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Ben's Guide To All Things AoS


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Ben's Guide to all things AoS




SotIS is part of a group of games called DotA style game or an Action RTS (Real Time Stratagy.) This means that each player in game controls a unit, their hero. The entire game is focused on making your hero strong enough that they (and their team) can kill the other team's main building. This sounds easy but that task requires lots of teamwork, skill, and general common sense.


SotIS Dictionary


SotIS is an extremely complex game with lots of mechanics, sub mechanics and slang terms. I will list all that I know here so that you may better understand the way this game works. Also don't be afraid to tell me that I missed one, because I know that I will.



MIA/MIS This just means that the enemy hero in your lane isn't there, and its important to call mias. And in a lane where there is 2 and only one is missing, EX Boros mia/mis

Gank This is a slang type term, and simply means getting ambushed and killed, like if you are farming, someone might say, watch for ganks.

TP/Shop Lets your partner in lane know that they will be on their own for a while because you are leaving to either gank or go to the pool

AA Stands for Auto Attack, and is just the basic attack your hero does

CC Means crowd control, and refers to any ability that silences/stuns/or has any other movement inhibiting debuff, such as Jackson's Ulti

Inc Refers to Incoming, and basically is a warning to whatever lane you say after that, that some hero is coming to them, EX. Inc mid

b means Back, such as get back from pushing

Q,W,E,R refers to the hotkeys for various hero abilities, like Rancor's Snipe (hotkey Q) can also be refered to as Rancor's Q

Push means actively push towards the enemy tower

Pluck/Toss/Throw/Pull is an ability that puts the enemy hero out of position, like Boros's Bola and Micro's Toss

Initiate to start a team fight, usually a Pluck/Throw/Toss/Pull

Farmed/Fed talking about when one hero gets either lots of kills or lots of creep kills and has lots of high tier items

Jungle is the area of the map where there are trees and grass terrain, also neutral creeps spawn here

Carry refers to the hero on your team that is best suited to kill the other team, so the best hero killer in most cases, as that means he is "carrying" your team in fights.



Armor in normal Starcraft games is each point of armor that you have reduces incoming damgae by 1, so if you have 3 armor on a unit and you get attacked for 10, you only take 7 damage. But in SotIS armor physical resist isn't 1 - 0.03 * armor but 0.97^armor, good to know since 34 armor doesn't make you AA immune

Spell Resist reduces the amount of damage that you take from spells. Is applied as a percent, so if you have 15% SR (Spell Resist) and get hit for 100 damage, you take 85 damage. But stacking it gets a little weird but for example, 2 20% SR being 0.8 * 0.8 = 0.64 = 36% SR

True Damage is damage that cannot be migitated no matter what you do, so no matter how much armor and SR you have, if you get hit with 100 true damage, you will always take 100 damage. Fortunately only certain skills have true damage

Base Resist although not a mechanic per say, its worth noting that each hero has a 15% base Spell and Physical Resist

Diminishing Returnsis where getting 2 of the same item gives you less. Imagine you buy an item, you get 100% of its effects, if you buy 2 you only get 180%, I am not sure how much the next items you buy give, so if someone know, can you please tell me?

Time Scale In SotIS there are 2 "clocks" the game clock and the individual hero's clock. Time scale just increases how fast the individual hero's clock ticks in comparison to the game clock. So if you have an ability with a CD (Cooldown) of 10 seconds. It will take 10 seconds to complete with no time scale, but lets say you have 15% time scale. You would decrease the cooldown of that skill by 1.5 seconds. For a total cooldown of 8.5 seconds. Also they stack expodentially, so if you have 2 items that each give you 10% time scale, your acual time scale is 21% because the first 10% and than your total time scale is 110% (100% base and the extra 10%) and then you take 10% of that and add it to it, so 0.1 or 10% (100% + 10%) + 110%. Sorry its so confusing, I can't really write it how I want it to sound.

Leech is pretty overpowered now that AA is so good now, its pretty simple really, it means that X% of damage you deal gets healed back to you as HP

Many more terms to come!




First, even before you will pick your hero, you should set up your talents, the shortcut to the talent menu is N, although you can just click the Open Bulids Manager button. Now you should reset whatever talent bulid is already there. You should think about things that would help your hero, as in, you don't want all offensive if you are a squishy caster, because you need more "tankiness" and its wasted if you don't want to just AA (Auto Attack, or the basic attack your hero has). If you are a caster, I recommend focusing on Defensive and Utility Trees, because they give the best benefits for your caster hero. if you are an AGI hero (Agility) you should get a mix of utility and offence because the utility has lots of really good talents, and offense greatly increases your offensive potential. Although if you are a newish player, first 20 or so games, you should get lots of defensive on all heros, because the most important thing in this game is TO NOT DIE. I cannot emphasize that enough, but anyways...

Some very effective talents are circled below:


These talents provide the most useful bonuses to your hero. I really recommend Fortitude, which gives your hero an extra 180 HP when leveled up to level 4. Also good talents are the swiftness and Gifted Pupil which give you 5% MS and experience gain at level 2, respectively. Just a side note, do not get lots of points invested into the Offensive tree, because with out defensive talents, lots of heros are just insanely squishy.


Some very effective AA "builds" are:


I like this talent bulid best for my AA heros, because the points that I invest in defensive talent tree, allow me to be as tanky as a STR hero, at the start of the game (My Nova with a Duran's Machette has about 950 HP at the start as opposed to about 700.) Also Savvy makes it so whenever an enemy hero dies in a teamfight and you get a kill/assist, you can get 10% of you life and energy back. Along with Avarice, which allows you to buy a transporter at the start, along with your normal starting item.


