as unit is inside of area, and is lifted at any point the ability is over OR enemy leaves said area. There is a 1 second delay till bomb hits targeted area and goes into effect.

Animation: Similar to smoke bomb


Possible Uses:

If an enemy is being attacked by an enemy, they can use this ability on your ally. This will make the enemy lose most of its vision, unable to cast an ability or attack that enemy, and they will lose a large portion of their AA damage. This will help survive vs AA heroes.


When Playing:

  • Really prevents AA from deal a massive amount of damage in an small area. It is useful if you need to tank an AA that is now in melee range.

When Playing Against:

  • Ranged units counter. There is also a slight cooldown so running inbetween cooldowns are useful too. Allies can provide sight and items like PYRE and Sliptide Sythe deal spell damage which isn't effected by the loss of weapon damage. It is also a short range, meaning that allies that aren't close to it may be in trouble. Enemies to close risk getting caught in an massive AoE ability assuming you or allies have one.




(I can't think of a good name, if anyone has better suggestions for the name Ty).

Distance Warp [Passive] - Defensive

"Tyrinian gives a special Physical and Spell damage resistance to allies in a 5-unit Radius. Depending of how far the enemy is, your allies take less damage for every 2 units the enemy is away from said ally. Can stack up to 10 times (20-units away)."


Level 1: Tyrinian and allies take 2% less Physical//Spell damage for every 2 units the enemy is away from their target. Can stack 10 times.

Level 2: Tyrinian and allies take 3% less Physical//Spell damage for every 2 units the enemy is away from their target. Can stack 10 times.

Level 3: Tyrinian and allies take 4% less Physical//Spell damage for every 2 units the enemy is away from their target. Can stack 10 times.

Level 4: Tyrinian and allies take 5% less Physical//Spell damage for every 2 units the enemy is away from their target. Can stack 10 times.


Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: 5


In Depth Skill Explanation: Doesn't stack linearly. You shouldn't have a problem with super high distance physical damage (as the farthest should be 8 units away from Omega Starscream or Gara.) The Damage stacked by 10 gives resistance equal to: 18.3% // 26.25% // 33.5% // 40.1% It may seem a lot, but most units will only be about 8 - 12 units away for Spell Damage.

Animation: None


Possible Uses:

It is a passive so it is not really useable. This counters ranged units.


When Playing:

  • Gives decent Resistance. Not very powerful vs AA heroes, but counters decent ranged spells and especially counters far ranged heroes like Nuke from Rancor and Raynor's Final. Ect.

When Playing Against:

  • Get close to enemy. AoE counters this as allies have to get close to Tyrinian to gain this, causing mutiple abilities like Vorpal Ulti and Drake's Final to be very useful.




My Sacrifice for You [R] - Defensive

"Tyrinian is willing to sacrifice anything to save his teammates. He is even willing to risk his own life to ensure his allies survive. For a short duration, Non-Summon Heroic allies in a 10-unit radius upon cast recieve a "Sacrifice Buff". Allies will Sacrifice buffs will gain 100% Physical and Spell Damage Resistance. A % of the damage before mitigation is then applied to Tyrinian. Physical damage will deal physical damage to Tyrinian instead and Spell damage deals Spell Damage. Does not stop True Damage. Sacrifice buff is immediately removed if Tyrinian dies."


Level 1: For 3 seconds, allies gain 100% Physical and Spell Resistance. 80% of Physical//Spell Damage taken before mitigation on allies are transfered to Tyrinian.

Level 2: For 4 seconds, allies gain 100% Physical and Spell Resistance. 75% of Physical//Spell Damage taken before mitigation on allies are transfered to Tyrinian.

Level 3: For 5 seconds, allies gain 100% Physical and Spell Resistance. 70% of Physical//Spell Damage taken before mitigation on allies are transfered to Tyrinian.


