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AoS Strategys and Laning ideas


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Imo there is a big problem with AoS atm. (Well one of the few big problems) the game is supposed to hve a very high skill cap level and lately i havent been seeing very much strategy in IH games and Pub games alike. i really think that some really basic and obvious things like warding rune spots and enemy jungle havent been happening alot even though they can be extremly useful. and in the laning combos most people in AoS like to keep the traditional 2-1-2 combo (2 long lane 1 mid 2 Short lane) sure its a very useful combo but in the end there could be way better combos such as a 3 1 1 could be way better. you would put a hard carry (Shade nova crackling...) with 2 heavy supports. the supports would fend off the other 2 while the carry would get almost free farm. then there would be a solo mid and a solo short lane (which is almost the same as a solo mid but better since their is more space to chase). This would enable 3 (yes 3!) carrys to get farm! top lane mid and bot would all be getting exp and gold (although short lane could have problems 2v1ing so he would have to have fast attack animation) . this simple combo would practically give your team 3 early advantages all while keeping your lanes safe. and your supports could gank mid and bot without fear of getting pushed. this is even more important because of no more teleports. And thats just one. heres another


2 2 1 :

2 long lane 2 mid and 1 short. 1 tank and a support top 1 non level dependant carry and 1 support mid and 1 tower pusher bot.

This will allow your team to dominate mid and your carry to get free farm and be able to gank without fears of losing tower. it might damage bot but if you have a strong pusher bot then your tower should be fine. this would allow your carry to carry your entire team and get some free farm.


2 1 (1) 1:

This build would only work with heros that have a lifesteal like barlog or crackling but it would give them a big boost early on. and they could always gank short lane and allow their bot to push. Would someone do a guide on jungling it would be really useful and alot of people would like to know how to jungle.


There are many more but ive listed the biggest ones and theres always this one!


0 5 0!!! TROLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOL all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Only to be used in a case of last resort)



Anyway lets get on to stratgey :

WARDING : This is what kinda pisses me off atm in Ih's and pub that people cant spent 75 minerals for the most important thing : MAP CONTROL!!! this is a very important thing that will win you the game. if you know where your enemy is then you know if you can kill them or not, you know if their are alone or with a teammate, you know where the runes are when theyll appear! it is the most useful thing EVER. you can also know if their in your jungle and you can pick them off. there are countless things that wards can do for you and your team.


Well im gonna end it there for now il continue this guide soon but feel free to respond!

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The strategies you brought up - while core to most ARTS games - became lost in application because there was no longer a need to utilize them to win, given the map changes. Add to the fact that the players who actively applied them all left and the newer community has yet to develop this basic level of strategic innovation.

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And i am trying to revive this strategic play i belive it will make AoS rise to a whole new level in its IH and pub play, Why pub you ask? well everyone who plays and reads about it will do it in pubs and then it will spread just like getting aeon at 2:20 was made in mumble and now i see it all over the pub's as people try to copy others.

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As far as NA ih goes we use and have used all of those lane comps(except maybe the 0-5-0). The most common of those being the 2-1-2 and the 2-1-1-jungle. The other lanes such as a 3-1-1 or 2-2-1 have much more of a risk/reward feel to them so most people would rather not use them.


P.s Crazy and I have used are 2-2-1 with Rancor-Raynor mid in ih 5 times and are 5/0 so it seems to work very well. Really throse of the other team if they sent a carry mid.

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in IH we ward like a mofo on NA , i generally buy 10+ threw out the game easily , we ward rune creeps we ward our jungle, we ward there jungle we ward aeon / levi,


and lane comps we use 1-1-2 normally with a jungle/ roaming gank we use this more often then 2-1-2 , also several times in pubs i have used 0-5-0 and push down mid tower then we as a group gank a lane and get a hero kill and push down another tower, then we push down the last tier 1 tower then split

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