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clones and item effects


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So I have a couple of questions regarding clones (bandits and tassadar)...


I am pretty sure both bandits and tassadar clones proc effects like prye, but not shadowmourne is this intended?


Do either clones proc the effects of barbed plating?


Also If you have items like shard/shrink ray, is the debuff applied multiple times?


Would love some insight on this, I've been trying to test some of it during game but its hard to do in the midst of fighting

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Shadowmourne is intentional. It previously worked with clones but that was just dumb. As Doom said, pretty much all item affects work. Debuffs cannot be doubled on a unit(unless they say they stack, like MKs weakening shot thinger but idt any item debuffs currently stack. It's just like an ally had the same items.

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