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Rakura's Supa-epic Gangnam-style Hero Compendium


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[Viron.Volkov] http://www.aeonofsto...ked/#entry70568 - re-worked to be slightly less troll

Quick Summary: A support INT caster/ with some CC, that spreads infections, and thrives in densely populated areas.:

Passive: Viron’s presence has a chance on Infect creep (allied and enemy) that deals some AOE dmg per tick.

Q: Target unit gets % of stats decreased and is dealt spell dmg for a period of time. Other enemies nearby have a chance to get afflicted as well.

W: Infected creep switches sides, for a short period of time, attacking your enemies (prioritizing Heroes). Attacks are Infectious/Viral during that time. [Global skill – affects all Infected creep regardless of where on map]

E: Places invisible spores on the map that have Infectious Presence.

R: Consumes nearby Infections/Viral Infusions and spews toxic slime that slows affected enemies, deals spell dmg. Effect are augmented for each consumed Infection/Viral Infusion.




[Nick.Tesla] http://www.aeonofsto...hero-nicktesla/ - the mad scientist

Quick Summary: A mad scientist that relies on gimmicky devices:

Passive: releases automatons that randomly roam the map and provide vision

Q: sends flying explosive mini-helicopters to crash at pre-specified locations on the map (close or far)

W: covers Tesla in robotic suit that provides protection and adds some damage

E: places transmitters (towers) that either zap random targets for dmg (foes) or mana recharge (friends)

R: Places a death ray machine



Trivia: The hero is a tribute to Nikola Tesla and all skills (ex W) are related to his real life work.


Nikola Tesla was an inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and futurist…best known for his contributions to the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system. Tesla's achievements and his abilities as a showman demonstrating his seemingly miraculous inventions made him world-famous. Because of his pronouncements and the nature of his work over the years, Tesla gained a reputation in popular culture as the archetypal "mad scientist".


[samurai.Gintama] http://www.aeonofsto...samuraigintama/ - a weaselley attempty to make RNG look at my hero suggestions

Quick Summary: Now that I have watched 20+ episodes … I feel expert enough to create an AoS hero based on the Anime [..before commenting on that statement Banzai … plz note the italics]. But in all seriousness … I hope I have done a decent job and RNG won’t ban me for life for desecrating his favorite Anime character.


Overall the hero fights using his samurai skills and wacky friends to destroy his enemies - heroes/creep between him and his paycheck.

[sCV.Scavenger] http://www.aeonofsto...o-scvscavenger/ - an epic SCV hero (introduces building mechanic in AOS)

Quick Summary: SCV is an INT support hero that collects scrap parts from destroyed units/buildings and uses them to either build structures/units or to load its powerful Scrap Cannon .

  • (Q) Build Structures: allows SCV to build a Mercenary Compound, Turret, or Sensor Tower on the map
  • (W) Supply Drop: drops a supply depot on the head of the enemy for AOE true damage
  • (E) Scrap Cannon: uses collected scrap parts to load its cannons and assault an enemy for heavy spell damage
  • (R ) Resourcefulness: increases scrap parts drop rate, and allows for more structure to be built on the map by SCV

[saiyan.Goku] http://www.aeonofsto...ero-saiyangoku/ - another weaselley attempt. And anyone that criticizes the skills I have selected (and ulti)... is a flob

Quick Summary: As RNG is creating Slayers.Boxer, I need to ask him to create my other childhood hero – Goku.


I created Goku as INT hero that can also perform as STR/AGI hero through passive/ulti. Why INt … all his skills are freaking spells that’s why.

[Masochist.Matriarch] http://www.aeonofsto...chistmatriarch/ - as one comment pointed out, shouldn't be created as people won't be able to play with a boner

Quick Summary: A STR hero that uses her own pain to damage foes.

  • Q-Shriek of Agony: Unleashes her pain as a powerful shriek wave in front of her
  • W-Cutting Slashes: Makes the spikes on her whip tear through flesh and make targets bleed
  • E-Masochistic Link: Damages herself to hurt enemies or heal allies
  • R-Pain Lust: Hurts herself to awaken hers and her allies’ primal senses

[illusionist.X] http://www.aeonofsto...o-illusionistx/ - Ok, this hero was created before Shaowmourne was released... so no, my Q is not a rip-off of the item

Quick Summary: Illusionist is a hero that summons powerful illusions to aid him in battle. He excels at punishing AGI heroes/teams. His passive has a chance to return a physical attack; Q – creates an illusion that attacks the target; W – lifts you in the air; E – create a voodoo doll of the enemy that can be attacked by allies; R – creates a mass illusion of all units nearby that rush to kill your enemies. GG no re.

