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[Hero] Temple.Medic


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- Hero Created

Changed Final Scaling to more with INT and less with Max Hp.

Another Temple Siege Hero.


Name: Temple.Medic

Portrait: Female.Ghost

Unit Base: Female.Ghost

Type: Healer//Support (Part AA)

Script: A Medic in the temple Siege wars greatly assisting allies and disabling foes. Weak by herself, she greatly protects her allies in battle.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [250]

Movement Speed [2.8]

Attack Range [6]

Attack Speed [1.9]

Base Damage [46]

Base Armor [1]

Strength – [23] + [5]

Agility – [23] + [5]

Intelligence – [31] + [7]







Heroic Passive: Healing Aura

"Allies in a 15 Unit Radius will heal 10% more effectively. (Increases healing by 10%)"



Effect: A Good passive for healing. Note this increases ALL healing, like mandrake's final, egon's salv, or even Hp Regen. (Includes Leech).




Ability One: Healing Aid

"Temple Medic uses her healing add to cause allies in a 2 Unit Radius to gain Hp over time, and debuff immunity for half the the duration."

Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 30//25//20//15

Range: 8


Level 1: Heals 15[+10%int] per second for 4 seconds. Debuff immunity for 2 seconds.

Level 2: Heals 20[+10%int] per second for 6 seconds. Debuff immunity for 3 seconds.

Level 3: Heals 25[+10%int] per second for 8 seconds. Debuff immunity for 4 seconds.

Level 4: Heals 30[+10%int] per second for 10 seconds. Debuff immunity for 5 seconds.


Effect: Good healing but even better, debuff immunity for allies. Just aim right.

Note: This is a hit or miss ability.



Ability Two: Disable

"Upon casting this ability, a glowing animation effect will glow on medic (Red Glow). After 2 seconds upon using the ability, enemies in a 6 unit radius of medic will be silenced."

Energy Cost: 70//100//130//160

Cooldown: 18//16//14//12

Range: 6


Level 1: Silence Lasts 3 seconds

Level 2: Silence Lasts 4 seconds

Level 3: Silence Lasts 5 seconds

Level 4: Silence Lasts 6 seconds


Effect: Similar to Jackson's E ability, except that you can't get rid of this stun by running. It also has a larger AoE. Although getting the enemy requires Medic to get quite close to the enemy, and the animation effect gives a clue that medic is using it giving enemies slight chance to try and get away//dodge it (Use final, or teleport).




Ability Three: Meditation

"Medic spawns white mist around her (very light, just an animation), which calms her allies. 1 second after spawning the mist, allies in an AoE 6 unit radius around medic restore Energy, get timescale, and also Cooldown Reduction for 8 seconds. This will effect Medic."

Energy Cost: 60//100//140//180

Cooldown: 26//24//22//20

Range: 6


Level 1: Restore 70[+80%int] Energy. Gain +6% Timescale and +14% Cooldown Reduction.

Level 2: Restore 130[+80%int] Energy. Gain +9% Timescale and +21% Cooldown Reduction.

Level 3: Restore 190[+80%int] Energy. Gain +12% Timescale and +28% Cooldown Reduction.

Level 4: Restore 250[+80%int] Energy. Gain +15% Timescale and +35% Cooldown Reduction.


Effect: Similar to Proton pack, except it is an AoE. This is definately useful for Spellcasters to help their abilities preform better and have the energy to cast it too. Timescale will also help preformance of AA and caster slight too. Mist animation will disappear after 3 seconds.




Ultimate Ability: Mass Healing

"Medic will start to glow (Blue in a Large area) for 3 seconds. After the 3 seconds, she will instantly heal a massive amount of Hp to her allies around her including herself in an AoE 5 unit Radius. "

Energy Cost: 200//350//500

Cooldown: 40//30//20

Range: 5


Level 1: Heals 200[+80%int] + 5% Target's Max Hp

Level 2: Heals 300[+80%int] + 10% Target's Max Hp

Level 3: Heals 400[+80%int] + 15% Target's Max Hp


Effect: An ability that heals alot of hp. The cooldown gets greatly reduced since late game, 25% max hp can be nearly nothing. This heals instantly, and you must also time it if you are medic (Animation helps tell allies that he is casting, and tells enemies he is casting. It becomes more spammable, altho it cost alot of energy.) Note: This ability can easily be countered by Executioner Axe. Also, Medic's heroic passive enhances healing.

Note: that when casting this, it will heal hp equal to the person's getting healed max hp, not medic's max hp. This ability is very effect on tanks. (Healing ward actually heals more than this, altho this heals instantly).

Warning: For playing this hero, you may be targeted... ALOT.




Additional Information

Suggest to go Half DPS half INT support:

Suggested Items: Pyre, Shrink Ray, Spell Buffer, Coat of Arms, Korhal Vanguard, Eternal Drive//Shrapnel Cloak.

This will allow you to deal decent damage in Team battles with pyre, Lower enemy damage with shrinkray(also help Attack speed with AA), Spellbuffer Provide decent spell resist for self and allies, CoA providing decent attack speed and even more Cooldown reduction for allies, Korhal Vanguard for resistance for allies, and Eternal Drive for AoE healing over time//Shrapnel to delay enemies. With these items, Medic can then basicly support in every way possible, With: Healing, Debuffs, Cooldowns, Energy, and also granting Resistance, Attack speed, and also Lowering enemy Weapon damage and Weapon speed. Pyre would also hurt enemy tanks alot too. You must manage you abilities for they cost ALOT of energy.

In temple Siege, This hero was nearly useless on offensive purposes (Besides being able to cloak, and silence). Her final was EXTREMELY powerful, having no cooldown, and setting allies hp near Maximum Hp. (Sets to 80% Max Hp. Once she got near max mana regen, she was nearly impossible to stop, until you had an ability that could just massicure hp in a second like Cyprus.)



Closing statement

Thanks for reading (Another Hero from Temple Siege. I tried my best to stick with the abilities).

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i think that 25% of a heros health might be too much. i think if it was like 200/275/350 (+100%int) it would be better. it would buff the skill for squishy heros and make it not too OP on tanks that have 5k hp, causing them to heal 1500 hp in one second.

Didn't think it was that much a problem (because 5 hits from pyre would already take alot of that out) but then i remembered it is actually more than that. (Heroic passive increases healing) Of course if it is a real issue, enemies could just get executioner axe. Made it scale more with int, and alot less with Max Hp. Slightly decreased cooldown tho as a result. There is a delay on the ability, so it has to be timed. (Time it to early, and your allies may not have taken alot of damage, causing it to not be used to full force, while use it to late, ally may already be dead.

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Ya I like this hero, one question though, does this hero do no damage at all? or does the heals also damage (like egon)

Like the temple siege hero, Her only source of damage was her AA (Long range and painful at times). Hence that she deals basicly no spell damage, it is suggestion she gets a pyre to be somewhat damage useful during the team battles.

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