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SlimJim parallels


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Randomly, I started thinking about how some of the current mumble community members remind me of former SlimJim players... In particular:


Marty => highdrater

Puppy => Greed

iMSouP => Analog

SmgQuest => WhaleTits

Taylorswift => CrazySoldier

Happyflip => MastaBeta

Dintercessor => AwesomeClock

InspireZ => Eliwan


And, of course, Adversary and Theseus remind me of themselves...

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Noob => Tukey

I mean tukey reminds me of himself as well.


Of course--this is common knowledge.


ah what the flob i remind u of smgquest?!?!?!




Ha ha, none of the comparisons are perfect. I picked you in this case because a lot of the time (not always) you have a tendency of playing stronger heroes, and Smg pretty much only played broken heroes. Also, at times, your rage reminds me of his rage. :)

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No offense, but isn't Eliwan someone rather bad at the game? I thought InspireZZ was a decent player when he was active, right?


The parallels are primarily based on personality and not skill in the game. When InspireZZ started out he was a scrub (and I'm pretty sure the same can be said for virtually everyone).

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lol no i was not a noob at any point, unlike u skrub in na lol


I said "virtually" everyone. That allows for you to not be a noob at any point and for my statement to still be correct. We are all awed by your greatness, Soed.


=( I don't get one?


It was late when I wrote the first post, so I wasn't exhaustive by any means. I am still trying to think of SlimJim parallels for both you and Peas, but so far I haven't come up with anything great. At one point, I was thinking that in some ways you remind me of Googammabob or Raphangelo. However, now I'm leaning toward:


JohnConner => Aellectris




HwPark => DarkPally

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Thanks tukey.


Also you should remember that good players generally do not hear the rage. When I went off at uMA first time in DotA, whish I had newer done in AOS (Bekause he was bad in dota, but not in AoS) he was apalled and surprised.


Aellektris might still rage, but just not at you or around you.


EDIT: I should note, for the rekord, that PuMA has gone pro @ dota, and is no longer "bad" by any means, he just started out like that, as most AoS players =)

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