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Edit Notes:

01/12/2012: Made hero

05/12/2012: Balanced units, added more to ulti, made diferent ultimate






Bio: After winning many starcraft championships,Macro.Master learned how to summon and control starcraft units in real life. Using this power he summoned a carrier and traveled to the Aeon of Storms to unleash his power.

Difficulty: Medium

Starting stats:





Movement Speed:2.9

Attack Range: 2

Attack Speed: 1.85














Heroic Passive: Summoners Gift


Description: Macro.Master fuels these large amounts of summons by killing units.


What it does: Whenever Macro.Master kills a creep he gains 2 tokens. Whenever he gets an assist he gains 6 tokens and whenever he gets a kill he gets 10 tokens. He uses tokens for all of his spells


How to use: Be good at last hits and you will easily fuel spells


Ability one: Summon Worker


Description: Macro summons workers to do his bidding.


What it does: Mainly makes throw aways, also makes tokens for ultimate. Workers have 100+(60%INT) and deal 20+(25%INT) spell damage, they have 1.7 weapon speed, 3.4 movement speed.


Levels:Cost 2,3,4,5. Cooldown of 4 seconds


Level 1: Spawns 5 workers

Level 2: Spawns 7 workers

Level 3: Spawns 9 workers

Level 4: Spawns 11 workers




Ability two: Ambush!!!


Description: Using his powers, he can summon burrowed zerglings.


What it does: He summons burrowed zerglings at his current location. Zerglings have 150+(70%Int)HP and deal 20+(25%INT) physical damage. Weapon speed:1.9, Sight radius: 8, movement speed: 3.5. The Zerglings can only be unburrowed by an enemy unit walking over them, then they unburrow. After that they are free for you to control.


Levels: Cost: 2,3,4,5. Cooldown: 15 seconds

1: Spawn 7 zerglings. Max of 14

2: Spawn 12 zerglings. Max of 24

3: Spawn 17 zerglings. Max of 36

4: Spawn 22 zerglings. Max of 44


How to use: Spawn them under your tower for defensive abilities or places where you could get ganked at. Also in bushes helps because they have to walk in there with truesight inorder to see them.



Ability three: Summoners Beacon


Description: Summon a Obelisk that spawns sentries. These sentries deal 20+(65%INT) spell damage have 300+(65%)HP. Weapon speed of 1.8, sight radius of 10, range of 7 and movement speed of 3.2. Obelisk's have 400+(100%INT) Hp and 15 sight radius and are a detector.


What it does: Spawns an Obelisk that spawns sentries.


Levels: Cost: 3,4,5,6. Cooldown 40 seconds.

1: Spawns a sentry once every 60 seconds, max of 4, max of 1 obelisk.

2: Spawns a sentry once every 50 seconds, max of 8, max of 2 obelisks.

3: Spawns a sentry once every 40 seconds, max of 12, max of 3 obelisks.

4: Spawns a sentry once every 30 seconds, max of 16, max of 4 obelisks.


How to use: Place this far back in your base or somewhere hidden near a tower. This will give you more units to use.



Ability four: Spawn Collossus


Description: Spawn a super strong colossus that is under your control. It deals 200+(130%INT) spell damage, has a weapon range of 9, has weapon speed of x, movement speed of 2.5, Health of 1000+(400%INT) and sight radius of 16. Note effects with collossus dont stack if you have multiple collosi.


What it does: Every time you summon something excluding zerglings, you get 1 token. Once you have x# tokens you can summon this monstrosity. You can have a max of 3 on the field at once.


Levels: Cost:50,65,80

1: 1.9 weapon speed, nearby summons deal 2x damage

2: 1.7 weapon speed, nearby summons deal 2x damage, have -25% attack speed

3: 1.5 weapon speed, nearby summons deal 2x damage, have -25% attack speed and have 50% leech.


How to use: Spawn a bunch of stuff and make sure you have enough tokens to summon this monstrosity, because of how hard it is to get, be careful with it.




Extra notes: Well we thought Marine.King was a crazy pusher. Since he is so fragile, and has little range, you have to be very careful getting last hits. Make sure your good at them!


P.S. I will write full char guide and stuff if people like this hero.

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Would removing the spell resist on them make them less powerful, so basically you can just shrapnel and kill most of them? Also is the ulti overpowered? So if i remade this hero entirely, is there any abilities that would be swapped or could stay since it was mainly based around being a defensive char, and whats more defensive then a bunch of spawns?

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Okay guys, i fixed his HP because that was basically an ultimate, I made it more of a token system and i hope you guys like it. Also i added more stuff for ultimate to give them more of a defined ultimate instead of tower defenders, they act as basically war generals for your units.

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