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Area disable potential


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I have a feeling that number of disables, especially area stuns are gradually removing from this game. Lets mention few ones:

- Cow ulti with double charge used to be area stun

- Tosh ulti was sth like big vortex sucking up nearby allies (with his terrazine it was OP, I agree)

- Maar had huge area slow and great ulti - was insane initiator

- Drake magnitude

- Toxi had area push back

- Bio ulti


Of course there are some new heroes like Cain, Queen or Brine which also has some disable potential. However most of current disablers works on single target. Tosh has area mini-stuns as well as Queen ulti or Gara missles while Cain isn't easy to utilized well (catch more than 1 hero). Only Jackson and Drake have some real area impact. Which makes both heroes very important in team fights. Zeratul chronosphere is different story. This lack of variety in area disable potential makes compositions very limited. I really would like to see old ability concepts to be added to some new heroes so more heroes can be used to initiate as jackson is. This kind of abilities are also good counter to heroes like Shadow which late game can wipe entire teams without any threat and they increasing entire game skill cap as well.

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I'm not miss them. In Dota stuns are not OP because there is many of them. In AoS only few heroes has and thats why they are so strong. Besides along with increased number of stuns game would become more competitive. I was trying to avoid that confrontation but AoS is so much easier in compare to Dota 2. Especially for AA carries.


EDIT: with more stuns maybe there wouldn't be so many topics about how shadow or nova are OP

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my assumption is that ekcol doesn't want to make a feature of the game to be stopping other people from playing the game... i mean, a stun is effectively a "you don't get to play" for its duration. that being said... i'd say there hasn't really been a decrease in the amount of stuns.


don't remember if drake's ult knocked up before magnitude was removed, but off the top of my head: brine has insane cc, null has insane cc, lz's cc was increased, as he can move with solace and its no longer his ult, zera's cc was increased an absurd amount, lockbox and shrapnel were both added and are potent cc, electric mantle and stun baton are also very potent cc. and if you want to count taser, i guess.

and shadow's ult now blinds you instead of just cloaking him


also jackson's cc was massively increased with the change to his ult from just cloaking and exploding enemy units.


so i'd say if anything, cc has increased. i mean, just take the itemized cc for example: old darksteel titan summoning a 3 second stun OR taser + lockbox + shrapnel + electric + stunbaton + force-of-entropy + executioners + timesplitter + shrinkray + new darksteel titan, all of which have some debuff, whether its hard cc or just slows/silences/etc

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