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1. Sorry I can't answer this because I'm not sure and I don't want confuse you.

2. A good build for Null is just stack hp+int (imo) to deal as much damage as possible in teamfights and also be tanky (because Null natural str and hp is very high compared to other int heros), so I would buy Retrofit, Ihan, Simphonic Seed, Argus, Gravity Edge, Yamato, then sell Ihan and buy Stars Fury (pretty standart build for a lot of int heros)

3. Afaik CD Reduction does not affect any kind of stack skills. (corrected by Hydra)


4. You can click on Edit, to edit your post, so you will not have to make double posts and you will be able to correct anything you missed or spelled wrong.

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items are generaly based on team comps and what the team needs, with a few core items,


standard int items are nitro , argus, ihan, grav edge, i like to get shadomourne on null as an last item personally to help take down aa carries, do your combo lock them in a force field box and aa and let the shadow do its thing


yamato isnt the best for null cause he does sustain dmg with his swords, and at lvl 16 is q will fire twice with in the ult, pretty much your doing more damage over time not burst damage like cyprus or cow

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null builds tanky int caster (obv)


ihan -> yamato/argus/gravity/nitrogen. grab an electric mantle or shrapnel if needed.


talents, i run +15 wpn dmg, +5% spell dmg, +8 armor, +12% CDR, +1.2 energy/s, +7% mvspeed


his autoattack animation is amazing, and the 15 damage and movespeed, coupled with his heroic passive make him amazing at harassing early game.

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