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Yeah, she is OP, but that can easily be fixed. One of her abilities blinds in an AoE while doing damage slowing. If the blind was single target and the damage and slow AoE, this would be fine IMO. The problem is, sometimes when one is blinded by Geneva they stay blind forever. Also, her ultimate doesn't seem to working. It is supposed to make a target invulnerable when they fall below a certain percentage of health. I feel like it may only work if she casts it on herself, if at all. As for her other abilities, Her Passive gives her a certain amount of sheilds and as long as she has shields, her basic attack damage up to 2 other targets, her Q is a single target channeled heal that also boosts the targets MS. Her W is the AoE Blind. Her E sends a wave forward that gives allies shields and on return damages enemies. And her ulti was mentioned above. Its a cool hero, and I can't wait for it to be playable.

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Geneva is pretty baller if she doesn't get hit. XC Until she takes damage, she is a hypercarry.


Here, her abilities [at least, what I remember]


Passive: After out of combat for 12 seconds, gains 60 + 20 * Lvl [+50% INT] shields. As long as Geneva has any shields, Geneva's auto-attack hits up to 3 enemies.

Q: Heals an ally for 60/90/120/150?? [+60% INT] health instantly. Then channels for up to 6 seconds, healing for 30/45/60/75 [+10% INT] health, granting +35% Movement Speed, and Debuff Immunity for 1 second every second.

W: Launches an Optic Flare that deals 30/50/70/90 [+30% INT] Spell Damage per second, blinds [reduces sight to 0, like Shadow Ulti], and reduces Movement Speed by 35% to enemies inside it. Lasts for 4 seconds at all levels, area has a radius of 2.

E: Launches a wave [a bunch of circles run out]. On the way out, grants 70/130/190/250 [+60% INT] shields to allies it hits. It then returns to Geneva, dealing 70/130/190/250 [+60% INT] Spell Damage to enemies it hits. Radius of 2.

R: For 5 seconds, if target ally falls below 20/30/40% of their maximum health, they are granted Damage Immunity.



H.P. splash is activated by Vibranium Shield / Galactic Defender as well as Passive shield gain and E shield gain. Splash also doesn't aggro you if your enemy takes damage from it and you're attacking a tower. Splash appears to prioritize Creeps > Heroes just like Lane Creeps do.

Q can target self

E homes in back to Geneva on the return, and has a travel out time of about 1.5 seconds

Ulti doesn't give immunity to damage unless they FALL BELOW the threshold [they have to take damage]. Ulti also does not prevent you from being 1-shot from 42% life to 0% life-- and it has a slight delay before activating [about 0.5 seconds]; so if Cyprus has enough INT he still kills you instantly.


She doesn't actually HEAL much, because her Q is single-target channeling... But you CAN heal somebody a lot in laning with a Q cast, and her W and E absolutely wreck waves. And until she's out of shields, she is an absolute hyper-carry with her splash damage.

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^^^^^she seems stupid OP to me if those are accurate


Heal that grants 35% movement speed

Blinding cloud that does damage and reduces 35% movement speed (shadow ult on crack)

AOE shields and damage spell (arcane sword on steroids)

Damage immunity ult


how would anyone think this was balanced??

She has 2 ults, an AOE spell that makes nulls arcane sword look pathetic, healing with speed boost, and can attack 3 targets at once?

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uh. how exactly does she have 2 ults lol


her heroic passive does not proc on hit effects like pyre. also shes int. her Q is a six second channel, and a pretty meh heal except in laning. her w is smaller then terrazine, and her E doesn't do anything near the damage null's E+R do. you'd be pretty retarded to build her anything like a hyper carry. she's a support with lane sustain/pushing abilities. Her ult is pretty useless low levels anyways, since 20% hp is very easy to one shot.


not to say she's balanced. just pointing out your being stupid as well. damage/cooldown tweaks will be made as necessary. yeeesh.

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