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New player Reporting IN.


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My name is Hugo, 26y old portuguese gamer and i'm a former League of Legends player (played for +2 years) i also played World of Warcraft (5years or so before playing LoL).


I just found out (today) about this mode in Sc2 and it's perfect for me. Sc2+LoL, i take it! :D

So i'm looking for people to play with and learn more about the game, since i have a lot more fun playing with friends/premades.

Hopefully i'll find someone to help me improve (i'm very competitive btw) and maybe later join some clan for wars.


"Bring me some Macro to match my beastly Micro".


Cya Around!



IGN: Zilash

Code: 427

Feel free to invite for games or chat.

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On LoL there was a champ (Gangplank) that could also deny creeps. Before his ability was modified.

Easy peasy. :)


I'm actually playing dota, and i feel it very hard compared to AoS, i never plaeyd LoL, but i saw a lot of vids on youtube, and i know a bit about the items, and it seems to easy and nice even with that cartoon graphics (who dont affect the gameplay :P)

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I never tried Dota myself but comparing LoL with AoS (only with 1 game tho), i feel like CS'ing (Killing/Farming creeps) is easier on LoL then it is on AoS specially under a turret.

But that propably comes with practice and it will depend on the champ, i guess.

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Hi, welcome to the forums, I'm your friendly African mod, if there is anything you need help with here, let me know! Happy posting and gaming!

stop flirting with the new users!! Diipa will be jealous!!!


And welcome to the community Zilash!! Be around Aeon of storms channel in sc2!! :))

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