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[Hero] Alexei.Stukov


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Since I keep criticizing everyone else's suggestions, time to add a few of my own. Don't have the images worked out yet, need to think about the model.








Weapon damage-55(45 base), range 6, attack speed 2.2


Backstory- Stukov was the Vice-Admiral of the UED invasion fleet in the Koprulu sector. After his betrayal at the hands of Duran, he was left for dead in the Psi Disrupter. Under Duran's direction, zerg flooded the psi disrupter and infested Stukov. However, Jim Raynor and Taldarin managed to deinfest him- temporarily. Now Stukov has arrived to the sanctum, to take revenge on the Dominion. His betrayal and infestation have driven him to madness- now he wanders the battlefield, fading in and out of reality, trying to fight off the infestation that plagues him.


Alignment- Lawful Neutral

[Heroic Passive]Infestation-

A zerg virus constantly threatens to overcome Stukov. Every time Stukov takes 100 damage, he gets +2% Weapon Speed, stacking up to 10 times. Killing an enemy gives him two stacks, killing a hero gives him 5 stacks.

Recap- Gives him Weapon Speed, his base weapon speed is sub-par so early game he will need to choose between stacking weapon speed and using W.


As the infestation fights for control of Stukov, it sometimes breaks the surface, creating a protective layer of flesh. Each stack of Infestation gives him 1/2/3/4% Physical and Spell Resist.

Recap- Improves the effect of Infestation, kind of similar to Brine's Q.

[W]Valor's Shadow-

A shadow of his former valor still exists in Stukov- at instances, it rises to the surface. [Active] Stukov heals himself for 15/25/35/45 Health per Infestation stack, removing all stacks. He gains +25% Movement Speed for 2 seconds, but cannot attack during this time.

Recap- Good sustain, basically reversing the effects of the Infestation stacks. 70/80/90/100 Energy, 20/19/18/17 CD.


Stukov resents his enemies, and lashes out when attacked.[Passive] He gains (Missing Health/20) Weapon Damage, with a maximum of 50/80/110/140 Weapon Damage gained. [Active] Stukov gains 70/80/90/100% INT Weapon Damage, and loses 10% Movement Speed. During this time, all his Weapon Damage is dealt as Spell Damage. 80/100/120/140 Energy, 30/28/26/24 CD.

Recap-Gives him quite a bit of Weapon Damage, but only if he's in a tight situation. The active keeps the option for INT builds open.


Stukov purges the zerg infestation from his system, transferring his curse to the target enemy.

[Active] Clears all Infestation Stacks. Deals 20/30/40 Spell Damage to target enemy per stack. Target enemy loses 2/3/4% Time per stack. After-effect lasts 5 seconds. 200/175/150 energy, 100/90/80 second CD with 3 charges.

Recap- Basically takes an enemy out of the battle, especially if it's a high-paced team fight. If Stukov has high health, this means he can ulti more than one enemy if they focus him. Heal has a CD though, so he can only use it once in the midst of a battle.


Possible Build-

:CoatofArms: :GalacticDefender: :NitrogenRetrofit::ForceofEntropy::LightningRod: :GravityEdge: ...some of the emoticons seem outdated. But yeah, it would have Galactic Defender and Gravity Edge as well.

This is the build that comes to mind for me. Lots of health with nitro, FoE, Lightning Rod and Coat Of Arms. Some good weapon damage with Galactic Defender and Gravity Edge, good INT (Nitro and Edge), and good weapon speed (Coat Of Arms, Lightning Rod). Also with FoE and Nitro Retrofit, his attacks will slow the enemy whether E is active or not. Galactic Defender active can give him lots of hit points, but still give him the weapon damage from the E passive.



November 21, 2012

-Made hero

-Changed Q

-Corrected lore

-Added possible item build

-Made E scale with INT, adding the possibility of including Gravity Edge into the build.


November 22, 2012

-Changed format, and some ability stats.

-Added weapon info


November 23, 2012


-Added info as to weapon speed

-Added CD's and energy costs

-Changed passive somewhat

-Changed main stat to STR from AGI (too many AGI carries anyways).


I'll fix the images and format later on. *lazy*

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No Evasion ever. EVER. Randomness = not wanted.

When you type "35[+10 per lvl]", do you mean that:

-Depending on skill level 35/45/55/65

-Depending on Hero Level 35/45/55/65/75/85/95/105/115/125/135/145/155/165/175/185/195/205/215?


If former, change it a bit-- maybe just type out "35/45/55/65% INT"

If latter, we don't do that here.


Energy costs for abilities? There has to be a limiting factor besides ability CDs to make you able to cast abilities.


Sorry looking at the bigger flaws not the nitty-gritty ones right now, I haven't read the forums since Tuesday. I'll edit my post later.


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Yes, I'll fix, forgot about the energy costs. He doesn't have any truly active abilities, as his E is toggleable. I think E will cost energy like cloak, and Q will reduce his energy regen.

By lvl I always mean ability lvl, unless I specify hero lvl.

There is crit? that's random? In truth SC randomness is psuedorandom anyway, it generally produces reliable results. If this were ladder I would agree with you, but in a dota map, not so much.

I guess the evasion could be changed to physical/spell resist.

Any thoughts on the actual concept/abilities?

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Concepts are good. But not having actives is eeehhhh.


W is broken, healing 61% of maximum health even being unable to act for 4 seconds is ridiculous. I think instead of it making you deadweight, you should just reduce the health it heals [maybe 10/15/20/25% (+100% INT) of Maximum Health].

E is also broken, as you will deal way too much damage. Just build AA items and laugh as you have >160% of whatever you had, you have ridiculous attack speed [because obv. you capped your AS]

R does too much and I just suggest completely changing it. It doesn't serve a ROLE for the hero-- for that matter, I don't see what this hero's role is at all.


Really, it's creative, but I don't see how this hero works other than "stack W.D. and get kills". He has no role in a team-fight; he is an assassin hero with no assassin abilities, he has ridiculous lane sustain starting at level 3, and all in all is just really... unique with no role.


And by no randomness we mean "Criticals are the only random thing". =X

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OK, I changed him.

I moved the Heroic Passive down to E, and changed the Infestation (which is now his Heroic Passive) to give him Weapon Speed instead. W and E are now active. Note that the Weapon Speed is 2.2, which is slower than most heroes.

the E active and passive keep those INT and STR build options open.

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I don't know, just a FLAT attack speed boost seems somewhat OP and out of theme. Than again, you have to lose the stacks to use W, so that in itself is already a counterbalance.


Also, gonna add energy costs and CDs, I keep forgetting :l


EDIT- ok, I removed the move speed debuff on the passive. Also, now he gets infestation stacks from taking damage, as well as from killing. This means he can ulti more than one person if they focus him down.

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