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[Hero] Temple.Assault


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- Hero Created



Name: Temple.Assault

Portrait: Firebat

Unit Base: Firebat

Type: Agi, AA//Range//Stunner

Script: Using his mutiple explosives and flames to stun and slow his enemies, he conquered his enemies by using these explosives in Temple Siege. He now comes as a mercenary to help the team which pays most.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [300]

Movement Speed [2.8]

Attack Range [2]

Attack Speed [1.9]

Base Damage [46]

Base Armor [2]

Strength – [26] + [6]

Agility – [29] + [7]

Intelligence – [22] + [5]







Heroic Passive: Assaulter -Flame Thrower-

"Assault is packed with a flame throw, causing him to deal 30% weapon damage as physical damage to enemies that are in the path of his flames. (straight line, like a dominion firebat splash). Enemies that take physical damage from assault's standard attack will also lose 1% Physical Resistance for 3 seconds stacking up to 15 times and refreshing each time the stack is applied."



Effect: AoE AA, and amplfies physical damage on enemy




Ability One: Tear Gas

"Assault shoots tear gas in an AoE 2 unit Radius. Enemies in the tear gas will lose movement speed, and will lose a massive amount of attack speed. Allies will also lose movement speed and attack speed if inside it. Lasts 6 seconds. Enemies and Allies in the tear gas will also lose 2% their max energy per second(Not including assault). Tear gas will spawn 1 second after use."

Energy Cost: 60//70//80//90

Cooldown: 18//16//14//12

Range: 8


Level 1: Enemies lose 20% Movement Speed and 35% Attack Speed. Allies lose 15% Movement Speed and 30% Attack Speed. Assault loses 6% Movement Speed and 20% Attack Speed.

Level 2: Enemies lose 30% Movement Speed and 50% Attack Speed. Allies lose 20% Movement Speed and 40% Attack Speed. Assault loses 9% Movement Speed and 30% Attack Speed.

Level 3: Enemies lose 40% Movement Speed and 65% Attack Speed. Allies lose 25% Movement Speed and 50% Attack Speed. Assault loses 12% Movement Speed and 40% Attack Speed.

Level 4: Enemies lose 50% Movement Speed and 80% Attack Speed. Allies lose 30% Movement Speed and 60% Attack Speed. Assault loses 15% Movement Speed and 50% Attack Speed.


Effect: A ability that can be used to counter AA in an area and save allies, but you must determine if it is worth the risk since it will also hurt ur ally.

Note: Once you are out of the Tear gas, the debuff will no longer apply to you, so it will only apply if you are currently in the tear gas.




Ability Two: Assault Grenade

"Throw a slow moving Grenade towards an area. The grenade moves at a speed of 6 towards the targeted location. Once it reaches its target it will sit still for about 1 second before exploding, causing enemies in an AoE 2.5 to take spell damage and be stunned and slowing movement speed for 4 seconds. The Grenade will always last at least 2.5 seconds."

Energy Cost: 80//100//120//140

Cooldown: 20//17//14//11

Range: 20


Level 1: Deals 50[+50%int] Spell Damage, Stuns enemies for 0.8 second. Slow Movement Speed 13%

Level 2: Deals 90[+50%int] Spell Damage, Stuns enemies for 0.95 seconds. Slow Movement Speed 17%

Level 3: Deals 130[+50%int] Spell Damage, Stuns enemies for 1.10 seconds. Slow Movement Speed 21%

Level 4: Deals 170[+50%int] Spell Damage, Stuns enemies for 1.25 seconds. Slow Movement Speed 25%


Effect: A Long grenade, although the farther the distance, the longer it takes to explode, (and probably less accurate). The grenade lasts at least 2 seconds, meaning if the grenade stops after 0.7 seconds of traveling, it will stop for 1.8 seconds instead of 1 second. The longest range (20) cast would probably cause the grenade to last 4.3 seconds long.




Ability Three: Carpet Bomber

"A Ship drops bombs on a targeted location in an AoE 2 unit radius, stunning the enemy for a short while, and dealing slight bit of Spell Damage. Each Bomb deals 80[+30%int] Spell damage and stuns for 1 second and slow movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds. Bomb takes 3 seconds to drop on targeted location (although no animation effect shows that the place is targeted). Ship can hold mutiple bombs but can only shoot one at a time every 4 seconds."

Energy Cost: 80

Cooldown: 20//18//16//14 (4 second CD internvals between charges)

Range: 15//20//25//30


Level 1: 1 Charge

Level 2: 2 Charges

Level 3: 3 Charges

Level 4: 4 Charges.


Effect: Very long range support, although it may be hard to land on a target that is moving. The stun lasts 1 second, and since the slow lasts 2 seconds, you will actually only be slowed 1 second (after stun).




Ultimate Ability: Assault Bomb

"Assault becomes a live bomb. He wears a special suit to protect himself from the own bombs he has strapped on himself. He gains 250 shields temporarily. If Assault loses all his shields OR times out (15 seconds), the bombs on him explode, causing enemies in an AoE 4 around him to take spell damage and lose 70% movement speed//Attack Speed for 2 seconds. In addition Assault will gain physical and spell resistance once the bomb explodes for 3 seconds."

Energy Cost: 150//225//300

Cooldown: 90//80//70

Range: Self


Level 1: Deals 200[+80%int] Spell Damage. Gain +15% Physical and Spell Resistance after detonation for 3 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 300[+80%int] Spell Damage. Gain +25% Physical and Spell Resistance after detonation for 3 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 400[+80%int] Spell Damage. Gain +35% Physical and Spell Resistance after detonation for 3 seconds.


Effect: A good way to initiate, so that the enemy is threatened




Additional Information (Hero from Temple Siege)

This hero is effective that he has many stuns and slows at his control. But he requires extreme aim, and has to use them wisely, unlike just directly diving in. He is very good at supporting with a lot of stuns (similar to tosh) but in a larger AoE, but himself lacking in some DPS. This hero is primarily better vs other AA heroes. Good at harassing Range casters too. While he has a lot of stuns, it is harder for him to use them all at once (like tosh can just easily use all them at a direct time for stun lock).

Suggested Build: Time Splitter, Small Halldron Collider, Eletrical Mantle, Pyre, Blackhole Magnum, Hand Of Mengsk. This hero has alot of AoE. (FoE//Nitrogen works too)



Closing statement

Thanks for reading. I will most likely continue with Temple Siege heroes (as it was the primary Hero vs hero game i played in SCI, before coming to SCII and AoS.)

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