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[Hero] Parallel.Replica


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Commentary is unfinished.




- Began creation ^-^


Name: Parallel.Replica


Unit Base:





Starting Stats:

Base Health 240

Movement Speed 2.9

Attack Range 3

Attack Speed 1.8

Base Damage 42

Attack Name | Animation - Popping Acid | Changeling bunches up tightly and then quickly bursts out of the shape, launching a green flaking sphere (e.g. the effect of Blinkmoth Serum trailing behind the projectile; a small sphere?)

Base Armor 3

Strength –

Agility –

Intelligence –


"Thematic Quote"






Essence Extraction [Passive]

"15% of Physical and Spell damage dealt is converted to Maximum Health for 5 seconds. The same percentage of Health is kept when Maximum Health increases, but when Maximum Health decreases the health total is kept constant."


Cooldown: --

Range: Self


In Depth Skill Explanation:

Animation: Blue lifesteal particles.


When Playing:

  • You can make use of this ability to stay alive. It's powerful when laning as your Health is healed a bit based on the damage you dish out.

When Playing Against:

  • This makes Parallel have early-game tank-ability, and causes him to, should he burst out a lot of damage, have large health.





Displacement Barrier [Q]

"Parallel creates a wall with the center at the target point that deals damage to enemies and reduces the movement speed of all units touching it. Displacement Barrier lasts for 4 seconds at all levels."


Level 1: 30 [+20% INT] Spell Damage per second. -30% Movement Speed.

Level 2: 50 [+20% INT] Spell Damage per second. -45% Movement Speed.

Level 3: 70 [+20% INT] Spell Damage per second. -60% Movement Speed.

Level 4: 90 [+20% INT] Spell Damage per second. -75% Movement Speed.


Energy Cost: 70/95/120/145

Cooldown: 22

Range: Wall has width 1 and length 5, cast range 6


In Depth Skill Explanation:

Animation: Blue-color, wall of translucent ice-like variations of Cyprus' Pillars.

Oh, and it would be cast like MAAR's Firewall / Zeratul's old Planar Void.


When Playing:

  • You can use this ability to force enemies to bug off your allies or prevent their escape. Though it is skill-based if you can land it, it is a wall.

When Playing Against:

  • Don't overextend-- don't let yourself be caught in the





Moniker [W]

"Parallel creates a field around itself for 5 seconds that causes the next active standard ability that damages Parallel to be copied, able to be used by Parallel; that also stuns whoever used the ability on Parallel for a while. The copied ability is lost when Parallel activates it. Parallel must pay an energy cost for the ability."


Level 1: Copies ability at Level 1. 1 second stun.

Level 2: Copies ability at Level 2. 1.5 second stun.

Level 3: Copies ability at Level 3. 2 second stun.

Level 4: Copies ability at Level 4. 2.5 second stun.


Energy Cost: 50

Cooldown: 15 base. Moniker's CD after using the ability is the same as the copied ability would normally be. [so if a 22 second CD ability was copied and then used, Moniker could not be used for the "normal" 22 seconds.]

Range: Self


In Depth Skill Explanation:

Animation: Like Galactic Defender, but more like ice in appearance

If you steal Drake's Martyr, you are able to turn it off again. If you steal one of Vorpal's abilities, you are able to use it (somehow). If you steal Nova's Silent Takedown, you are able to use it [somehow], etc..


When Playing:

  • Well... you steal your opponent's ability. If Drake lances you when you have the shield up, you get to Lance later.

When Playing Against:

  • Don't throw your abilities near Parallel when he's got the shield up! It's pretty deadly if you do.





Spirit Leash [E]

"Parallel creates a large burst of energy centered around the target point, dealing high damage distributed evenly amongst the enemies in the area over 4 seconds. No single enemy may take more than half of the total damage."


Level 1: Deals 80 [+50% INT] True Damage total. Deals 40 [+30% INT] Spell Damage total.

Level 2: Deals 120 [+50% INT] True Damage total. Deals 60 [+30% INT] Spell Damage total.

Level 3: Deals 160 [+50% INT] True Damage total. Deals 80 [+30% INT] Spell Damage total.

Level 4: Deals 200 [+50% INT] True Damage total. Deals 100 [+30% INT] Spell Damage total.


Energy Cost: 70/95/120/145

Cooldown: 22

Range: Cast range 6, AoE has radius 2


In Depth Skill Explanation:

Animation: A bunch of purple [true] and pink [spell] lifesteal effects fly around dealing damage.


When Playing:

  • You can use this ability to wreck havoc on the enemy team quite easily as it deals very high damage. However; it does require you to be rather close to the enemy!

When Playing Against:

  • Don't group up in pairs! Group up as an entire group or stay seperate! It will reduce the damage of this ability by an awful lot.





Mind Tear [R]

"[Active] Parallel shreds through the enemy's mind, dealing immense damage and slowing by 50% for a while. However, after 10 seconds, they regain health equal to 50% of the damage that Mind Tear dealt over 10 seconds.

[Passive] Parallel's cooldowns are reduced whenever nearby units use their abilities. Mind Tear is affected doubly from this effect."


Level 1: Deals 300 [+100% INT] Spell Damage and 150 [+50% INT] True Damage to their energy. Slows for 2 seconds. 1 second per ability cast.

Level 2: Deals 450 [+100% INT] Spell Damage and 225 [+50% INT] True Damage to their energy. Slows for 3 seconds. 1.5 seconds per ability cast.

Level 3: Deals 600 [+100% INT] Spell Damage and 300 [+50% INT] True Damage to their energy. Slows for 4 seconds. 2 seconds per ability cast.


Energy Cost:




In Depth Skill Explanation:



When Playing:

How it benefits

When Playing Against:

How to counter




As Parallel:

Tank? Support? I dunno. It really depends on what you get with your [W] what role you want to fufill; so the hero needs to have even more awareness on how things work.

However, Parallel certainly has plenty of support abilities with his slows and damage stacking, especially with his W giving him whatever abilities that the enemies let him snag.


Item Recommendations



Starting Items




Core Items




Luxury Items



Cronos' Layout.

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Seems like in this case, the suggestion couldn't quite live up to the format...

Seems cool, but you should specify a few things.

For W, what if it's an ulti? Seems OP. Also, level 4 ulti?

For E, I understand the parameters, but how does it function? does it bounce around kind of like rory's stun saw thingy?

for R... true damage to their energy? I'm lost there.

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Hahaha, yeah. It's a test, actually. I'm not finished with it, anyway. :D


W doesn't copy ultis, read it closely; says Normal Abilities.


E is an AoE attack, it's more like a bunch of stuff spawns and distributes itself amongst the enemies, dealing damage.


Ulti deals True Damage and makes the enemy lose energy. Basically, it makes them take damage to both their Health and Energy AND it is not mitigated when dealt to their Energy.

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Mind tear reminds me of the ability i wrote:

Nightmare xD


His [W] seems slightly confusing. He has to active the ability? I could just imagine it being over powered :P if you could get a chain stun or something. So does it instantly copy if you take any AoE from an ability. It be funny if you actived martyr, the toggle goes away so you are stuck in it xD.

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