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- Revamp on a previous hero idea i had posted on the old forums.




Name: BigBoy.Johnny

Unit Base: Odin

Unit Portrait: Odin

Type: ranged tank

Script: Johnny BigBoy is the proud owner of BigBoy Dump INC. It is there that the governtment retires unusable and broken vehicles. Johnny takes these peices of trash and dispossess of them securely. After the events where Raynore used the Dominions odin in the mission Midea Blitz they left the broken Odin husk on the planet during their retreat. Thought the odin proect was a success the dominion was forced to turn over the so called useless husk to Johnny for disposal. Johnny immediately saw past the broken husk that he was given to destroy to the glory of what the machine could be. Disobeying orders Johnney hid the odin husk and rebuilt it with his own touches. In awe of his creation Johnny took his creation off world and to the Sanctum to put The odin through its paces.


Starting Stats:Base

Health [300]

Movement Speed [2.75]

Attack Range [4.5]

Attack Speed [2.2]

Base Damage [40]

Base Armor [2]

Strength – [40] + [7]

Agility – [20] + [3]

Intelligence – [28] + [4]






Heroic Active: Odin BigBoy

Johnnys Odin walker was rebuild tough and heavy, so heavy infact that nothing can stand it its way. Johnny is not affected by movement speed buffs or debuffs and all stun and knock up durations are reduced by half.

Energy Cost: passive

Cooldown: passive

Range: self






Ability One: Impact Shot

Johnny Loads his odins Arm cannons with Impact shots that cause his next auto attack to deal additional dmg and push the target back.

Energy Cost: 60/70/80/90

Cooldown: 12

Range: 4.5

Level 1: Next auto attack deals an additional 75(+50%int) spell dmg and pushes the target back 3 units.

Level 2: Next auto attack deals an additional 125(+50%int) spell dmg and pushes the target back 4 units.

Level 3: Next auto attack deals an additional 175(+50%int) spell dmg and pushes the target back 5 units.

Level 4: Next auto attack deals an additional 225(+50%int) spell dmg and pushes the target back 6 units.






Ability two: Heavy Stepper

By just using a little extra force Johnny can make his odins steps to hit the ground so hard they create small earthquakes. These quakes cause enemies in a 5 unit radius around to be stunned for .5 seconds and take spell dmg.

Energy Cost: 50

Cooldown: 5/4/3/2

Range: 4

Level 1: deals 50(+50%int) dmg

Level 2: deals 75(+50%int) dmg

Level 3: deals 100(+50%int) dmg

Level 4: deals 125(+50%int) dmg






Ability Three: Pit Crew

Johnny summons a pit crew of SCV's to heal his odin walker. Each scv heals for .25% of his total health per second, have 100% spell and true dmg resist, have 50 hp, and last for 10 seconds at all levels.

Energy Cost: 100/120/140/160

Cooldown: 25

Range: self

Level 1: summons 2 scv's

Level 2: summons 3 scv's

Level 3: summons 4 scv's

Level 4: summons 5 scv's






Ultimate Ability: Odin-Immortal

Unwilling to let his mighty creation be destroyed, Johnny has implimented a final failsafe to keep the Odin from being taken down. Upon taking fatal dmg Johnny's Odin sends out nanobots to quickly repair the Odin walker healing an inital amount of dmg as well as giving him increased regeneration for 5 seconds. During the 5 seconds that Johnny is repairing himself he gains dmg resist but cannot take any actions. After the 5 seconds Johnny will be able to take actions again and regenerate additional health over another 5 second duration.

Energy Cost: 150/200/250 (passive)

Cooldown: 180

Range: self

Level 1: gains 25% dmg resist, and heals for 400(+100%str) initial hp and 50% of his maximum hp over 5 seconds, then 20% of his maximum health over 5 seconds.

Level 2: gains 35% dmg resist, and heals for 800(+100%str) initial hp and 60% of his maximum hp over 5 seconds, then 25% of his maximum health over 5 seconds.

Level 3: gains 45% dmg resist, and heals for 1200(+100%str) initial hp and 70% of his maximum hp over 5 seconds then 30% of his maximum health over 5 seconds.



Note:alhough Odin-Immortal is a passive ability and will activate on its own it costs energy so make sure u have some if your about to die or your out of luck.


Additional Information

Johnny is a tank to make other tanks look like shap :D warp shard or impact dial would be imperative on him as his mobility isnt that great. building him pure tank with maybe an ihan and a nitrogen, possibably even an argus for more dmg as his w is very spammy with 50% scaling, would be the best way to build him.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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