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Confirmed suggestions list?


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Who choses the "best" hero? Quistmann already created a thread in which he places all of the suggestions. Also, if people love the hero, it will get a lot of views. Everyone can use the most viewed button to sort the threads instead of the traditional recently updated view.


Why would it get lots of views if it's better? Don't you have to view a suggestion to tell if it is worth viewing?


People don't always compliment good hero suggestions either.

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Well how about this making a poll req for ever time some 1 makes a new hero or item ect..... that way you can get the avg of views of members that like the idea or dislike the idea alot better then baseing it just off the thread view counter, also mind you need to be log in to vote.

An you can still read the pros an cons of the people that care to post about said hero to take that into a count.

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