Some very effective tank "builds" are:


Pretty simple, its just get lots of extra HP and maybe some evasion, along with various Utility talents to make yourself better.


Some very effective caster "builds" are:


Caster is basically the same as tank, because they both rely on spells to deal damage, and need all of the tankiness that you can get.

Other talent bulids to come! Feel free to tell me your own versions and they might just make it in to the guide!


About the Map


Now you should go to your lane, there are 3 lanes, the top mid and bot. Pretty self explanitory. Except they each are very different, only one person goes to the mid, while 2 go to the top and bot. Each side (Protoss and Zerg) has a long lane and the short lane. The long lane is top for Protoss or bot for Zerg, so if you are Protoss the top lane is longer and the bot is shorter, while if you are Zerg the bot lane is longer and the bot lane is shorter. In the long lane for Zerg, there is a blue Oval, and in the long lane for Protoss there is a Red circle. Now you might be asking yourself "What does that mean???" well its pretty simple, it means that the long lane is longer :lol: , but that also means one thing, they are more likely to be "ganked" (killed by ambushing) by the mid, and heres why. The River that cuts almost the whole map in half(as you can see by the highlighted blue path through the map), is a highway of sorts for the carry (the person who went to the mid lane) and it allows them to bypass terrain obstructions and get to the long lane fast, and even more importantly behind them. So it is crucial to not overextend (go to far, so you can't get back before you get ganked) unless you know the mid carry for the other team is occupied or dead. While the short lane has it easier, the river makes it so their enemies are always wary for ganks, and if they aren't, easy kills. This is why I recommend you go to the short lane.


Single Player Games

Well we all know that trying out that new build in an actual game doesn't always go that well. Fortunately there's single player, this allows you to test out items, talent set ups, or stratagies that you might not want to try in a real game. And single player gives you unlimited time to set up your talents, which is recommended that you do before the start of a real game. Also there are commands that are set up to make your time in single player that much easier.

-help provides a list of commands

-hero allows you to change your hero by typing -hero Name (Name is part or the entire hero name, ex. -hero Micro changes your hero to Micro Gravitus.)

-money sets your mineral count to 100,000

-lvl X where X is a number between 1-18 sets your level to the number that you put after -lvl

-test spawns 3 obilisks in the pool for you to test with.

*Note: All of these commands require the - part in front of them


Basic Stratagies and New Player Tips

I will simulate a game with pre set scenarios that will demonstrate the various tactics that I will be talking about.


Beginning (Laning Phase or Early Game)

Now you need to pick your hero, I recommend an AGI (Agility hero) to begin with. Because they are very simple to play. But pick whatever hero you like the most, as its personal preference whether one hero is better than another. Now you have spawned in your "Pool." The pool is the area where you can buy items, and heal for free. All you have to do is stand inside.

Now on the other side of the pool there is a buliding, it has the words "ITEM VENDOR" above it floating in green. That is, you guessed it, the item vendor. That is where you can get items to make your hero better. A newbie mistake is to run out to their lane with no items. That is a big no no. You never want to do that, because without items you are so much worse than your competition already, and its before wave 1. Because a hero with items always beats a hero without them, every time. Well there are lots of choices for your starting items, and most of the time I just get the basic "Duran's" item (there are 3, Duran's Pendant, for intelligence (caster) heros, Duran's Buckler for strength (tank) heros, and Duran's Machette for agility (Auto Attack based) heros. Although there is a talent (Avarice) that gives you extra minerals, +60 at the start and +5 every 5 seconds. This allows you to afford a Transporter. Which will allow you to go back to the shop whenever you want and not miss a wave. (Very Important)


So now you are in your lane, and the first creep wave is coming, well now is going to be your first try at getting kills. Since the ultimate goal is to kill the enemy buliding, and the only way to do that is with the help of items, and items cost money, you need money to win the game. And the only way to get money is from enemies and enemy creeps. This may sound simple but again not so, the creeps will die, but maybe not from you, they might die from your laning partner (the hero thats with you on your team), your creeps, or even the other team. Yes, you read correctly, enemy heros can attack their own creeps and kill them, this is an advanced tactic, so I won't really go over it here. But what you need to know is that no one gets money and you get reduced EXP when they deny, so try to stop them. TO get the last hit on the creep before it dies, is called last hitting, and with some heros it is harder than with others just due to the attack animation. Heros like Jackson and Egon have a much harder time last hitting heros than a Nova or Rancor would. This is because the projectille that is used for their attak animation is not instant and this leads to some delay between you clicking on the creep and the "bullet" reaching there.


When you are laning, its a common mistake for newer players to just attack the enemy hero as much as they can, this is another no no. Because this game has a mechanic called creep aggro, this means that whenever you hit the enemy hero the creeps in the wave start to attack you, and you cannot take all of that abuse so you need to run away (after a few seconds without attacking the hero, the creeps will stop aggroing you) and you just harrased the enemy hero, congrats :P. Also you need to last hit, last hitting is one of the most important things you need to do, aside from not dying, so heres some tips.


-Make sure HP bars are always on

-Notice how much HP you are taking down with each shot

-Don't spend the entire time attacking, feel free to just stand behind the wave and just attack when the creeps are at low HP

-Go into a single player game and pratice last hitting with your favorite hero, that way you can get used to the amount of damage you deal at the start and that hero's attack animation

-If you are a ranged hero, and you aren't always attacking the enemy creeps, attack the hero once, than run towards your tower, if you do this several times in the short lane, you can get creeps close enough that your tower can attack them, making the creep wave go faster so you can push the tower.


