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Timescale questions


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My understanding is that timescale affects your in game clock changing how fast it ticks relative to the rest of the game, affecting heal/damage/cd rates and also as a side effect gives movement speed.


Because your clock ticks faster it increases the DPS for spells that are sustained damage over a time period like unix ult, jacksons beam attack, garmonds turrets, drakes martyr etc. And increases the rate at which you are healed (or damaged if poisoned by toxi/darpa/egon etc)


Feel free to correct if any of that is wrong....


Based on that I have a couple of other questions related to timescale:


Does it decrease the channel time for abilities that have channels, and the CD on item actives?

Does it increase the DPS of items like SHM?

Does it affect the proc rates of effects like electric mantle, cerebro, shadowmourne, etc that have a built in CD of sorts?

Does it increase the rate of money gains from leeching saber, lost treasure, miners goggles?


I feel like the answer to all of these should be yes, but I wanted to confirm it....

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I know that positive timescale will increase regen rates, both natural and from Heal over Time effects. I know that negative timescale will reduce regen rates in the same way and also increase the space between DoT ticks (very useful for Rory to cram in more damage to pump up Molo). I'm not sure, however, if having positive timescale will make debuffs tick faster.


For channeling abilities, timescale makes them tick faster. This includes Jackson's beam and Unix's ult. Keep in mind, this is based on the TS of the caster (Jax or Unix respectively), not the TS of the target. Item actives, however, are globally tracked and not affected by timescale. I'm not entirely sure about internal cd passives, though; I think they might go faster with increased timescale. I'm pretty sure that SHM ticks faster with increased TS. Money passives are global; TS affects them no more than it affects respawn rate.

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