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[Hero] Temple - Dark.Mage


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- Hero Created


- Slightly added more detail in effects in some spells

- Slightly buffed Heroic Passive[Active] from 10% timescale for 20 secs to 12% timescale for 25 seconds.


-Buffed Energy Curse slightly, increasing lose of movement speed by 5%// decreased cooldown by 2 second all levels.

Name: Dark.Mage

Portrait: Female Infested Civilian

Unit Base: Female Infested Civilian

Type: INT//Caster//Support//Summoner

Script: A Dark Mage that uses her dark magic to curse her foes and use debuffs to damage them.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [300]

Movement Speed [2.7]

Attack Range [1.25]

Attack Speed [2]

Base Damage [41]

Base Armor [1]

Strength – [27] + [6]

Agility – [14] + [3]

Intelligence – [32] + [7]


Note: Dark Mage's Minion's are broodlings. Also, I don't really remember the names of the abilities of most of Dark.Mage's abilities, (made name up) although i remember their effects.





Heroic Passive: Ensnare [Heroic Active] [Q]

"Dark Mage (0.5 sec channel) has the ability to apply a green slim on enemies in causing them to lose timescale for 20 seconds. Apply Slim in an AoE of 2 unit Radius and will reveal cloaked units."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: 45

Range: 8

Effects: Lasts 25 seconds. Loses 12% Timescale

Effect: Slim projectile moves at a rate of 15 units per second Slightly lowers enemies Cooldowns, speed and attack speed. Rather annoying and lasts a long time.




Ability One: Dark Orb [Passive]

"Dark Mage summons a Dark Orb 5 seconds after it has been destroyed. Dark Orb has 200+10*lv Hp per level. Dark Orb has mutiple abilities itself (must click on only dark orb to cast them). Dark orb has 2000 max energy with an Energy regen of 10. Starts with 500 Energy. Max 1 Orb. Orb has an ability that can destroy himself. "

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: Self

Range: Self


Level 1: Dark Orb Gains Mind Control (Control a non-heroic//non-massive for 10 seconds) Energy: 250 [CD:2]

Level 2: Dark Orb Gains MaelStorm (Temporarily Disables enemy movement speed and attack speed for 2 seconds in a AoE 1 unit Radius. Takes 0.5 seconds to channel and Range is 8) Energy cost: 650 (CD:6)

Level 3: Dark Orb Gains Energy Warp (Deals True damage and lose energy equal to 10% Target's Current Energy and silencing target for 1 second. Range: 10) Energy Cost: 550 (CD: 6)

Level 4: Dark Orb Gains Bomb Swarm (Destroys Orb, but stuns enemies in an AoE 3 unit radius from Dark Orb for 1 second and spawn 4 Minions, lasting 20 seconds each dealing 15[+5% INT] spell damage per second)


Effect: Dark orb is a similar to a Dark Archon unit. This summon has many abilities that can be used to help Dark Mage's engagements. Destroy this orb will cripple her useful utilities. Orb has movement speed of 3




Ability Two: Alliance Curse

"Dark Mage curses her enemies in an AoE 5 unit radius after 3 seconds of casting it (animation effects show casting), causing their attacks to act weirdly. Targets hit will cause your allies to become neutral unit to him, disabling the person normal attack and will be force to attack using A+Click (called force attack) on foe. Enemies will have to use Force attack every so often, as they will stop attacking their current target every 2 seconds. Curse will temporarily reduce the targets' Spell Damage. Upon using this ability, Dark Mage can not use Energy Curse or Swarm Curse for 3 seconds."

Energy Cost:80//100//120//140

Cooldown: 35

Range: 5


Level 1: Lasts 4 seconds. -15% Spell Damage

Level 2: Lasts 6 seconds. -20% Spell Damage

Level 3: Lasts 8 seconds. -25% Spell Damage

Level 4: Lasts 10 seconds. -30% Spell Damage


Effect: This ability cripplies enemies. This ability will not render an AA useless, but will make the AA have to forcible attack the enemy every few seconds, and use to skills to damage his foes. Also slightly cripples casters. (Note: This ability would work wonderfully with a Shadow on your team.) In temple siege this hero made you ally her if you got cursed and it lasted a LONG time with no CD. Some heroes couldn't force attack either making it difficult to survive if surrounded (if not impossible). Since abilities in SCI called for creating units temporarily before destroying them, you had to Force attack with your Abilities too [if possible] (Evil!).




Ability Three: Energy Curse

"Dark Mage temporarily becomes untargetable for 2 seconds. During this, she will charge up her ability. After 2 seconds enemies in an AoE 5 will be applied an energy curse debuff, temporarily causing them to lose movement speed and energy for 5 seconds. Upon using this ability, Dark mage can not cast Alliance Curse or Swarm Curse for 2 seconds."

Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 21//18//15//12

Range: 4


Level 1: Enemy loses 40% Movement Speed and lose energy equal to 2% Dark Mage's Current energy per second.

Level 2: Enemy loses 45% Movement Speed and lose energy equal to 3% Dark Mage's Current energy per second.

Level 3: Enemy loses 50% Movement Speed and lose energy equal to 4% Dark Mage's Current energy per second.

Level 4: Enemy loses 55% Movement Speed and lose energy equal to 5% Dark Mage's Current energy per second.


Effect: When she is untargetable. You can't target an ability specificly on her, or A-Click her. You can, tell your hero to AA randomly enemies in your path to attack her, or use AoE abilities to damage her. This ability is good for slowing enemies down and also causing them to lose energy, disabling primarily lower energy holders ability to cast energy. (Kenetic battery would become much more useful if this ability was installed).




Ultimate Ability: Swarm Curse

"Dark Mage temporarily slows enemies that are within a 4 unit Radius for 3 seconds by 25% (If you walk out of radius, you will no longer be slowed). After 3 seconds, enemies in a 4 unit Radius will be cursed by the swarm. The enemy will then spawn 1 Minion every 0.5 seconds starting with behind him (if space) behind him for 15 seconds. Each Minion lasts 10 seconds. Minions will stop spawning if there is no where for the minion to spawn on the enemy in Melee range. Each minioin can start moving and attacking after 0.5 seconds and take up 1 unit space. In addition, each minion that dies will restore 1% of Dark Mage's Max Energy and Hp if she is within 5 unit radius of the minion upon death. Upon using this ability, Dark mage can not cast Alliance Curse or Energy Curse. Minions deal 50% Damage to towers. Debuff immunity doesn't remove this."

Energy Cost: 300//450//600

Cooldown: 60//50//40

Range: 4


Level 1: Each Minion has 60 [+ 2% Dark Mage's Max Hp] Hp. Has a Movement Speed of 2.8 and Attack Speed of 1 Deals 5[+5%int] Spell Damage per attack.

Level 2: Each Minion has 80 [+ 3% Dark Mage's Max Hp] Hp. Has a Movement Speed of 3 and Attack Speed of 1 Deals 10[+5%int] Spell Damage per attack.

Level 3: Each Minion has 100 [+ 4% Dark Mage's Max Hp] Hp. Has a Movement Speed of 3.2 and Attack Speed of 1 Deals 15[+5%int] Spell Damage per attack.


Effect: This ability is similar to biotron's final except that limited amount of units can attack the target, it does not slow, deals spell damage, summons have low hp, and spawn on the enemy instead. A Maximum of 8 units can be attacking the target (4 sides and 4 corners). Minions are melee range (Range: 0.5) and have no spell resistance. If the enemy has 8 minions surrounding him, minions will stop spawning (no place for melee range to spawn). [Can spawn up to 30 minions in worst case scenario] The debuff on the enemy will be removed and her minions will die if Dark Mage is killed.




Additional Information

Suggested Items: Nitrogen Retrofit, Argus Crystal, Yamato Reactor, Lock Box, Small Hallidron Collider, Coat of Arms.


This hero can be countered by using AoE, but unforchantely, you must have constant AoE to kill the minions. Nitrogen would help slow, Small hallidron collider would be good to teleport right before ability effect comes in place. CoA would increase final damage, yamato and argus increase damage, and lockbox would also be useful in engaging a single enemy with final//other abilities.

Note: This hero can be devestating to deal with if you are: Alliance Cursed, energy Cursed, and Swarm Cursed all at once, as you are slowed so minions can surround you, the minions are neutrals so you must forcable A-Click them to escape [Although they spawn fast], and Energy could become a problem too.


Beware: Multiple heroes getting hit by the final could cause devestating results in a massive minion problem.


Closing statement

Thanks for reading.

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Worth playing every game, just to troll all the boros players who won't be able to ult me.

Well spell storm would remove it. But Swarm curse would make random bounces Hell. :P (Of crouse the spell storm would like kill the minions nearly every second, but since they keep spawning... still random bouncing.

Be bad if you bounced randomly and u stopped in the middle of a minion army xD

Her orb was VERY useful since All stun abilities in temple siege actually only immobolized target, enemy could use abilities and could use Force attack. Her Dark Orb on the other hand could store energy for chain stuns (had no cd) and it disabled force attacks the hero. the only thing avaliable was to cast an ability (and her alliance curse would make it hard to kill her then.)

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