Energy Cost: 150//200//250

Cooldown: 90//70//50

Range: 10


In Depth Skill Explanation: An ability that really sacrifices Tyrinian's own health. This will basicly make your allies invulnerable for a duration and cause you to take the damage instead. This ability is extremely useful. You don't do much damage and as enemies notice your the tank, they will normally try to avoid you and save you for later. The ability entirely causes enemies to forceably attack you, even if they aren't trying to. Note: Uniques that reflect damage like barb will only be in effect based on the target being attacked. [Means if Tyrinian takes damage because allies being attack by physical damage, Tyrinian's Barb will not reflect but your allies Barb (if he has one) will reflect. Not exactly effective for tower diving as tower will still be fully effect as it deals true damage.

Animation: Red line connecting both you ally and you. Guardian Shield animation upon cast


Possible Uses:

During a team battle, your squishies can survive easily if you have this ability. Primarily, you want a lot of Armor, Spell resistance, and Hp.


When Playing:

  • Protects allies. Use during key points in team battles or if ally is going to get ganked or chased.

When Playing Against:

  • AoE abilities destroy this ability, cause if you hit all the heroes with Sacrifice buff, Tyrinian will then take 70% X 4 the damage of that ability. If your allies go for Tyrinian himself, it will basicly make the final useless as it only benifits Tyrinian's allies and not himself. Gravity edge and Crits are useful in countering as it voids the final since it will still go threw. [True Damage]



Offensive Abilities


Psionic Buildup [Q] - Offensive

"Tyrinian shoots a Blast of Psionic energy in a targeted direction. The blast gains energy causing it to deal more damage upon impact the farther away the enemy is from casting point. For every 4 units the Blast traveled, the Blast deals an additional 10% Spell Damage and lowing movement speed of the target 8% (Gains +10% spell damage and lose 8% movement speed Linearly). This can stack up to 10 times (at 40 units away). This hits the first enemy it comes in contact with dealing damage in an AoE 1 unit Radius and slow movement speed for 3 seconds. "


Level 1: Blast deals 65[+50%Weap] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Blast deals 120[+50%Weap] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Blast deals 175[+50%Weap] Spell Damage.

Level 4: Blast deals 230[+50%Weap] Spell Damage.


Energy Cost: 100

Cooldown: 45//40//35//30

Range: Infinate


In Depth Skill Explanation: Eletrical Blast travels at a speed of 12. Works similar to grunty's rocket but the slow applies to ALL units damaged from this. Since it stacks linearly if it travels 40 units or farther and hits something, it will then Deal 100% additional spell damage and also slow 80% for 3 seconds.


Animation: Void Blast from a Hybrid destroy with an eletrical trail following it. The eletrical trail animation grows bigger every 4 units traveled until it hits 40 units but doesn't effect the ability.


Possible Uses:

This can be used to support allies across the map. It is also good for hitting chasing enemies especially to allow allies to catch up to an enemy. It deals a large amount of damage if the enemy is far enough away.


When Playing:

  • Use in any situation, for a burst of damage but it is better using it from a farther distance.

When Playing Against:

  • The ability has a much smaller effect on units close. If you are far, it is dodgeable. As it slows (even tho it can be alot) you can still cast abilities to defend yourself. It has a long CD too so it is not spamable and you don't have to worry ALL the time with the CD.




Energized Pull [W] - Offensive

"Shoot a surge of pure energy at a targeted area. The first enemy target it hits will then take spell damage, but stunned for 1 second, and then pulled back to Tyrinian up to 12 units. Energy Surge moves at a speed of 15. Pulls enemy back at a speed of 15. "


Level 1: Deals 60 [+60% int] Spell Damage. Range of 4.75

Level 2: Deals 120 [+60% int] Spell Damage. Range of 5.5

Level 3: Deals 180 [+60% int] Spell Damage. Range of 6.25

Level 4: Deals 240 [+60% int] Spell Damage. Range of 7


Energy Cost: 70//80//90//100

Cooldown: 15//14//13//12

Range: 4.75//5.5//6.25//7



In Depth Skill Explanation: A short ranged pull. This ability is not ment to pluck an enemy from a group, but is ment to prevent any forms of escape on the enemy. It is less of a pull and more of a pull back. It is extremely spamable too and deals decent spell damage.