If you are a melee hero, the game is much different than if you are a ranged hero, mostly because you cannot harass the enemy hero because to do that you have to be right next to them, another no no. So you should just stand relitively close to the creep wave and move close just long enough to get the last hit/cast your spells and run away again. Most importantly, try to know what spells the enemy hero has and what they do to you, for example Ironhide Cain has an ability that can stun you, so don't run into the wave until after you know he has used it. Also try to avoid double melee lanes, as you get harassed so bad while in the lane it is just bad for your team.


Also I should talk about neutrals, they are an important part of the game, but not "that" crucial. they make it so he can get extra minerals between waves. Try to take them with your laning partner before your creep waves get to the spot where they fight, so if you are short lane, get the marauder/firebat creep camp, and if you are mid/long lane, get the thor with the other people. This can make it so you are level 2 at the end of wave 1, as opposed to before when you are almost level 2.


Some Common Mistakes In the Early Game(That You should never make if you can help it)


-Tower Diving (you should never go into the enemy tower to get a kill, because most of the time they can actually kill you and get away, which is never worth it)

-Tanking (Lots of people think that they can just run up and start attacking the hero, tank the creeps and then just run away, again, most of the time that person dies and the other hero will get the kill)

-Tower Killing (Sometimes a hero decides its better than the tower and just runs up to it and starts attacking it, unless its at super low HP, like you only have to hit it a few times, you should never do this, as no one has ever gone up VS. a tower in the beginning and won.

-Being Super Passive (Some heros just decide they can stand behind and wait for something to happen, never good. Because you get no creep/hero kills. Although being passive is very good, but standing around waiting for something to happen (like in a team fight) is just not good.

-Trying to take mid (There is one in almost every game, they think that they can solo mid by themselves, when this is one of their first games,and there ends up being 2 mid, so their team gets fed by that person, and your carry gets less EXP and money, don't be that guy.)


If you have found yourself doing any of these things, its really ok, because this game has such a high learning curve, the only thing that you can do is keep trying/praticing.


Recommended Items for the Beginning Game

For STR Tank heros or STR Support Heros

  1. :DuransBuckler: (Duran's Buckler)
  2. :Sustainer: (Sustainer)
  3. :SpaceBattery: (Space Battery)

If you have Avarice:

  1. :Transporter: (Teleporter)
  2. :FieldRadarToolkit: (Field Radar Toolkit)

*Note: You can only afford the last 2 items (Transporter and/or a Field Radar Toolkit) if you get a Sustainer, or a Space Battery, although you can afford them if you get a Duran's Buckler if you have the talent Avarice and you wait some at the pool.

Intelligence Heros

  1. :DuransPendant: (Duran's Pendant)
  2. :Sustainer: (Sustainer)
  3. :SpaceBattery: (Space Battery)

If you have Avarice:

  1. :FieldRadarToolkit: (Field Radar Toolkit)
  2. :Transporter: (Teleporter)

*Note: You can only afford the last 2 items (Transporter and/or a Field Radar Toolkit) if you get a Sustainer, or a Space Battery, although you can afford them if you get a Duran's Pendant if you have the talent Avarice and you wait some at the pool.

Agillity Heros

  1. :DuransMachette: (Duran's Machette)
  2. :SoulEngine: (Soul Engine)
  3. :HuntersHatchet: (Hunter's Hatchet)

If you have Avarice:

  1. :FieldRadarToolkit: (Field Radar Toolkit)
  2. :Transporter: (Teleporter)

*Note: Do not get only a Soul Engine or a Hunter's Hatchet, get either 1 of each or 3 soul engines.


About the Duran's "series" of starting items, they each give good stats, for each different type of hero (AGI,INT, and STR) they also give similar stats but adapted to make each item better for that particular hero groups. They are very like the Beacons from pre 6.0. Duran's Buckler gives: 60 HP, 12 STR, 1 Armor, and 1.5 HP regen. Duran's Machette gives 12 AGI, 100 HP, 10 Weapon Damage, 3% Physical Leech. Duran's Pendant gives 12 INT, 100 HP, 30 Energy, and 0.75 Energy Regen.


Mid Game (Ganking Phase)

Now odds are that one team is just running around in a 5 man gank ball and is killing your entire team, or you are killing theirs. Or both teams are doing that, or the far more likely, both teams end up running around killing each other, while some heros try to farm and just end up dying. Also you should watch they bosses (Aeon and Daggoth) these are basically 2 super neutrals that give minerals, and with Daggoth, a substantial tide turning buff. In teamfights, you really have to understand your role and do your best to carry it out to the fullest. Also most teamfights occur in the mid lane, so if you farm around the mid lane, you can still get mins and EXP and still be able to participate in teamfights if the need arises.



Also at this stage in the game, you have probably realised, that no matter how many kills you acually get, none of it matters if you cannot get into the enemy base. This means you should start pushing (in between ganking, because all of your pushing is ineffective if the enemy team is there), well there are 2 types of pushing. Passive pushing and Active pushing.I will start with passive pushing.


-Passive Pushing: This is probably the simpliest and most safe type of pushing. It is where you clear the enemy creep wave as fast as possible than leave. It works because your creep wave continues to the enemy tower, and damages it until the next enemy creep wave gets there. While this is happening, you can usually go gank a little and/or farm some neutrals. Which is why this is such a popular way to push. You can get so many mins ($) in a short time because you are always farming.

