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suggestions for Garamond Singsprocket


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hello everyone

i've been thinking about this hero alot since i really like it and i thought i could throw in a few ideas to make him even more fun to play:

also i am aware that most of these idea have already been said, but i still thought that i should say them aswell, to support them


1. change his passive into an active but make it auto cast (like toxi's W)

this should change the rate of his scv making from time scale to cool down reduction


2. make garamond's scv hp scale with his int, just like bio's infested civillains

in my personal opinion his scv dies too quickly to many kinds of splash spells


3.lower his int scaling on his ulti, but lower the time it takes for the scv to explode

right now it's very eazy to escape gara's scv, even by just walking away, therefore i suggest making the scv explode quicker to insure more hits


4.make gara's seeker missles fly quicker

they are so slow i can walk double the distance of thier casting range


5. incease the deploment speed of his turret and make them prioritise heroes over creeps, or possibly increase thier range

it's really hard attacking heroes with turrets when they can just snipe them so quickly, such a short range, and they keep attacking creeps over heroes


6.change gara's q to spread over a location rather than a line, but lower the range of his oil

i'm not sure if this change is needed, but i still think that this change will make escapsing and chasing more enemies alot eazier


thank you for reading everything


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I kinda disagree with almost everything listed (In my Opinion)

1) Garamond has 1 Non-active passive. It should stay. Active making him gain Timescale is rather over powered since it makes him super good early game at harassing with the additional attack speed and SCVS.


2) Bio's Infested Civilians do not Scale in hp with STR. They scale with Maximum Hp. STR does give Hp, but doesn't they don't directly scale with minions. SCVS are most frequent summon. Giving them more hp to make AoE abilities not kill them seems to powerful. My suggestion is that they have high Spell and Physical Resistance (about 70%) for 3 seconds [Removed upon Kill Command], inwhich the buff is removed after 3 seconds so AoE can easily kill it if it lasts a few seconds.


3) If you lower scaling on INT, gara can't kill enemies very well then. There is no need to lower duration of explosion, there is an easy combo to basicly ensure a kill (about a 4 second stun).


4) Seeker missiles require aiming. The farther the range you cast it, the easier it is to dodge. Get closer and more likely to hit.


5) Priortize Heroes? Why? Gara is already great at harassing and early game pushing. No need for that and it would give Heroes that lack range a disadvantage.


6) This would actually make his escaping and chasing worst. The Line has longer range then. Also, you can easily escape by simple combo: Seeker yourself (which will explode in about half a second) and Oil Slick toward the area you are heading, which you will be over it by the time you start running. Easy escape unless you get pulled back.


Note: Garamond is a hard unit to play with. Most people can't play him correctly. I like garamond because of this :) He doesn't need a change. Also these changes would change a lot of the special things that make Garamond unique and requires less skills too.


I like how he is now, and I think they should make more heroes simliar to Garamond too. [i thought Garamond was massively underpowered until someone taught me how to play him, and now i see he is on level playing grounds, if not stronger.]

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Na gara fine the way he is.

I have no problem going on the avg 15 to 30 kills with him, people just need to know how to use him you think seeker should be faster i dont, I know how to time it an were to aim it to cut off foes running away these are skills that you can learn from fps an other games like being a sniper know how far a head to aim so your foe runs into your shot same gos for any range thing you use speed dont really matter once you get the hang of doing such things all you listed there wont be needed to make him ez.


As to #5 maybe give a +1 to range seeing as they die in about 1 to 2 hits but other then that there fine, the only thing i would say make it Priortize Heroes is those rockets it shot out ever now an then. As to its life time give it some res to phy an spell to give them more then 1sec of life time under attack in mid to late game nothing to much make it scale like 2 - 5% per skill level which is fair an isnt much an it stays with in the lines of every other hero damage boost as they level.

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Making his SCV factory like Tass' Q (but a heroic active) would solve the CDR issue. It could also justify giving him his laser pointer back, making AA gara a reality.


The rest is unnecessary. Garamond is hardly underpowered, he has always been one of the best pushers in the game and his late-game rivals that of most hard carries. He has great zoning and harass during laning, and he has almost no weakness other than the fact that he is squishy like any caster, which is an itemization issue and the only thing keeping him from being overpowered, tbh. If anything his ult needs a nerf to its scaling.

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