Animation: Dark Energy, Connection from Dark energy blast [Void Blast from maar AA] and Tyrinian is by an lightning like animation connecting the two. Blast part disappears upon hitting the target but the lightning animation stays. The animation will immediately disappear if it doesn't successfully hit an enemy.


Possible Uses:

This is useful in any chasing or if any ally gets a successful pull down. It is also useful in delaying the enemy slightly along its path, and also stopping channels are bringing ranged AA heroes close to you.


When Playing:

  • Use for chasing enemies. As it can't hit allies feel free to use without pulling an ally. As it moves super fast, it is hard for enemies to dodge it and it is easy to hit enemies with. The range makes it less of a Pull and more of a forcing the enemy to get close and in your face. Use this ability if the enemy gets slightly to close. If you pull and are super close to enemy, you can use Warp shard to increase your distance and get the pull to about 10 units away when you were 2 units away.

When Playing Against:

  • Keep your range. You will have no issue vs this ability is you have reasonable distance from it. It can't pull to far so that shouldnt be an issue. Taser range outranges this ability thus you can taser the him. You can basicly see the range of this ability based on his Offensive AA attack. You shouldn't have a problem with this ability if he is on Defensive. This ability should only be a problem if you get caught in by something else or your are reasonably out of position.




(I can't think of a good name, if anyone has better suggestions for the name Ty).

Focus Fire [Passive]

"When Tyrinian attacks an enemy, they gain a debuff causing them to take bonus Spell damage and Physical damage. Can stack up to 5 times. Refresh per new debuff and lasts 3 seconds."


Level 1: Amplifies Physical and Spell Damage by 2% per attack.

Level 2: Amplifies Physical and Spell Damage by 3% per attack.

Level 3: Amplifies Physical and Spell Damage by 4% per attack.

Level 4: Amplifies Physical and Spell Damage by 5% per attack.


Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: None


In Depth Skill Explanation: Good for focusing fire on a tank. This allows your allies to deal more damage on the target per attack. Note: It stacks so it deals bonus damage on full stacks by: 10.4% / 15.9% / 21.66% / 27.6%

Animation: Small eletrical animations appear around enemy.


Possible Uses:

It is a passive. It is good for allies to attack the unit you are attacking.


When Playing:

  • You and allies deal more damage to the target you are currently targeting. Getting more attacks means they take more damage.

When Playing Against:

  • Get high Spell Resistance and Physical Resistance as they still amplify by same amount but a 70% resistance and 30% Amplify will only reduce your resistance to 61%. Another way to counter is to get Shrapnel // Chilling Artifact // Force of Entropy // Parallax. The first 3 items will reduce Attack speed causing the amplfication to take longer. Parallax can remove the amplifcation.




Power Surge [R]

"Tyrinian super charges himself in a 6-unit Radius and his non-summon Heroic allies causing them to gain Weapon Damage, Movement Speed, Attack speed, and Spell Damage for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds (when buff ends), all allies that were buffed and Tyrinian shoot a lightning bolt to the closest enemy Heroic in a 5-unit Radius. It will not hit anyone if no enemy heroics available. Lightning Bolt deals spell damage and lowers enemy's Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Enemy Heroes can not be hit by more than 2 Lightning Bolts."


Level 1: Gain +15% Weapon//Spell Damage//Attack Speed//Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Lightning Bolt deals 100[+60%int] and slows 30%.

Level 2: Gain +20% Weapon//Spell Damage//Attack Speed//Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Lightning Bolt deals 175[+60%int] and slows 40%.

Level 3: Gain +25% Weapon//Spell Damage//Attack Speed//Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Lightning Bolt deals 250[+60%int] and slows 50%.


Energy Cost: 150//250//350

Cooldown: 90//70//50

Range: 6


In Depth Skill Explanation: An ability that supports your allies and an ability that makes you deal more damage if your allies are around too.

Animation: Blue Glowing Charge


Possible Uses:

Use during a Team Battle as you really buff your allies. The Lightning Bolt effect will be most effective during this too. Very effect for ganking an enemy and chasing.