-Active Pushing: The other type is active pushing, this is far more dangerous. This is where you clear the enemy creep wave and than follow the wave until you reeach the tower, than you AA the tower as much as you can before the enemy heros get there or until the tower clears the creep wave that is tanking the tower for you. Which ever comes first. Your goal is to take out the tower as fast as possible, and you should only do this when the enemy team is dead, or otherwise occupied.



*The Bosses on the map WAY above are underlined in red, Daggoth is on the right while Aeon is on the left.

  1. :ForceofEntropy: (Force of Entropy)
  2. :LifeTechNanosuit: (LifeTech Nanosuit)
  3. :DarksteelTitan: (Darksteel Titan)
  4. :SuperheatedMantle: (Superheated Mantle)
  5. :BarbedPlating: (Barbed Plating)

For Intelligence Heros Some Common Items Are:

  1. :TwinParadoxIsolator: (Twin Paradox Isolator)
  2. :VampiricAmulet: (Vampiric Amulet)
  3. :SchrodingersLockbox: (Schrodinger's Lockbox)
  4. :NitrogenRetrofit: (Nitrogen Retrofit)
  5. :MossbergTaser: (Mossberg Taser)
  6. :SuperheatedMantle: (Superheated Mantle)

For Agility Heros Some Common Items Are



  1. :PhaseCloak: (Phase Cloak)
  2. :ValorsManifest: (Valor's Manifest)
  3. :FlareGun: (Flare Gun
  4. :IsomorphicPyre: (Isomorphic Pyre)
  5. :ContaminationShard: (Contamination Shard)
  6. :GluttonsBite: (Glutton's Bite)

End Game

Now the end game gets a little boring at times, most of the stratagy is gone, its now whose carry can kill the other team fastest. But still, you must do your best to try to kill the other enemy carry, even though it might not seem like its working, its helping. Another thing to do is to "hide" in the high ground by the thors and wait for someone to walk up the ramp. Than you kill them as fast as possible. This allows you to force an engagement because its now a 5v4 situation.

Also now Daggoth becomes one of the most important things in the game, because that buff that you get can single handedly win you several teamfights. Also its extremely important for you to stay with your team, and try to push the middle tower down, because when it does, you get to kill the "barrackes" which makes it so that your creeps give the enemies less minerals, which makes it much harder for them to farm and push back.

Also at this point its really nessesary, even more than in the mid game, to have some initiation. Without it, they can just stand back behind their T4 towers and just harass you until you need to leave to heal. And that is the last thing you want. You want to throw/pluck/warp shard in on them and do your best to tank it (as a team, not alone) and kill as many as possible and then take the tower.

Also this is where each bulid gets unique, because now is when most people have their bulids done, and now you can see exactly what they have and what can counter them.


Hero Types

As you have probably figured out, not all heros can do the same thing, no matter how hard you try. So its important for every hero to realise their role and do their best to fufil it there are several roles and even more "sub-roles" and some heros even can fall into more than one catagory, depending on how you bulid them. Also they have been color coated by their primary attribute, STR is orangeish red, INT is a green, and AGI is a blue.


-Caster is probably the most common type of hero in the game, the term caster refers to anyone that relies mostly on their spells for damage. Although these heros usually have added benefits to their spells that would be to good to put on any other hero.

Heros that are casters or can be played as casters:

Infernal Mandrake

Chuck Tbone

Vorpal Valedict

Fine Brine

Toximancer Vespus

Geminus Boros

Tiberius Rancor

Rory Swann

Subterran Unix

Jim Raynor

Erekul Sartonis

Egon Stetmann

Garamond Springsprocket

System Cyprus

Dustin Brawler

Roulette Jackson

Hybrid Maar

Queen Imperius


-Carries are the heros that can "carry" a team and will kill lots of heros and allow heros to push towers. Carries are the heros that you should try to focus down and try to keep yours alive. Also is only "OK" until the late game:

Chuck Tbone

Sarah Kerrigan

Vorpal Valedict

Ironhide Cain

Omega Starscream

Geminus Boros

Prelate Zeratul

Vagabond Darpa

Shadow Geminus

Tiberius Rancor

Gaberiel Tosh

Toximancer Vespus

EnTaro Tassadar

Molgloo Grunty

Terra Nova

Erekul Sartonis


-Initiator are heros that have abilities or skill sets that allow a hero to start a teamfight either by jumping in and starting one or by having an ability that lets them displace another hero, such as a Drake Lance or a Micro Throw

Infernal Mandrake

Micro Gravitus

Lord Zyrkhan

Fine Brine

EnTaro Tassadar

Prelate Zeratul

Geminus Boros

Roulette Jackson


-Tank heros that all they do the game is just take damage, essential but simple

Micro Gravitus

Infernal Mandrake

Fine Brine

Biotron Tyrannitus

Balrog Brutalizer

Lord Zyrkhan

Vorpal Valedict

Tychus Findley

Omega Starscream

Erekul Sartonis


-Ganker are heros that excell at killing heros and are usually very farm reliant, also could be considerd Psuedo-Carries because they can limit the farm of the other enemy carry.

Omega Starscream

Geminus Boros

Prelate Zeratul

Vagabond Darpa

Shadow Geminus

Molgloo Grunty

Terra Nova

Subterran Unix

System Cyprus


-Babysitter are heros that have abilities that have abilities that heal, amplify damage, and anything else that can help a bad laner.Babysitters can also have abilities that help them clear the wave fast, or they are very strong laners. Babysitters are almost always a ranged hero.

