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Eye of duran maar counter


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I was playing against maar the other day, and noticed that his q is very annoying.


I then realised that there are not many counters to it (in regards to built into an item counters not consumables).


On top of that the talents got reworked so I no longer get the +3 sight which is useful in partially countering it.


So I thought eye of duran could offer some kind of sight bonus, maybe +3 or something?


It also would make eye of duran a slightly more useful item as it is already a underused item, so more people may buy it.



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When a new item comes up, it would be nice if Duran's Eye was a componet. One reason no one gets it, is that it doesn't build into something useful, making it kinda a waste of money.

agreed, I think keep EOD the same, but make it build into a utility item that OP was talking about, something that gave more range or some shap. its just not even close to viable late game, and doesn't provide THAT much of a boost early game.

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