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As to some game mechanics and forum vocabulary.

1. Does armor work on a curve? or is it possible to have 100% resist?

2.What does "carry" mean? Does it refer to an auto-attack focused hero? or the strongest hero on the team?

1) No it is not. Or else you would have 100% physical resistance at 34 armor.

2) I think carry means the Hero that leads a team into a battle and the leader of the team, a hero who pulls the team up and deals the most damage to the enemy.

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I'm pretty sure you meant, "Yes, armor does work on a curve"... Because if it was a straight line/linear equation THEN at 34 armor you would have 100% resist. But on a curve having it go to infinity, it would get closer and closer to 100% resist but never would reach it.


Here's the graph of the old v4.0 armor when stats were much higher and this equation was used total damage = (damage)*0.9995^(armor)



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