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[Hero Suggestion] TX.Destoyer


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-First posted

-Added Identifiers to charge

-Increased radius of (W) to 4 and push/pull factor to 3.


-Changed base health

-Caused CD on ultimate to scale down each level.

-Slightly lowered INT damage on (E)

-Buffed ultimate duration, added another effect too (E)

-Increased duration of ionization to 5 seconds

-lowered channel on (E) to 1 second

-Changed mechanics behind (Q) and how it is affected by ultimate.

-(Q) now applies charge to all nearby units.




Name: TX.Destroyer

Portrait: Thor

Unit Base: Thor

Type: STR

Script: The TX Destoyer was a co-opt experimental robot designed by both Rory Swan and Ariel Hanson during their brief time together on the Hyperion vessel. After completing a single prototype, they decided to test it's abilities in the Sanctum.


Starts With:

Health - 425 (before strength)

Move speed - 2.8

Attack range - 4

Attack Speed -1.9

Attack damage - 45

Strength: 32+7 per level

Agility: 25+4 per level

Intelligence: 25+5 per level







Heroic Passive: Ion Cannons


Description: The high velocity bullets fired from TX's cannons fire magnetized rounds that ionize the targets.


Effect: TX.Destroyer can switch between a positive charge and a negative charges on his weapon by using the (Q) key or clicking the heroic passive Icon. A Positive charge will cause every strike to pull the enemy hero 0.5 units closer to TX. A Negative Charge will cause every strike to push the enemy heroes back 0.5 units away from TX. In addition, targets will be ionized with either a Positive or Negative charge for 5 seconds depending on what projectile they where hit with. Enemies with a Positive charge will glow blue, while enemies with Negative charge will glow red.


Synopsis: The primary point of this passive is to apply different charges, which will be the bases for the majority of TX's abilities. The 0.5 knock-back/pull does a little in terms of repelling enemies or keeping them close to you, but does not prevent them from actually reaching you or escaping (most heroes have 2.8-3 base movement speed).





(Q) Electric Discharge


Cost: Passive

Cool down: Passive

Range: N/A


Description: Whenever you strike a unit with a weapon charge that already has that current charge, he will pulse out a lightning field with in a 2 unit area of him doing damage. Refreshing a Positive charge will cause the lightning field to push away all enemy units within the area from the target by 1 unit while refreshing Negative charge will suck enemies within the attack to the target by 1 unit. All enemies hit by this spell will be given the charge equal to that of the target. This effect can only happen once every 2 seconds.


Level 1: Pulse does 20(+30%INT) spell damage.

Level 2: Pulse does 40(+30%INT) spell damage.

Level 3: Pulse does 60(+30%INT) spell damage.

Level 4: Pulse does 80(+30%INT) spell damage.


Synopsis: This spell works much like a mini version of the old black-hole magnum and is great for breaking up groups or clustering them together. This spell pairs well with his Ion cannons and Thaddius' Legacy.


(W) Magnetic Quake


Cost: 60/80/100/120

Cooldown: 20

Range: Circle with 2 unit radius


Description: TX stomps the ground dealing damage creating a strong magnetic field around him in a 4 unit radius. All units with a Positive charge are pulled towards TX by 3 units while all units with a Negative are pushed outwards 3 units. Units with a neutral charge only take damage.


Level 1: Does 75(+60% INT) spell damage.

Level 2: Does 120(+60% INT) spell damage.

Level 3: Does 165(+60% INT) spell damage.

Level 4: Does 210(+60% INT) spell damage


Synopsis: This ability is great for either preventing an enemy from running or pushing back hostile enemies in order to help him escape. This spell is great for team fights, and pairs well with Thaddius' legacy (see below).


(E) Magnetic Rail


Cost: 80/110/140/180

Cool-down: 15

Range: 8


Description: TX charges up for 1 seconds before launching a magnetic penetration round in a certain direction. All units hit by the ability take spell damage and are ionized with the charge that is currently equip on TX's weapon.


Level 1: Enemy units take 80(+75% INT) spell damage.

Level 2: Enemy units take 140(+75% INT) spell damage.

Level 3: Enemy units take 200(+75% INT) spell damage.

Level 4: Enemy units take 260(+75% INT) spell damage.


Synopsis: This spell is an easy way to magnetize a group of enemies and is good for both sniping runners and clearing mob. Paired with Electric Discharge and Magnetic Quake this spell makes him great at damaging and controlling large groups.