Egon Stetmann

Erekul Sartonis

Queen Imperius

Roulette Jackson

Hybrid Maar

Toximancer Vespus

Tiberius Rancor

Lord Zyrkhan

Vorpal Valedict

Micro Gravitus


-Jungler heros that can abuse the new neutral mechanics to get themselves ahead without being in a lane. They have no lane and spend the game farming neutrals exclusively (well mostly exclusively) and ganking any lane that needs help.














Hero Guides

Well heres the deal, I do not have enough time/experience to create guides on every hero, its just impossible. So if you have a guide, I will link it from here, but thats still not enough. If you have the knowlage to create a guide, but not the knowlage about a guide or you simply don't want to. PM me the info on the guide and all of that kinda stuff, like item builds and skill order, and I will make it for you. If we all try we can probably get atleast 1 premium guide to each hero. Thank You


There are almost no guides up yet due to sidd closing down the other site wihtout warning to the community.



Well notwo items are exactly the same, and so none of them can be used in exactly the same way. And some items are better for certain heros than on other heros, just because of the way either the items or the heros themselves work. So heres some of the most common items to get on heros, buy hero "type." The item will also be color cordinatied by what "type" of hero its best on (purple if multiple hero types can/should use it)


Item Hotkeys

Well we all know that some items have actives, and its usually hard to remember to use them in a team fight, so you need to set up some item hotkeys. To set up item hotkeys, open the SC2 meue, go to the Hotkey tab. Than at the top left of that screen, create another profile, and name it SotIS. Now go to Global, and than Inventory. The first 6 slots are the ones that can be used in SotIS, the inventory slot one is the farthest left slot on the bar. And Inventory slot 2 is the second from the left slot. So you can change the hotkeys for the first 6. Some suggestions are F1-F6. Although i myself use Ctrl+QWERAS. Also you could use other letters such as GHZXCV


Starting Items

Well everyone knows that your starting items are extremely important, they could either win or lose you the lane, and its important to know what benefits your hero and/or laning partner the most.Since you start with 650 minerals, or 710 if you have Avarice (recommended), you have a limited item pool to choose from.


Good starting items by hero

Strength Heros

Micro Gravitus - Duran's Buckler, Space Battery, Sustainer

Infernal Mandrake - Duran's Bucker, Pulse Regenerator, Sustainer, Space Battery

Chuck Tbone - Duran's Pendant, Duran's Bucker, Sustainer, Space Battery

Tychus Findley - Duran's Bucker, Hunter's Hatchet, Sustainer

Lord Zyrkhan - Duran's Buckler, Sustainer

Sarah Kerrigan - Duran's Bucker, Hunter's Hatchet, Quantum Spade, Sustainer

Biotron Tyrannitus - Duran's Buckler, Sustainer

Balrog Brutalizer -Duran's Buckler, Sustainer

Vorpal Valedict - Duran's Machette, Duran's Buckler, Sustainer

Ironhide Cain - Duran's Buckler, Sustainer, Space Battery

Omega Starscream - Duran's Buckler, Sustainer, Space Battery


Agility Heros

Geminus Boros - Duran's Machette, Soul Engine, Space Battery, Sustainer

Molgloo Grunty - Duran's Machette, Soul Engine, Sustainer, Space Battery, Hunter's Hatchet

Shadow Geminus - Duran's Machette

Gabriel Tosh - Duran's Machette, Soul Engine, Sustainer

Toximancer Vespus - Duran's Machette, Duran's Pendant, Space Battery, Sustainer

Prelate Zeratul - Duran's Machette, Sustainer, Space Battery

Vagabond Darpa - Duran's Machette, Duran's Pendant, Duran's Buckler, Space Battery, Sustainer

Tiberius Rancor - Duran's Machette, Duran's Pendant

EnTaro Tassadar - Duran's Machette, Sustainer, Space Battery

Terra Nova - Duran's Machette


Intelligence Heros

Rory Swann - Duran's Pendant, Space Battery, Sustainer, Pulse Regenerator

Subterran Unix - Duran's Pendant, Space Battery, Sustainer, Pulse Regenerator

Dustin Brawler - Duran's Pendant, Space Battery, Sustainer, Pulse Regenerator

Roulette Jackson - Duran's Pendant, Duran's Buckler, Space Battery, Sustainer

Jim Raynor - Duran's Pendant, Space Battery, Sustainer, Pulse Regenerator

Erekul Sartonis - Duran's Pendant, Duran's Buckler, Sustainer, Space Battery, Soul Engine

System Cyrpus - Duran's Pendant, Sustainer, Space Battery, Pulse Regenerator

Hybrid Maar - Duran's Pendant, Space Battery, Sustainer, Pulse Regenerator

Queen Imperius -Duran's Pendant, Space Battery, Sustainer

*As a side note: Use the talent Avarice to be able to afford a teleporter or a field radar, but you have to pick your hero fast so you are able to get enough +5 minerals to be able to afford it. Also the item closest to the hero name is the one most recommended, so closer to hero name, better for the hero. And these are recommended items, and you could also get others, but I think that these are the best for newer players.


Super Items (some of the best items, in my opinion)

Valor's Manifest This item on an AGI hero gives the most weapon damage of anything in the game I believe (at max stats) this item works by giving you +2 AGI and weapon damage when you get a creep kill, yup to 40 AGI and weapon damage. Which makes it great on AGI heros, also it gives some HP, more weapon damage, and crit chance. This is a very solid item for someone who can stay alive long enough to get max stats. (The stacks dissipate when you die, so if you are behind/die alot, it might not be worth it to get this item).

