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[HERO] Guardian.Azadar New Powerful Caster!!!


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Name: Guardian.Azadar

Portrait: Scout/Fenix

Unit Base: Scout

Type: Caster[Hard]

Main Stat: Strength





Azadar has commanded multiple forces, and his experiences have allowed him to be very efficient in battle and gain a high rank among the protoss army. However, he was exiled when he sided with those whom administrators disagreed with. He led a rebellion with them and was stripped of his rank because he fought for what he believed. Those helped by him have never forgotten his sacrifice and now repay him by providing him with much power, willing to aid him to the death.

Starting Stats:


Strength: 26+7

Agility: 18+5

Intelligence 24+6


Health – 295

Movement Speed – 3.0

Attack Range – 5.5

Attack Speed – 1.9

Damage – 50

Armor – 0

Energy – 0









Heroic Ability: Commanding presence


Passive: Azadar calls upon help from those whom he helped and one joins him every 7 seconds. These drones fly by his side in interceptors, powered with pure energy, have 100+ (25*LVL) Health, and 35% spell resist. Only 6 can fly by his side and feed off his power at a time.


Active: Azadar sends out an emergency signal, causes his allies to rush to his aid. This adds up to 6 drones to his ranks (If you already have 6 drones, you gain no more). 35 second cooldown. 1 second cast time. This is activated using 'v'.


Drones allow Azadar to use abilities and they can be killed. The interceptors are a dull, dark blue. The active will allow you to spam you skills more often, and allow you to recover quickly if someone kills your drones. They also serve as a distracting factor: Cyprus can ulti one of your drones and you will take no damage.




Fused Discharge


Cost: 1 drone

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6; 3 charges

Range: 8


Over the course of .75 seconds, Azadar supercharges one of his drones, making it invulnerable and unstable. Azadar then has 8 seconds to direct this drone to a location; failure to do so will cause it to explode next to him dealing full damage to him and stunning him for 1.2 seconds. If the drone is sent to a location, it drills into the ground and after 1 second, it explodes, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in a 1.5-unit radius. 'q' charges them and you use 'e' to fire each drone at a location. Successive explosions deal 15% more damage if they occur within 3 seconds of each other. You can hold up to 3 of these at a time, each runs on its own timer.


Level 1: 75 (+50%INT) damage, .6 second stun

Level 2: 100(+50%INT) damage, .7 second stun

Level 3: 125(+50%INT) damage, .8 second stun

Level 4: 150(+50%INT) damage, .9 second stun


This may be difficult to land because of the second that enemies have to run away from the blast radius; however, if you are able to land one, you will likely land the other two for a 2.7 second stun (when maxed) if timed properly. Using a lockbox can pretty much guarantee a stun if you are competent. Be careful though, because if you don't send them out, they will damage and stun you. You can use this to kill yourself if times get rough. A count down should be present above the charged drones. When charged, the drones shine bright blue.




Psionic Trail


Cost: 2 drones

Cooldown: 15

Range: N/A


Azadar connects two drones to his thrusters, draining their energy and destroying them in the process. Azadar gains +6 movement speed for 2 seconds leaving a thin psionic trail behind him. During this time, Azadar has no collision radius. Enemies that touch the trail lose 75% movement and weapon speed for 1 second and allies that come in contact with the trail gain +25% movement speed for 2 seconds. The trail's width is .5 units.


Level 1: Trail lasts for 2.5 seconds

Level 2: Trail lasts for 3 seconds

Level 3: Trail lasts for 3.5 seconds

Level 4: Trail lasts for 4 seconds


You can use this like cyprus uses his blink to create a wall behind him. While enemies can pass through it they will lose massive movement speed. During a chase you can catch up and allow your allies to do the same. This is also useful during an escape. You can also use this to make it easy to land your Fused Discharge. This also works similarly to unix's sticky trail, though it is much slimmer. The drones explode after the trail animation is complete. You can use an impact dial to help you make a longer wall, but using a warp shard will cause a gap(the distance you blinked) in it.



Together We Stand


Cost: None

Cooldown: Passive

Range: Self


Azadar's drones give him bonus time scale, up to +30% time scale.

