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Name: Massive.Leviathan

Portrait: Leviathan

Unit Base:A Leviathan with a smaller unit base.

Type: Tank

Script: Leviathans are classified as class-10 zerg flyers and and are the largest in terran records, even larger than a mothership, and have been referred to as "moon sized.” They were used by the Swarm as far back as the Great War, and at least one was present at Char in the Second Great War. Leviathans possess interior evolution chambers, can store many zerg warriors within them, are capable of deep-space travel and can land on planets. They can operate in temperature conditions of absolute zero.

During the Battle of Char, zerg broods in leviathans were on their way to the planet when Kerrigan was de-infested. These broods were then scattered or destroyed. Upon her return to the Swarm, Kerrigan's new base of operations was a leviathan. It would fly to different planets and land on them at her direction.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 250

Movement Speed 2.8

Attack Range 5

Attack Speed 1.8

Base Damage 30

Base Armor 3

Strength – [30] + [7]

Agility – [15] + [3]

Intelligence – [24] + [5]



Heroic Passive: Carrier of The Swarm

" As the largest zerg flyer, Leviathan signals 2+(0.5/LVL) mutalisks and 1+(1/3LVL) brood lords to attack his target. Mutalisks have 80+(20/LVL) health , 25% physical and spell resist and deal (10% Weapon Damage) physical damage while Brood Lords have 160+(20/LVL) health , 30% physical and spell resist and deal (15% Weapon Damage) phyiscal damage. Mutalisks and Brood Lords move with a flat movement speed of 4 and attack at a rate of 1.25. However, Leviathan is not able to attack normally."



Effect: -




Ability One: Frenzy

" Leviathan goes into a frenzy, increasing movement speed and weapon speed by a set percentage. However, his physical resist decreases. "

Energy Cost: 50/70/90/110

Cooldown: 36/32/26/22

Range: Self


Level 1: Movement speed increases by 4%, weapon speed increases by 25%, physical resist decreases by 50%.

Level 2: Movement speed increases by 8%, weapon speed increases by 50%, physical resist decreases by 45%.

Level 3: Movement speed increases by 12%, weapon speed increases by 75%, physical resist decreases by 40%.

Level 4: Movement speed increases by 16%, weapon speed increases by 100%, physical resist decreases by 35%.






Ability Two: Rapid Regeneration

"Leviathan increases his health regeneration by a set percentage for 10 seconds. Due to this, his hide thickens, immobilizing him. "

Energy Cost:

Cooldown: 45/40/35/30

Range: Self


Level 1: Increases health regeneration by 125%

Level 2: Increases health regeneration by 150%

Level 3: Increases health regeneration by 175%

Level 4: Increases health regeneration by 200%



Effect: -




Ability Three: Bio-Discharge

" Leviathan discharges biological spew onto his target, dealing spell damage over 15 seconds while causing existing mutalisks and brood lords to attack the target for the whole duration. "

Energy Cost: 120/140/160/180

Cooldown: 40/36/32/28

Range: 6


Level 1: Deals 100+(25%INT) spell damage

Level 2: Deals 125+(25%INT) spell damage

Level 3: Deals 150+(25%INT) spell damage

Level 4: Deals 175+(25%INT) spell damage






Ultimate Ability: For the Swarm!

" Leviathan doubles his health, weapon damage and effects of his skills for a fixed amount of time. "

Energy Cost: 200/300/400

Cooldown: 120/105/90

Range: Self


Level 1: Lasts for 5 seconds

Level 2: Lasts for 6 seconds

Level 3: Lasts for 7 seconds






This hero is unfinished. Please leave some opinions on balance.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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