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[Hero] Troxin.Troller


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-Hero Created

- Lowered STR scaling by 1, but increased starting STR by 1

- Lowered INT//AGI scaling by 1 and base starting by 3 (They were to high, making him gain high base stats from all, besides just one, or two, as mostly all heroes have 2 strong stats and one weak stat.)

- Fixed an error on final [i labeled it only working on enemies, when it is suppose to work on ANY unit besides massive units [bosses].

- Slightly changed Alternate universe from: 1.75//2.//2.25//2.5 to 1.6//1.9//2.2//2.5 (Make it slightly more useful leveling it up).

- Change name on Alternate universe to Alternate Trolling Universe.


Name: Troxin.Troller

Portrait: Archon

Unit Base: Infested Archon

Type: STR [Troller, Support, Harasser, Tank]

Script: A Special hero that has destroyed his enemies by trolling them to death. Warning: He has killed his enemies by making them RQ to death... Win.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [300]

Movement Speed [3]

Attack Range [4]

Attack Speed [2]

Base Damage [41]

Base Armor [3]

Strength – [34] + [7]

Agility – [22] + [5]

Intelligence – [22] + [5]







Heroic Passive: Trolling in Survival [W]

"When Troxin Troller is below 10% his maximum hp, he gains 70% Damage Resistance and Debuff Immunity. In addition, using this ability will cause Troxin's [Q] back to it's former self."



Effect: Barely survive with 1 Hp! What is more trolling than that. Since it is damage resistance it also reduces damage taken from true damage. You counter this with brute force or trying to get Troxin to 11% Max Hp before bursting him down with an ability like Fist of Gaia. XD




Ability One: Troll Copier [Q]

"Troxin Troller copies an enemy's ability. He can remove this ability by the hotkey [W] (Active passive). Upon copying an ability, Troxin will have a short Cooldown for a short duration before he can use the ability (for how long the Cooldown of the ability is on troll copier) The copy will also copy the energy cost and cooldown and range and even the name."

Energy Cost: 50

Cooldown: 20//15//10//5

Range: 4//6//8//10


Level 1: Copy a Hero's [Q] Ability as level 1.

Level 2: Copy a Hero's [Q] Ability as level 2.

Level 3: Copy a Hero's [Q] Ability as level 3.

Level 4: Copy a Hero's [Q] Ability as level 4.


Effect: Does boros counter you with Spell Storm? Then counter him... With spell storm... LOL




Ability Two: Trolling Evasion [Passive]

"Every couple of seconds, Troxin Troller and his allies in a 10-unit Radius will become cloaked for a very short duration with detection immunity. [Reveal//stuns will bypass detection immunity//cloak]"

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: 4.5//4//3.5//3

Range: 10


Level 1: Gain cloaking and detection immunity for 0.2 seconds every 4.5 seconds.

Level 2: Gain cloaking and detection immunity for 0.3 seconds every 4 seconds.

Level 3: Gain cloaking and detection immunity for 0.4 seconds every 3.5 seconds.

Level 4: Gain cloaking and detection immunity for 0.5 seconds every 3 seconds.


Effect: This is like an annoying version of Rancor's Cloaking field when it use to cloak allies, and the ally would constantly AA during it, cloaking and decloaking constantly xD. Poor enemies that require channeling...

While evasion is removed, this is similar to evasion :D without applying it.



Ability Three: Alternate Trolling Universe [E]

"Troxin sees what the world would be like if it was an alternate universe, in this new universe, the targeted enemy is 1 unit in front of Troxin. Troxin although can not hold this awesome power very long, causing the targeted enemy to teleport back to the area where he teleported by the ability in the first place. Takes 1 second to channel."

Energy Cost: 85//110//135//160

Cooldown: 27//24//21//18

Range: 7//8//9//10


Level 1: Enemy teleports ontop of Troxin for 1.6 second before teleporting back.

Level 2: Enemy teleports ontop of Troxin for 1.9 second before teleporting back.

Level 3: Enemy teleports ontop of Troxin for 2.2 second before teleporting back.

Level 4: Enemy teleports ontop of Troxin for 2.5 second before teleporting back.