Level 1: +2% time scale per drone

Level 2: +3% time scale per drone

Level 3: +4% time scale per drone

Level 4: +5% time scale per drone


While in battle, this won't benefit you much if you use up all of your drones, but as long as you have a few by your side, you will gain this helpful boost. You heroic active, Commanding Presence, allows you to gain this boost at any time (providing its not on cooldown). Timescale doesn't stack lineraly, so the actual gained timescale is more.





Cost: 3 drones

Cooldown: 60

Range: 9


Azadar sends 3 of his drones to a target unit. The drones surround the enemy in triangular fashion, block vision and synchronize their energy to damage the target. They reduce the vision radius of the target and enemies in a 4 unit radius around it for 6 seconds and deal 150(+35%INT) damage per second to the target over a few seconds. After the duration is complete, the drones explode, each dealing 75 damage. The drones attack rate varies with Azadar's time scale.


Level 1: Vision radius reduced to 3, damaged for 3 seconds

Level 2: Vision radius reduced to 2, damaged for 4 seconds

Level 3: Vision radius reduced to 1, damaged for 5 seconds


This is very effective during ganks and fights, to prevent enemies from seeing things around them, and making them discombobulated. The single target damage is also very similar to a Cyprus ultimate, though it’s not instant. If you are dealing with a carry who has good leech, like a shadow with darwins, you will want the damage to occur as quickly as possible so he can't just out heal it. Therefore, you may use your heroic active to maximize your time scale from your e. A yamato would also be a smart pick.


Comments and suggestions?

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Well, I like it, very similar to vorpal with the drones required for spell casts. The Q seems like it would be hilarious, but I have one question, couldn't you just spam cast it and surround an enemy and put one in the middle, would work like the reaper D-8 Charge, or is there a slight cooldown to shooting them, and if so, wouldn't that need to add time to the detonation time when still on him equal to the slight cooldown?


One quick note for you to edit, the heroic passive/active is reversed, you have active where passive should be and vice versa.


I think the drones should do a little damage, kinda like how vorpal used to work, maybe make them deal a portion of his weapon damage, almost like Alpha's zlings, but much tankier and less likely to be killed. The fact that they have that much spell resist almost makes it seem as if you should just up the amount to 100%, making them only killable by AA, which, speaking of, he would be soooo obnoxious to try to auto attack, but if this was the case, maybe not go with the other suggestion i gave to you in this paragraph.


I really like the speed boost and the passive together, it would be pretty fun. But just to clarify, the passive is the old time scale right? Not the new cooldown reduction, correct?


And finally, about the ultimate, is it damage per second PER drone? or just damage per second? Because it seems like that would make sense for it being an ultimate, and the explosion damage, but make it removable by debuff immunity, making some good counters (ie balrog).


Overall, I like it, it seems like a good combo between cyprus and vorpal, building caster would be a better idea I would say, but its all up to whoever plays him.

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This hero scales so much on STR. He scales slightly to well with INT (3 charges on Q ability right? if you hit all it is 450+225%int [another 250% from final altho harder to hit which seems basicly like a better version of tracking mine) Not to mention his STR: +9 is so much for STR. This makes him good to be a tank. At full level thats +180 STR.

How long does the psionic trail left behind him last? Two seconds?


P.S. I suggest you have your drones have an Hp Regen of +3, so that if an enemy does damage them (i.e.) Seismic Wave, it probably won't kill the drones but leave them super low Hp, making a next seismic wave to kill them all.

Does the final auto-stick to the person? That seems over powered.

This hero would also be strong as an AA. Get: FoE, Pyre, Starfury, Argus, Darwins, Yamato Reactor. You got yourself some good base AA damage (Yamato and passive timescale). You could also change dawrins for Masamune too. Killer timescale AA. And you would still have good Spell damage.

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@Quistmann. I knew something looked wrong, thanks.


@Itsthatguy. Yeah, I lowered his base stats scaling since it was too high. His q, I want to have the damage that it does since, besides his ulti, its his only source of damage and he is a caster. The trail duration scales with the level. I'll consider adding health regen or something like that. Why do you think the ultimate is overpowered? Yes, it auto sticks to the target. I doubt he would be a very good AA hero, since all carries could out carry him.