When Playing:

  • Really good when there are a lot of allies around especially since support. It isn't as effective by yourself. Cooldown is short but it is long enough that is useable about once per team battle. This is especially useful using if you can slow enemies or stun them (like using right before your drake finals so all lightning bolts hit and ally your allies are next to each other).

When Playing Against:

  • Use a Shrapnel if you want to prevent AA high damage. You can Warp shard to run out of Lightning Bolt Range. It is counterable if you can split the enemy apart and make the spread out so it doesn't hit all his allies. Taser is also useful in prevent Tyrinian to use this ability at the perfect timing. While this ability is good during team battles, Defensive Mode is primarily better for team battles so you don't nessisarily have to worry about this ability.

Item Recommendations

I will assume there are much better builds but note: Recommended Items aren't really good anyways for most Heroes xD


Starting Items

:SpaceBattery: Space Battery [525]: You are a Support Char. Primarily, this hero has Energy Issues but this will help solve it and your ally energy problems.


:Sustainer: Sustainer [575]: You are a Support Char. This gives you good HP regen and gives your allies Hp Regen too.


OlympicTorch.png Olympic Torch [1400]: You are a support Char and you will get alot of assists. Not only that, you need to tank gaining a lot of Hp and gives decent Spell Resist.

Core Items

:SpellBuffer: Spell Buffer [2825]: Gives nice movement speed, Energy regen, Hp Regen, and also Spell Resist. In addition you give Spell Resist Aura.


EternalDrive.png Eternal Drive [2800]: Heal your allies and give them both Hp Regen and Energy Regen. Feel Free to Trade this for a Silver Soul if you think it is more nessisary or Life Tech or Organics.


:KorhalVanguard: Korhal Vanguard [2015]: Give Physical and Spell Resist Aura. Recent Resistance too and slight bit of Hp. It goes very well with the passive already on Defensive Abilities.


:ElectricMantle: Eletrical Mantle [3150]: Gives some decent Hp, and unique is good. It gives Cooldown Reduction and Spell Resistance


:ShrapnelCloak: Shrapnel Cloak [2600]: Gives you (again) more Spell Resistance. You also gain Armor for physical Resistance. This also good support for Anti-AA.


SmallHadronCollider.png Small Hadron Collider [4000]: Gives nice Hp, also gives Timescale for movement speed and helps slightly with other things. During "Fall Back" ability, it allows you to fall back with allies with Teleport. It can also help you Offensively with Pull, either teleport and pull OR Pull and teleport.


Luxury Items

:LifeTechNanosuit: Life Tech Nanosuit [2700]: Gives you spell resist and Hp. Also regenerates your hp if your getting low.


:ParallaxGenerator: Parallax Generator [3600]: Gives Spell Resist, decent Stats, removes debuffs too and cloak. During Fall Back ability, Parallax won't remove your loss of movement speed since it will count as a Buff.


:IsomorphicPyre: Isomorphic Pyre [3200]: High Damage that goes extremely well with your Offensive Side.


:CoatofArms: Coat of Arms [3100]: Gives CDR and Attack Speed Aura. Also gives yourself some STR and Armor.


Shadowmourne.png Shadowmourne [4950]: You can build pure Tank and then get a shadowmourne. This will allow you to damage enemy AA heroes without needing to build AA items.


Other Items That are Good: Organic Carapace, Galatic Defender, Darwins Might, Barb Armor, Chilling Artifact[Early Game], ShrinkRay (goes will with passive and lower Attack Weap), and Force of Entropy.


When Playing Him: Offensive is quite better early game, as you can harass and prevent enemies from damage you and you can always change to defensive if you need to support an ally quickly. Offensive mode also allows you a higher chance to get a kill early game with his high damage at the beginning. Defensive is primarily better late game, as your Offensive isn't as strong, since your AA abilities aren't as strong as others tend to be yet you can tank a lot of damage.


Early Game: Offensive Mode Suggested

Mid Game: Mostly Offensive, Switch to Defensive during Key Team battles, or escaping needs.

Late Game: Defensive Mode Suggested


Thanks for reading! :D. So much stuff writing.

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