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[Item] : Corruptive Gaze


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Corruptive Gaze



  • Eye of Duran: 1675
  • +4 Health Regen
  • +18 Weapon Damage
  • +18% Lifesteal
  • [Active] Warp in a Duran's Eye to scout the area for 120 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

  • Executioner's Axe: 2400
  • +30 Strength
  • +30 Agility
  • [unique] Your attacks reduce Healing on the target by 80% for 4 seconds.

Corruptive Gaze: 4500

+5 Health Regen

+20 Weapon Damage

+35 Stength

+35 Agility

+20% Lifesteal


[Active] Warp in a Duran's Corruptor to scout the area for 180 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown. Duran's Corruptor can attack with [level*5] weapon damage, has spell immunity, has 250 + [level*10] health, and has several abilities:

Corruptive Curse: Reduce healing on the target by 80% for 8 seconds.

Corrosive Curse: Increase damage on the target by 30% for 8 seconds

Concussive Curse: Reduce movement speed on the target by 30% for 8 seconds.

All abilities have a 30 seconds cool down, and you can only have one Duran's Corruptor at once. Ability cooldowns carry through making a new corruptor.

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You forgot the 18% Lifesteal part of Eye of Duran.




All abilities have a 30 seconds cool down, and are not refreshed by spawning another corruptor.


I would change this to be "You may only have one Duran's Corruptor at a time".


What are the stats, health-wise, on the D.C.? D.E. has 200 health and Spell Immunity, so... 500 Health and Spell Immunity?

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I think this would be OP as tits

Note: Caster bursters could easily take out a single enemy then easily. Raynor himself can actuall deal 1000+65% Current Hp as spell damge with a sunflare gun, with Corrosive Curse.

Note: -30% Movement speed for 8 seconds is a fairly long time. Stacking with Nitrogen//FoE, you could be screwed.

Note: Executioner axe is much better than the ability, as all you need to do is AA instead of use an ability that requires aim, and has a long cooldown.

It is just something I don't fancy.


This item is just completely random. As it is basicly the same effect, except adding a crap load of abilities on it.


I don't think an item who requires micro and 3 skills will be welcomed


I have to seriously agree with this. A hero who can AA the item easily, especially with long range, has a major advantage vs countering this item. If you don't get this item, you are short 3 abilities which cover mutiple different items like Argus//FoE// and Executioner axe.

It seems like your trying to jam up a ton of different effects into one item. Shadowmourne had this similarity since it proced items making it a major problem (and still, altho not as much) a problem. Although shadowmourne has one fixed goal, unlike this one, as it seems kinda random.

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