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Health- 500

Weapon Dmg- 40, 1.8 AS, Melee range.

INT- 22+ 4

STR- 28 +5

AGI- 30 +8

W.D.- 40, 1.8 AS, melee range.

Protrait- Broodling

Unit Base- Broodling (a big one)


Script- An evolutionary mistake, Guardian was sent to die in the frontlines of the sanctum. However, he survived, and kills following an indecipherable inner urge..


[Heroic Passive]Mitosis-

Every time Guardian kills a unit, he spawns an egg in the body, which releases 1(+0.2* hero level) broodlings after 3 seconds. Broodlings have 100(+10* hero level) health, 40% Spell Resist, [10% Weapon Damage] Weapon Damage, and share Guardian's Weapon Speed and Movement Speed. Broodlings last for 12(+1*level) seconds, and cannot be controlled, but follow Guardian around.


[Q]Swarm Seeds-

Guardian launches an egg towards the target location in a straight line, which deals 40/50/60/70[+40% INT]Spell Damage to anything it hits. At the target location, it spawns 4/5/6/7 broodlings. The egg is circular, and has a radius of 1.





Encases the target unit in a cocoon for 3 seconds, during which time they are invulnerable, after which they emerge, spawning 5/7/9/11 broodlings and taking 10 [+10% INT] damage per broodling. If used on allies or self, they get healed.





Sends all nearby broodlings to surround and attack an enemy. Broodlings jump to the target location, then just attack normally.

[Passive] broodlings gain an additional 10/20/30/40% Spell and Physical Resist.


CD- 15/14/13/12

[R]True Form

Temporarily morphs to a (you guessed it) swarm guardian. While in guardian mode, Guardian gains 20% Movement Speed, and fires broodlings at 6 range, dealing double ordinary weapon damage, but losing 50% weapon speed. Each attack spawns 3/4/5 broodlings. Broodling's death timer does not tick while ulti is active. Lasts 30 seconds.

120/160/200 energy, 220/170/120 CD.

Recap- Lots of broodlings. Nuff said?

Adding possible builds in a bit.


Possible build-

:Hivesymbiosis: :Masamune: :CoatofArms::TimeSplitter: :Phantommenace: :Khaydarinabsorber:

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Really the only problem i see is the scaling of radius on the Q, I think that it should be some flat size, maybe have more spawned, or more broodlings spawned from the eggs, the scaling of size doesn't seem to fit, more eggs will mean more broodlings, which is always fun.

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