-Valor's Manifest counters: None

-Valor's Manifest is good on: All AGI heros and Kerrigan, Vorpal

Time Splitter This item is over looked in lots of AA bulids, but that is a big mistake, this is one of the only 3 items in the game to provide evasion. Also the unique passive is great for taking down otehr AA based carries, because the time scale decrease increases the max attack speed cap, so that they effectively attack slower, also it gives the highest AGI and good attack damage and attack speed stats.

-Time Splitter counters: Casters or Maxed Attack Speed AA heros

-Time Splitter is good on: All AGI heros, except Rancor

Black Hole Magnum This item is good on heros that have very spammable spells, that also have good weapon damage. This is because the extra spell damage scales with weapon damage. Since the passive procs on spell casts, its good to have spammable spells.

-Black Hole Magnum counters: None

-Black Hole Magnum is good on: Darpa, Grunty, Kerrigan, Tassadar, Zeratul

Hand of Mengsk Good item for AGI heros, in the late game. Its not as good early game (compaired to 5.0 HOM) but better late game, this also gives much needed time scale to lower the attack speed cap. Also the active allows you to really chase down that last hero.

-Hand of Mengsk counters: None

-Hand of Mengsk is good on: Shadow, Prelate, Nova, Tassadar, Grunty, Kerrigan

Contamination Shard This is probably one of the best non-Pyre AA items, because it gives fantastic weapon damage and weapon speed. Also the damage amp is a must on all the heros that can stay on one target for a long time, because after 5 hits, you will deal 25% more physical damage with your AA. Also this is a good item for helping your team take Levi and Aeon.

-Contamination Shard counters: Tanks that build armor

-Contamination Shard is good on: Shadow, Prelate, Kerrigan, Grunty, Tassadar, Nova, Darpa, Tosh, Toximancer, Tychus

Vampiric Amulet Good intelligence and spell leech for the cost, and also builds into the more powerful SFG. Good on any hero with lots of AOE, but is best on INT heros because they always rely on their spells.

-Vampiric Amulet counters: All non-burst damage

-Vampiric Amulet is good on: Toximancer, Vorpal, Maar, Unix, Mandrake, Cow

Schrodinger's Lockbox This is good for lots of heros, that lack an escape mechanic, and allows people to lockbox the other hero and get away, this also allows you to land your skill shots, such as a Rory Moly.

-Schrodinger's Lockbox counters: Boros' Ultimate, Drake's Ultimate, Initiation

-Schrodinger's Lockbox is good on: All INT heros really and Tychus

Argus Crystal This gives the single highest intelligence in the game, and makes you spells deal 10% more damage, which is totally insane, because all of that extra scaling and more damage = GG on casters like Cow.

-Argus Crystal counters: Spell Resist

-Argus Crystal is good on: All INT heros, Rancor, Tychus, Toximancer (Caster)

Nitrogen Retrofit this is unique because it gives super high HP and INT in the same item, so this is a must on most INT hero builds, this also gives your spells slow, which makes it so that even the slowest hero can catch up to the affected hero.

-Nitrogen Retrofit counters: Burst damage

-Nitrogen Retrofit is good on: All INT heros, Tychus, Drake, Rancor, Toximancer, Tassadar, Vorpal,

Yamato Reactor This is the new version of HSG. Although it gives less time scale, its still good because it still gives very good stats, mostly INT and also gives increased spell damage while you are under the effect of its active.

-Yamato Reactor counters: None

-Yamato Reactor is good on: Rancor (INT), All INT heros

Organic Carapace This item is just so good for tanks, its amazing because of the sheer health it gives, its insane, also the 2% HP regen out of battle makes it so you can stay out and farm for sooo much longer than before.

-Organic Carapace counters: Weapon Damage

-Organic Carapace is good on: All STR heros, or anyone who needs health

Darksteel Titan This is good because it hard counters AA for tanks, the passive weapon speed decrease that activates when they attack you, makes AA heros that much less useful. And the global slow that it has on its active is great for chasing after those few low HP heros that escape the teamfight.

-Darksteel Titan Counters: AA heros

-Darksteel Titan is good on: All STR heros

Isomorphic Pyre This is at the core of most AA bulids, it gives average stats, but what really makes it shine, is the qnique passive, it deals 4% of the targest maximum HP as damage to them on every hit, this melts tanks, and it will take a maximum of 25 hits to kill anything. This is also almost completely necessary to get Levi (Daggoth)

-Isomorphic Pyre counters: Tanks with high HP, also counters bosses

-Isomorphic Pyre is good on: All AGI heros, Kerrigan, Tychus, Vorpal, Starscream

Phase Cloak This is one of the only 2 items in the game that can give a cloak to you, and it gives fantastic stats and weapon damage for its cost. This one is to good to pass up if you are a gank-centric hero. The cloak also is a great escape mechanism, because the CD on the cloak is sooo low. So its worth buyin on any heor with no blink or other escape mechanism, like Rory, or Dustin.

-Phase Cloak counters: Everything :P

-Phase Cloak is good on: Any hero with no escape mechanic

Pulse Hammer/ Force of Entropy This is the only STR giving AA item that is really worth getting. If you rush this, you still have surprisingly good DPS and a lots of HP from all the STR it gives. Also the Active is great for ganking because with it activated, their chance of getting away flies down. This is mainly for AA based heros, such as AGI heros, and a Grunty,. Tychus, or a Kerrigan.

-Pulse Hammer/Force of Entropy counters: None

-Pulse Hammer/Force of Entropy is good on: Kerrigan, Tychus, Vorpal, All AGI Heros

Mossberg Taser Probably one of the best items in the game. Because anyone can get it, and they should. It was good before they fixed the damage amp, but now its just straight OP. If you can taser someone in a teamfight they are effectively done with the teamfight, because they can't really engage because of the damage amp. And they can't just stand back and cast spells because they are silenced.

