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[HERO] Aeon.Raz'Gal


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Time for an assassin!




- First post




An assassin from the depths of the void, Raz'Gal's purpose is to hunt worthy prey (hello Kha'Zix). Sensing a great concentration of psionic energies at the Sanctum, Raz'Gal made it his mission to investigate and consume all he can in order to grow stronger.

Portrait: Hydralisk

Unit Base: Psionic Hydralisk

Type: AGI

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Starting Stats:

Health – 520 (250 base)

Movement Speed – 2.9

Attack Range – 4.5

Attack – Psychic Spines

Attack Speed – 1.75

Damage – 65.5 (15.5 base)

Armor – 0

Energy – 0

Strength 27 (+4)

Agility 31 (+6)

Intelligence 30 (+6)




Psionic Potential [Heroic Passive]

Raz'Gal gains Psionic Potential every time he returns to the pool or gets a kill, granting him a bonus 20 Spell Damage per attack. Whenever he damages an enemy hero while he has Psionic Potential, the ability adds an additional effect based on what ability was used. If any of his abilities are on cooldown, having Psionic Potential allows you to cast one ability immediately again without affecting the cooldown.


Fruit Tips:

-This makes him an excellent jungler as he will be ganking often

-The Spell Damage component makes him an excellent early game poker

-This significantly increases your initial damage against an enemy.

-Try to pick off weaker heroes so that you can get free casts and weaken the enemy team.




Needle Fury [Q]

Mana Cost: 45/55/65/75

Cooldown: 8/7/6/5

Range: 6

Raz'Gal fires off a barrage of needles that strike random enemies in an area of 2, dealing 35 (+15% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage per needle and applying on-hit effects up to three times on the same target (4 if consuming Psionic Potential). Each needle can critically strike at the normal rate.

This ability is channeled for 0.3 seconds.


Psionic Potential Bonus: This bonus is triggered if there is a hero within the radius of the spell.

Each needle deals 25 (+10% INT) bonus Spell Damage and applies a Static Charge that stacks indefinitely and lasts 10 seconds, slowing affected units by 3% per stack.

Level 1: Launches 4 needles.

Level 2: Launches 6 needles.

Level 3: Launches 8 needles.

Level 4: Launches 10 needles.


Fruit Tips:

-The total range is 8, so this is good for poking AA carries.

-This can help weaken your targets before you move in for the kill.

-Isolated targets are more likely to take the full damage of this skill.

-Works well with Pyre.




Static Current [W]

Mana Cost: 40/50/60/70

Cooldown: 24/20/16/12

Range: 5

Raz'Gall electrocutes units in front of him for 4 seconds, dealing Spell Damage per second.

This ability consumes one Static Sharge stack from enemies per second, dealing 40 (+15% INT) bonus Spell Damage each time a charge is removed, stunning the target for 0.3 seconds, and extending the duration of the ability by 1 second every time a stack is consumed.


Psionic Potential Bonus: Initially stuns all enemies in a 5 unit radius around affected units for 1 second, and causes Raz'Gal's next attack to deal 50% of his INT and AGI combined in bonus Spell Damage.

Level 1: Deals 40 (+25% INT) Spell Damage per second.

Level 2: Deals 60 (+25% INT) Spell Damage per second.

Level 3: Deals 80 (+25% INT) Spell Damage per second.

Level 4: Deals 100 (+25% INT) Spell Damage per second.


Fruit Tips:

-This is effective for disabling an entire enemy team so that you can pick out one target, should you use your Psionic Potential with this spell.

-The damage per second isn't that great. However, if you have Static Charges on your enemies from using your Q, then you will do a lot of damage and also stun them repeatedly.




Void Rift [E]

Mana Cost: 40/50/60/70

Cooldown: 30/25/20/15

Range: 4/5/6/7

Raz'Gal phases to the target location after a delay of 0.35 seconds during which he can still move and cast abilities (including this one if he has Psionic Potential. If he does this, he will blink to the new target location right after he casts this blink a second time to return). He can cast this spell again to go back to his initial position, dealing Spell Damage in an area of 3 units around his initial position.


Psionic Potential Bonus: This bonus activates if there is a hero within 2 units of Raz'Gal's target location, or 2 units of his old location when he blinks back. He deals the normal damage to enemies at the target location if the bonus is triggered there.

Cloaks Raz'Gal for 3 seconds, and grants him Weapon Speed as long as he is invisible. Units in between his blinking locations both casts have all damage done to them amplified for 4 seconds

Level 1: Deals 60 (+40% INT) Spell Damage. 4 unit range. Potential bonus grants 25% Weapon Speed and 15% damage amplification.

Level 2: Deals 120 (+40% INT) Spell Damage. 5 unit range. Potential bonus grants 35% Weapon Speed and 20% damage amplification.

Level 3: Deals 180 (+40% INT) Spell Damage. 6 unit range. Potential bonus grants 45% Weapon Speed and 25% damage amplification.

Level 4: Deals 240 (+40% INT) Spell Damage. 7 unit range. Potential bonus grants 55% Weapon Speed and 30% damage amplification.


Fruit Tips:

-Utility spell that increases in utility each level.

-Similar to LeBlanc's dash.

-Has components that allow Weapon Damage and INT builds to both be viable.

-Blink onto your current location and blink back in order to deal double damage.




Feed the Void [ultimate]

Mana Cost: 100

Cooldown: 120/100/80

On-Level: Every time this ability is levelled up, Raz'Gal gains a token which must be redeemed by killing an enemy hero. After redeeming the token, he gains the ability to upgrade one of his four abilities.


Q-Deals 2% of current health as Spell Damage per needle.

W-Decreases damage output of affected units by 30%

E-Start and end locations leave a pool of Void Ooze that deals 4% of enemies' max health as Spell Damage per second and slow them by 25%, lasting 2 seconds after they leave the pool. The pools last 3 seconds.

R-Resets cooldown on kills and assists


Active: Raz'Gal clears all debuffs and restores a percentage of damage taken as health and energy, and converting 7% of damage taken into additional Weapon Damage and INT. This lasts 6 seconds, but the stat gains are reset whenever Raz'Gal kills a hero.

Level 1: 40% of damage taken.

Level 2: 55% of damage taken.

Level 3: 70% of damage taken.


Fruit Tips:

-Use this when you are about to dive into the enemy team to absorb tons of damage and become even more powerful.

-Evolve the skills based on how much you use them. They are viable for both AA Raz'Gal and INT Raz'Gal.

-Hello Kha'Zix again (the passive)

-You might want to assassinate the person on the enemy team that has the executioner's axe...

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