@Baggins. I probably need to increase the cooldown on his q. You can shoot them instantly after each other, but you can only charge them up to shoot them when not on cooldown. I'm not sure if I answered your question. Thanks for the catch with active/passive. The boost he gains from his e is the current time scale which is the old time. Because of this, I don't want to make them do damage, adding time is good enough. The ultimate is damage per second, not per second per drone. I don't know if debuff immunity should remove it, or just suppress the damage/vision reduction while immune.


@thomulf. Thats a good idea, but then this should probably be a carrier. Scouts are so much sexier. I think I'll just give the drones a nice attack animation.


@Ben. The damage is not per drone.

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Any hero with range can basicly be an AA. AA raynor is pretty good if you could just get past the fact you have No hp or armor. This hero has high hp, and range.

His ultimate seems overpowered because it scales with 250% Int (and sure hit). with 500 Int which is easily possible, you could get a devestating final going and you would still be a godly tank, and 1 Pyre would make you very strong too.

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You should make the drones interceptors, even though he works similarly to vorpal. Interceptors would look more unique imo.


Also timescale stacks multiplicatively afaik. Your E would give 34% timescale at max charges/levels.


The ult seems a little bit weak considering that shadow's ult blinds an entire team, whereas this ult only seems to be good when the target isn't near an ally. He would work well with maar, and shadow + this guy + maar would be a nightmare, but still, the damage seems like the best part of it.

Speaking of which, the scaling is extremely high (250% INT). Combined with his Q, his total scaling is 475% INT if you can land everything. This is a lot more than what most casters can put out, and this hero is also good at supporting his teammates with stuns and movespeed changes.

Cyprus is crying right now as he only has, what, 250% INT or so scaling? With 500 INT + Yamato + Argus + Sunflare, this hero can do thousands of spell damage with two skills.


Also, the Q is a little much. A 4.5 second stunlock not only doesn't fit this character's damage type (pseudo-bursty, his only damage ability outside of a targeted ult with 9 range is his Q, which is used for the stunlock... He only needs to cast his ult on someone while stunlocking them, and doesn't benefit from a stunlock like a sustained damage-dealer would), but also provides a ton of support to his team, despite having high damage. He can also keep a team stunlocked. This is an AoE stun that's better than Tosh's single-target stun. Please no, we do not need power creep.



Also, the hero has a range of 6... and has a 75% slow. This means he can kite pretty much anything. So the only way to combat this would be adding even more blinks and jumps, making missile-using heroes like Cain extremely sad. Melee heroes without easy kiting like Balrog and Tass are going to be made completely useless.

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@ Itsthatguy. Of course you can build any hero as an AA, but they doesn't mean its a good idea. For example a caster cow is > full aa cow. Of course you can grab a pyre and stars fury later if you need it, but you are primarily a caster and are more effective that way.


@FruitNinja. Interceptors are a maybe, I'm still thinking about that one. Yes time scale does stack in a non-linear way. I changed some values while you were writing this post/ after I read you post, so tell me what you think. Changes I remember are lowered scaling on his Q and R, shorter stun on Q, Successive hits from Q deal more damage, range reduced to 5.5, Cooldowns of Q and E increased, Radius of stun on Q decreased.

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@ residente. Why thank you. And yeah I got the idea of it exploding on him from Alchemist.


@ thomulf. Your post is fine. But this won't be an air hero. This terrain is just not ready for air heroes.


It could be very nice, you are running from enemies, with less than 100 hp, and you activate the Q they cant cath you and boom! You kill yourself


PS: when one hero kill himself should grant 0 assist to enemies Zzzzzz

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Well Reasons why he could be good AA Hero:

High Range

High Stats

Abilities qualify for AA. (+Movement speed ability, and timescale which will increase your Attack speed Cap.)

Although with the stats toned down with the balanced. I have to say that you will now have to sacrifice some of AA items for the HP and STR items (and caster items).

I do have to say I like the hero tho. He can be builded so many different ways (with exception of being a tank. He doesn't really have tank traits.)

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