-Mossberg Taser counters: Everything :lol:

-Mossberg Taser is good on: Any non-tank hero

Flare Gun/Sunflare Gun Although this item is mainly an INT item, it can really be used on any hero that uses lots of spells for damage, or AA heros that need some cheap leech, and don't want to sell it. Also the active is great for ganking heros, because it allows you to land your skill shots, and chase. Also the INT is great for scaling on most abilities, and the extra weapon damage it gives can't hurt.

-Flare Gun/Sunflare Gun counters: Hero's with really good escape abilities

-Flare Gun/Sunflare Gun is good on: Rancor, INT Heros, Boros, Tychus, Vorpal

Parrallax Generator This is the only item to give debuff immunity and you should take advantage of it. This item can shut a Rory or a caster Toxi down, also gives some nice stats and a cloak.

-Parallax Generator counters: Heros with DOT or Strong Debuffs (Toxi and Rory come to mind)

-Parallax Generator is good on: Any hero

Darwin's Might This item is fantastically good on any hero that can be built to be an AA hero. Or a hero that has lots of physical damage, such as Kerrigan. This item gives an insane amount of leech with the active, and lots of tankiness with the armor and STR.

-Darwin's Might counters: Any type of damage that's not burst damage

-Darwin's Might is good on: All AGI heros, Kerrigan, Tychus, Vorpal, Starscream

Electric Mantel Again this counters AA heros, because when you activate it, it deals an amazing amount of damage to the attacking hero, and stuns them for 3 seconds, which is plenty of time to kill a squishy AA hero or run away.

-Electric Mantel counters: AA heros

-Electric Mantel is good on: Any hero

LifeTech Nanosuit This is good for all heros, because it makes the enemy have to kill you twice, so it allows you to survive an entire volly of spells from a cyrpus and still walk out.

-LifeTech Nanosuit counters: Burst Damage

-LifeTech Nanosuit is good on: Any hero

Superheated Mantel This is really good for any hero. This is good for all heros that are bad farmers, because all you have to do is just stand in the creep wave and let the mantel get all the last hits, this also gives good HP and armor.

-Superheated Mantel counters: Burst damage

-Superheated Mantel is good on: Any hero

Barbed Plating This item is a hard counter to any AA heros that decide to just get insane weapon damage, because that usually leaves them squishy and if you are semi-tanky, its possible to have them kill themselves.

-Barbed Plating counters: AA heros with high weapon damage

-Barbed Plating is good on: Any hero

Spell Buffer Although very underused, this item is really good, because it gives MS, health regen, and even more importantly spell resist. The active gives spell resist to all nearby heros on your team, and makes your entire team super tanky vs. mainly casters. Such as Cyprus, or a Rory.

-Spell Buffer counters: Spell Damage

-Spell Buffer is good on: Any hero

Ihan Crystal This item got slightly less useful to all heros in general, but to heros with super high INT scaling, this item is amazing. Such as vorpal, because his surge/ulti combo deals amazing damage when you use the active.

-Ihan Crystal counters: None

-Ihan Crystal is good on: Rancor (INT), All INT heros, and Vorpal

If I forgot anything, tell me. And if you would like to help me in anyway with this, it would be greatly appriciated.



Well SotIS has one of the highest learning curves of any game I personally have ever played. This means simply that it is hard to get started but once you do, you begin to learn everything else extremely fast. Sadly this discourages newer players from getting into the game, and makes the elite players that much better by comparison. I will try to help you bridge that gap with basic stratagies and techniques.


Basic Stratagies

Basic stratagies are the basic things you should know, synenergy, counters, and techniques that you should learn about as soon as possible.



Synenergy is how well 2 things in the game work together, there's several different types of synenergy. One of the most common is what I like to call item/ability synenergy. This is when one item is extremely good with an ability that a hero has, some notable examples are: Toxi's R + Vampiric Amulet, Rory's E and Schrodinger's Lockbox, Vorpal's R and Ihan Crystal. Another type of synenergy would be Hero/Hero. This is when some hero works extremely well with another hero for whatever reason, some notable examples are: Shadow + Rory, Egon + Drake, Egon + Lord Z, Nova + Rory, Lord Z + Boros. The last kind of synenergy would be Hero/Mechanic, this is when one hero can abuse one specific mechanic of the game, some notable examples are Boros + Crit, Nova + Crit, Toximancer + Leech. These will be color coated by what type of synenergy it is, Purple for Hero/Mechanic. Pink for item/ability(hero), and this weird color for Hero/Hero.


-Boros + Crit

-Nova + Crit

-Toximancer + Leech

-Mohandar + Spell Leech

-Kerrigan + Physical Leech

more to come

There aren't that many kinds of this, but these are some pretty powerful combos if executed correctly.



-Schrodinger's Lockbox + Rory's Molotov

-Vorpal's Ultimate + Ihan Crystal

-Boros + Khala Blade

-Unix + Yamato Reactor

-Jackson + Warpshard

-Queen + Ihan Crystal

-Mohandar + Vampiric Amulet

-Toximancer + Vampiric Amulet

More to come


These are slightly more common and are usually at the center of a certain type of build for that hero. There are many, many more, but I really don't want to try to think up some more, so feel free to tell me any that you know.