(Ultimate) Thaddius' legacy


Cost: 150/180/210

Cooldown: 120/100/80

Range: 6


Description: All Enemies within 6 units of TX gain the charge currently equipped on his weapon and are reapplied every second. In addition, all of TX's abilities are improved during this duration. The range and push/pull of Magnetic Quake is increased be 2 units, the internal cool down on Electric discharge is removed, Magnetic rail no longer has to charge up before firing and is twice as wide, and Ion Cannons now have a push/pull factor of a 2 unit range.


Level 1: Spell last 8 seconds

Level 2: Spell last 12 seconds.

Level 3: Spell last 16 seconds.


Synopsis: This ability pairs well with the rest of his spells by boasting his abilities significantly. By charging all near by enemies, he gains a great deal of control over the nearby area. If engaged near a collection of mobs, his Electric Discharge can do massive damage. This also allows him to keep near by enemies either close to him, or knock back attack enemies by increasing the distance of Magnetic quake and Ion Cannons.


Final Notes: Over-all, TX.Destroyer is has a high synergy in his spell set ups and is designed to be able to easily control the map. While he is not the strongest initiator or DPS, he is great at keeping enemies either close to him or at a distance. Ideally he would be great for team conflicts and work best with strong melee heroes. He is not meant to be inescapable, but makes it more difficult then usual.


Thanks for reading my hero idea and I appreciate any feedback you can give.

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I really like it. Seems like a really fun hero to play. There needs to be some visual tell as to what charge he has equipped however. Impact dial + a.s. build to keep enemy at tower could be a little much, but since that'd take away from his tanking, that'd force a really niche playstyle, similar to bola-boros.

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I like the mechanics, and it is explained very well (Usually alot of heroes with special abilities that effect other abilities, lack in a lot of detail.) It has a very unique theme, and keeps the theme going throught the all the abilities and still balanced, and not overly complex. [A lot of problems I have with reading heroes is that i can't determine something since i can't tell something). Job well done sir. Is his heal calulated AFTER Str? [base Hp: 260?] Otherwise he would start with 580+320+70 Hp (970Hp, without any talents//items) With items you could get 1390 hp o.o. (+180Hp talent and duran buckler).


Few Problems: I see is that Magnetic Rail may scale to well with Int. (100% is a lot for a standard ability)

Also his final has such a long CD. It would be nice if it was slight reduced upon level. (Especially since it is short duration). Maybe CD: 150//125//100. You may think it is overpowered but note: Null's final basicly makes him deal +100% Spell damage for a long duration with a fairly low CD, while this has a very long CD, lasting only a short while and while it increases effectiveness of abilities, it doesn't increase it as much as null increases his abilities.

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Balance stuff:


=Ion Cannons=

Make debuff last longer for more synergy. Maybe 8 seconds, so you get more benefit from your Q?


=Electric Discharge=

I don't like how it forces you to spread your AAs around, but I do like the skill otherwise.


=Magnetic Quake=

Radius should be increased to 4 since it is automatically centered around TX.


=Magnetic Rail=

You can remove the channel on this. P=


=Thaddius' Legacy=

Increase duration to 8/12/16 AT LEAST.


-Change radius to 10 for reapplying charge?

-Ion Cannons' push/pull factor is wonderful buff to it

-I like Electric Discharge change, maybe it could add some INT scaling too [10/15/20%]

-Magnetic Quake buff I like.

-Magnetic Rail has range and radius increased instead of charge-up removed?



How does TX switch between Positive/Negative?


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=Electric Discharge=

I don't like how it forces you to spread your AAs around, but I do like the skill otherwise.


While I do realize this problem, Electron Discharge is meant to be primarily used in synergy with his other spells. I will consider looking into replacement spells however, but for now I am happy with it.



How does TX switch between Positive/Negative?


Thanks for asking, I'll need to specify that. He uses the (Q) key or clicks the icon where the heroic passive is located.

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Hey, it's pretty much the only PROBLEM with this hero. It's ABSOLUTELY perfect. I would just suggest making his Q increase the duration of his Heroic Passive debuff-- e.g. 4 seconds without, 5/6/7/8 seconds with?


I dunno though, and I understand that you can't fix some things without completely changing the hero's Q which would remove his only direct laning steroid [which, btw, is pretty epic win].

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