Effect: A very annoying move. As you get pulled basicly twice. First on top of Troxin... and second time, back to where you first got pulled (which if the enemy team is at could be devestating) I feel bad for the raynor that gets picked off. Not to mention this could massive counter teleports. (Pull cyprus, cyprus close to you and u attack him, if he teleports away, you can easily chase him as he gets pulled back to the place where he first got pulled, just gotta react fast). This ability would so win with Lockbox. Basicly stuck in an area for 4 - 5 seconds.




Ultimate Ability: Ultimate Troll [R]

"Troxin can clone ALL units in a targeted location. Cloned targets will have the target's Name and current Hp and color (Meaning if I have troxin (Red) and final - Fruit Ninja (Blue) as tassy, I will have a Tassy clone, with the label Fruit Ninja and will be color blue too). Clones do not proc items uniques, although will have an Inventory (with the items so they look like the real deal). Clones deal only a fraction of the standard physical damage they deal, and proc their Heroic passives. Doesn't work on Massive Units [bosses]."

Energy Cost: 280//400//520

Cooldown: 130//120//110

Range: 6//9//12


Level 1: Clones lasts 20 seconds and take 400% Damage from all sources. Clones will deal 10% Physical//Spell//True damage and do not proc items uniques. Clone all allies//enemies in an AoE 2 unit Radius.

Level 2: Clones lasts 30 seconds and take 300% Damage from all sources. Clones will deal 15% Physical//Spell//True damage and do not proc items uniques. Clone all allies//enemies in an AoE 2.5 unit Radius.

Level 3: Clones lasts 40 seconds and take 200% Damage from all sources. Clones will deal 20% Physical//Spell//True damage and do not proc items uniques. Clone all allies//enemies in an AoE 3 unit Radius.


Effect: A bandit's Artifice for the entire team. You could really screw the enemy up, by making it look like your team is real, and they waste all their abilities on the fakes. Not to mention you can make them look like they are fakes, but actually the real deal, causing them to not be ready and be caught off guard. This would piss people off. :D You may think: Why spell and true damgae lowered too if no item procs? Note that HP have spell damage for some like Micro, or Boros and Grunty has true damage shotgawn.




Additional Information

Suggested Builds (many different ones work): Small Halldron Collider, Barb Armor, Darwins Might, HoM, Organic Carapace, Arcbound Ravager.

This build would provide you with

1) Teleport and Hp

2) You can tank fairly well especially at 10%, when you barely take damage but they do

3) Darwins might: Give you leech, with 70% damage reisstance and debuff immunity, you can't be stopped by axe, and leech is much more useful since you won't be damaged

4) HoM: More leech, good damage, high attack speed.

5) Organic Carapace: Hp Hp Hp, some attack from STR too. Good regen out of battle.

6) Arcbound : Gives you movement speed, and importantly, attakc speed, with some Crit.



Closing statement

Thanks for reading. This would be a fun hero to go xD. Although a lot of RQ... This hero seems like it would be OP and a good IH hero.

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I likes!

Q sounds quite interesting.

W- Sorry, no cloak immunity. Please, the level of trolling is too damn high.

E- Epic. lol

R- The hallucinations would also need to be much weaker to damage, like take 200% damage or something along those lines.


He doesn't have many damage abilities... but he doesn't need to deal damage with all this utility. A STR caster.... interesting...


Do you actually have an infested archon model hidden away somewhere? map developers can't just pull models out of thin air you know.

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Its a hero i posted because i like to troll in some games, and i wanted to try making a trolly hero.

W- Sorry, no cloak immunity. Please, the level of trolling is too damn high.


but the cloakiing (detection immunity) is so short, even if it is annoying as balls. It is useless if anyone buys True sight if there was no detection immunity. Boundary scanner//death mark//tracking mine also counter it :P.

This makes it like evasion without actually making it evasion. Also, AoE abilities still damage :P.


This hero would really make you feel the troll :P. Especially his Heroic passive early game when bursting isn't as strong.

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W replacement:


Ability Two: Trolling Evasion [Passive]

"Every 6 seconds or whenever Troxin Troller uses an ability, Troxin Troller kicks up a cloud of dust that cloaks allies underneath it. Enemies outside the cloud cannot see into the cloud."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: 6

Range: Cloud has radius 5


Level 1: Cloud lasts for 1 second.

Level 2: Cloud lasts for 1.5 seconds.

Level 3: Cloud lasts for 2 seconds.

Level 4: Cloud lasts for 2.5 seconds.




Could just take Archon model and attach infestation models from infested huts and neural parasite models or w.e. to make it.

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