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Bad Map Balance -- Wards


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Hello everyone,



I have noticed that there are two key locations on the map where the doodads and vision blockers provide the Protoss team with imbalanced/favorable ward locations. I was hoping that we could get these balanced. Originally I was going to post pictures, but google drive converted them to a bad format and I'm too lazy to get a Photobucket/Whatever account.


Instead, I will just describe them here:




Across the river from both Aeon and Levi respectively is a small spot of high cliff between two ramps. On the Aeon side, placing a ward on this cliff grants you vision not just of the river below, but of the high ground above the ramps. However, on the Levi side, trees (vision blockers) on that cliff block the ward's view of the high ground, giving vision only of the river. This benefits the Protoss team because:

  • A ward at the spot across from Aeon provides great defense for their long-lane players.
  • Better allows the Protoss team to see the Zerg team approach Aeon.


If you take the ramp up from middle lane, from between the Tier 1 and Tier 2 towers, you will find a great spot to place a ward on the high ground next to your enemy's middle lane and behind their boss (Aeon/Levi). However, on the Protoss side (near Aeon) there are trees (vision blockers) that will obscure vision of the region behind Aeon. This is not the case on the Zerg side. This benefits the Protoss team because:

  • Protoss can see the Zerg team's high ground better.
  • Especially effective at seeing Zerg position to take Levi.



That just about sums it up. I want to bring this to the developers' attention. Let me know if my description was unclear, and I will try to clarify.

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well just remember anyone from either team can put a ward there. as well as i dont think the map should be equal on both sides. lanes are basically equal but the forest is open for all


Read a little more into what I wrote. The ward across from Aeon helps the Protoss side because it can see into the Zerg forest, and therefore can see the Zerg moving towards Aeon. The Zerg can't receive the same benefit because if they warded the same spot, it would not grant them any vision of the Protoss forest to help them see the Protoss positioning for Aeon.


The spot by Levi also provides the advantage to the Protoss because it doesn't see into the Protoss forest, so the Protoss can move towards Levi without being seen.


The spots in the respective forests above mid are much the same story.




Edit: Also, the forest is supposed to be balanced. It's not some huge untamed area, it's just small collections of ramps, cliffs, and vision blockers that if imbalanced, provide the advantage to one team. If you look at it, great care was taken to make it symmetrical, I am just pointing out spots that were missed.

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