[Chrono.Assasin] http://www.aeonofsto...oassassin-epic/ - Tassadar's cousin

Quick Summary: Inspired by the Chrono Dagger (defunct) I bring you the Chrono.Assassin. A melee AGI hero that relies on time manipulation and psionic skills to chase targets. His (Q) teleports a target (friend/foe) 5 sec back in time; his (W) tethers the target punishing it for 5 sec as it moves away; (E) steals timescale from target; (R.) splits him into two assassins for a short period of time

[Aeon.Chaos] http://www.aeonofsto...hero-aeonchaos/ - the super epic hero that will never be


Quick Summary: A very diverse hero that can change/take on different roles to help his team (tank/harasser/carry/nuker, etc). A very expert player will be able to adapt to different phases of the game and needs of his team, while a more newb player will just have fun with it. Basically, Chaos takes control over a neutral creep and makes him a “hero”. Each creep hero supports the team differently:

  • Marauder – harasser
  • Firebath – lane pusher/initiator
  • Tank – siege/ tactical defense
  • Thor – babysitter/ team support.

[Note that each Creep Hero has his unique Passive, Q,W, and R (E is shared) - discussed at bottom of thread]




Ulti is to
an enemy hero
for a certain period of time
(both skills and items, levels (no talents)). This is where the expertise comes and an experienced Chaos shines – enemy team is crushing you because of better composition – copy their carry Shadow and give’em a piece of their own medicine; or copy their Jackson, Rory etc. (note: you need to know how to play the hero you are copying).


Chaos: referring to the Chaos builder in STD that can be a different builder (hero) each round. Aeon: (in Gnosticism) one of a class of powers or beings conceived as emanating from the Supreme Being and performing various functions in the operations of the universe.


[Elemental.Conflux] http://www.aeonofsto...ementalconflux/ - Aeon.Chaos's distant cousin that can be, if RNG puts some sweat into it


Quick Summary: As a substitute hero suggestion for Aeon.Chaos, who might be a bit tricky for RNG to create, I decided to create this guy. Basically Elemental.Conflux uses his four elemental forms to get different roles in the game (all of them scaling with INT).

Earth.Elemental – Tanky hero good for babysitting and being a meat shield.

Skills: (Passive) Earth Embrace; (Q) Meteorite Shower; (W) Wisdom of Earth; (E) Entomb; ® Apocalypse


Fire.Elemental – Less tanky than Earth and more concentrated on pushing lanes and harassing.

Skills: (Passive) Splash Damage; (Q) Fire Wall; (W) Wisdom of Fire; (E) Ring of Fire; ® Berserk


Water.Elemental – Support caster (fragile)

Skills: (Passive) Wisdom; (Q) Tidal Waves; (W) Wisdom of Water; (E) River Control; ® Ice Ring


Air.Elemental – AA/Caster (yes…Auto-Attack INT hero… more or less)

Skills: (Passive) Twister; (Q) Chain Lightning; (W) Wisdom of Air; (E) Tempest; ® Lord of the Skies


[Hero.Probe] http://www.aeonofsto...hero-heroprobe/ - my first real hero (ex Keanu)

Quick Summary: Hero.Probe builds pylons and cannons to gain tactical advantage on the map; uses chain lightning (zap) as a direct dmg spell and CC; Ulti destroys all pylons + cannons to get a short powerful buff to its dmg (become a nuker) -> the more cannons and pylons destroyed the more powerfull the ulti.


[Raven] http://www.aeonofsto...new-hero-raven/ - it's a shame that this unit's model is not yet a hero in AOS

Raven is a (team) support hero that uses Auto Turrets, Irradiate, Point Defense Drones and Seeker Missiles to harass and break up enemy team. [Very similar skills to actual SC2 Raven + Irradiate from the Science Vessel in SC1].

[Marshal.Panda] http://www.aeonofsto...o-marshalpanda/ - meh

Quick Summary: Teamplay-based melee tank/initiator that jumps into battle, punches enemy players in the face (back to his team), and uses his ferocious roar to intimidate enemies and boost allies.Needs to be a fun hero to play (visually/ mechanics/ a bit of awkward movements...i.e., jump lands him on his butt).


[Keanu.Prime] http://www.aeonofsto...115-keanuprime/ - sexiness AOS-ified

Hollywood epic sexiness, brought to AOS...

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