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Aeon needs to be changed


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The point of aeon is early game money and some exp if you're level one.


You're forgetting to mention that aeon provides an incentive for teams to actively fight each other early on instead of passively farming for the first few minutes. Given that, I think it's perfectly fine to have it at level 1 because it starts the action right away (so you know when your team is too bad to carry). The trick is to make the playerbase less rage-y somehow. Maybe removing first blood would help--I wouldn't like that personally, but hearing "first blood" and seeing your enemies already having a kill can get disheartening to a new player.


Perhaps a tutorial instead? You'd have to get people to play it though, which is the real issue.


Personally I just want veteran mode back. Maybe beginner mode can have helpful messages every few minutes, including one that reminds players when aeon respawns in an effort to get them to go there.

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So Im hoping you would have seen it by now why balancing around pub is a seriously dumb proposition and a waste of time. I mean wtf, u see pub players complaining about getting killed by Aeon lol. flob me why are u ppl so stupid.



Noone complained about getting killed by aeon, either actually read the threads for once or stfu your trash talk is both annoying and pathetic.



Oh and hi banzai you didnt stay gone very long...

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There is nothing wrong with early Aeon, its an option a team chooses to use or doesnt, and if they choose it they know they can get attacked. It all comes down to good teamwork and map awareness. Most of the time you can kill Aeon uncontested, and go for a team gank after to get FB offering an amazing strategic advantage (trade off is you miss first and second wave of creep). If you get rushed while doing it though, Its all a matter of your teamwork. You focus down on attackers one at a time, using whatever skills you can to incapacitate them while everyone hits them. Once one or 2 of the enemy gets picked off they will always run. There is nothing complicated or hard about it.


Ppl that rage because aeon doesnt go their way or a few people die early on, shouldnt play the game in the first place. I have been in games where my team didnt work together, lost aeon and FB, and fed to like 10/20+ and we still managed to come back in the late game when ppl got their act together and started working as a team.....

Quitting because of a few early deaths just shows a complete lack of faith in their own skills. Its stupid annoying when ppl start calling GG and try to surrender when the game literally just started all bc of a few deaths. You can usually turn things around by playing smart defense till youve closed the gap.


So really the problem here is not Aeon but quitters that give up the moment something doesnt go their way, and hoestly you dont want them on your team anyways so let them quit and give you money. Dont hate the boss, hate the noobs that rage.


Id much rather play a 5v2 with 1 good ally than have 3 rage noobs on my team anyday


I will agree its annoying to have a game start with everyone bailing, but you cant fix bad players, they have to fix themselves...

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