-Egon + Any hero

-Shadow + Rory

-Lord Z + Rory

-Lord Z + Boros

-Prelate + Lord Z

-Jackson + Vorpal

More to come



Jungling is a new mechanic to the game of SotIS and only became viable extremely recently, like this morning recently. And its very simple and easy to understand, if semi-hard to execute correctly. This is basically when one hero, goes into the jungle (hence jungling) and just kills no neutral creeps. This means he also has no lane. So the short lane would have 1 and so would the mid lane, and the long lane has 2.


There are several benefits to jungling, one is that, due to the increased neutral EXP, you have 3 characters with solo lvl exp. Also the jungler (the hero who is jungling) is totally free to gank as much as he likes, and he should, as often as possible. Also the jungler is free from mias because he has nothing to be mia from, so the enemies are often completely unaware that you are coming to gank them.


Jungling has been made viable just because ecko doubled the amount of neutral camps on the map, buffed the EXP the main creep gives (Firebat, Thor, Seige Tank) and also gave these units a great buff that they grant the hero that kills them, the Firebat, when killed, gives 20% Physical leech for a little while, the Thor, gives 15% Physical/Spell Resist, and the Seige Tank gives a 25% Time Scale Bonus. These Buffs are extremely useful for taking the camps, because they give you more survivability or allows you to spam your spells even more.


Also toward the late early game, right before everyone starts ganking, it might be a good idea to carry around a smoke screen and a Teleporter, so that you can escape and TP right back to your base, because odds are you will be a medium low HP a lot because Neutrals got buffed. And it would be a good idea for you to ward (Field Radar Toolkit) your jungle so that you can escape easily and/or get easy kills on an enemy hero wandering in your jungle.


Jungling Talents

Well since this new forums has a limit on how much media you can post, I will just have to link it...


Alright, well in this you focus on getting money and experience, which is why you have Merit, Avarice, Gifted Pupil, along with fortitude so you have greater sustain.


With this its heavier in defense with less utility, this one has Templar Resolve, and Fortitude, for sustain, and Avarice for more $ and Gifted Pupil so that leveling up is even easier.


Jungling Heros

Well some heros just jungle better than others, its just a fact. These heros all have some form of HP regen, are good farmers/farm dependant or they gank well.














Jungling Items

When you are jungling, you need to focus on items that give you some way to stay out in the jungle for as long as possible, some of the best early game items are:

  1. :DuransMachette: (Duran's Machette) Only if you are an AGI hero or need leech but if you need leech there are better items
  2. :DuransBuckler: (Duran's Buckler) This gives good HP, armor, HP regen, everything you need to get more kills in the jungel
  3. :ZergSymbiosis: (Zerg Symbiosis) Gives amazing leech, only get it if you have the attack speed, and weapon damage to make it worth while.

Later in the game, you should get items that are good with sustain, or give you enough damage/burst to clear the neutrals fast, and yet allow you to be an effective ganker, items like:

  1. :BlackHoleMagnum: (Black Hole Magnum) This is good for heros with very spammable spells and high weapon damage, only certain heros should get it but its extremely good on those heros
  2. :PhaseCloak: (Phase Cloak) Gives fantastic AGI and weapon damage for such a low cost, and yet gives a cloak, which is good for ganking
  3. :PulseHammer: / :ForceofEntropy: (Pulse Hammer/Force of Entropy) Gives great weapon damage and speed, as well as great STR, and a great active for ganking
  4. :ValorsManifest: (Valor's Manifest) Rewards you extremely for farming, and at max stacks gives so much weapon damage and AGI, as well as good HP
  5. :NitrogenRetrofit: (Nitrogen Retrofit) Great for heros with low HP/Spammable AOE spells
  6. :ContaminationShard: (Contamination Shard) Great for heros with the ability to stay on target, helps alot with the strongest neutrals, like thor, also makes taking Aeon way easier.
  7. :SunflareGun: (Sunflare Gun) The leech of both types is nice, also gives great weapon damage and INT
  8. :DarwinsMight: (Darwin's Might) This gives you the best jungle sustain, although its all leech and STR, so don't get it unitl later into the game, so that you have enough weapon damage to take advantage of the leech
  9. :IsomorphicPyre: (Isomorphic Pyre) Great cheap weapon damage, also has good weapon speed, passive helps melt tanks and bosses

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he is asking about heros and skills. As far as I know it only shows items.

Ahh good question, good thing i dont need those


Also I have updated any formatting errors that occured in the transfer between playsotis and AoS

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"Babysitter are heros that have abilities that have abilities that heal, amplify damage, and anything else that can help a bad laner. Babysitters can also have abilities that help them clear the wave fast, or they are very strong laners. Babysitters are almost always a ranged hero."


You forgot Cow. Fact that he can cleave a wave/harass while he babies X/Y/Z hero. ^ ^

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no. cow is a horrid babysitter. he is fairly item dependent and tends to get a lot of last hits with his spell spam.


Horrible is an overstatement here whale. His capacitor harass is... intense - as well as his burst potential if the enemy gets too confident + solid sustain for both himself and the ally being babysat through his ult. I mean, if you are ignorant enough to spam you abilities in wave when creep are low hp... by all means take your carries farm.


Even without his ult, his presence alone is enough to cause most other heros to hang back.

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I agree with whale tits. A baby sitter is not someone who can harass well, a baby sitter is someone with a heal and/or someone with strong cc. Cow is not this because he has no cc and he doesn't get a heal till level 6 so he can't heal till the end of the laning stage. Good baby sitters are egon (the only full support hero), queen, Raynor, micro, ect. Micro and Raynor don't have heals but they have very strong cc. Heals and cc let the dps carry get his farm safely.

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