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[Hero] Anlace.Enchanter


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Hero created

-Changed Ability 1's Range so it's range scales with Ability 2 to prevent OP early game advantage harassment. (This makes it so that you'd have to get two fully leveled up abilities to make it fully effective and really good)

Lowered Standard Attack range by 0.5 (8 seems slightly to much, even if it is an ability)




Name: Anlace.Enchanter (meaning Weapon.Mage)

Portrait: High Templar

Unit Base: High Templar

Type: Int - Caster // AA

Script: A Special high templar that has special skills in Weapons but lacks psionic powers. He makes this up by using his psionic powers to imitate weapons in the battle field to be a fierce Warrior Mage, relying completely on his abilities to summon//use weapons in battle.

Note: This hero is a weapon mage, his types of attacks are basicly reversed, his standard attack is an ability, while his abilities are like AA attacks (physical damage).

Starting Stats:

Base Health [250]

Movement Speed [2.9]

Attack Range [7.5]

Attack Speed [4]

Base Damage [50]

Base Armor [3]

Strength – [21] + [5]

Agility – [28] + [7] Secondary

Intelligence – [33] + [8] Primary







Heroic Passive: Mana Bombs

"Anlace's Attacks deal 1 true damage to the target, yet he summons a bomb under the enemy. The bomb will explode in 2 seconds dealing spell damage in an AoE of 1.5 unit radius equal to 24*7 per level +[25%int]."



Effect: While it deals 1 damage to enemy(assist rights), pyre and starfury will still proc, so his standard attack can still damage enemies if he has pyre or other items similar to it. This will not proc Spell casting unique like silver soul. Bombs deal damage to towers. Maxes out at 150+25% int Spell damage per bomb.




Ability One: Lightning Blast

"Anlace shoots a lightning bolt at the enemy causing him to take physical damage equal to 100% Weapon damage. This ability will proc both uniques that count towards AA, and items that count towards casting. Can be used on structures. Enemies hit will also be stunned for an extremely short duration. This ability gains bonus range depending on the ability Magic slash of khali is at."

Energy Cost: 20//25//30//35

Cooldown: 9//7//5//3

Range: 4 (+1/2/3/4 depending on ability 2 level)


Level 1: 100% Weap as physical damage. Procs items. CD: 9 Stuns 0.25 seconds

Level 2: 100% Weap as physical damage. Procs items. CD: 7 Stuns 0.3 seconds

Level 3: 100% Weap as physical damage. Procs items. CD: 5 Stuns 0.35 seconds

Level 4: 100% Weap as physical damage. Procs items. CD: 3 Stuns 0.4 seconds


Effect: (Starfury and blackhole, will not automaticly be applied to this ability, you must already have it ready from a different ability) This ability is basicly a standard AA attack, at a fairly high range. Since it is a large cooldown (3) for basicly an AA, the stun and range slightly helps make up for it. Altho you have to aim, but Shrapnel and chilling artifact doesn't affect this since it is an ability (altho silence does) This




Ability Two: Magic Slash of Khali [ Passive]

"When Anlace deals spell damage to an enemy, they take physical damage to all units in an AoE 1 unit Radius equal to a % of the spell damage done (before mitigation) In addition, grants extra bonus range on Lightning Blast."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: AoE 1 on enemy


Level 1: Deals bonus physical damage equal to 8% of spell damage done. Grants +1 Range (Range:5)

Level 2: Deals bonus physical damage equal to 12% of spell damage done. Grants +2 Range (Range:6)

Level 3: Deals bonus physical damage equal to 16% of spell damage done. Grants +3 Range (Range:7)

Level 4: Deals bonus physical damage equal to 20% of spell damage done. Grants +4 Range (Range:8)


Effect: This does indeed work on items (i.e. super heated mantle deals 40 spell damage then 8 physical damage). The bonus physical damage DOESN'T proc items though. This ability causes Lightning blast (primary AA attack) to have increased range. This makes it so you can't abuse the high range early game and that you must sacrifice getting a good ability (Ability 3) to enhance his standard AA better.




Ability Three: PSI Storm Blaster

"Shoot a lightning bolt at an enemy causing them to take 100% Weap Damage physical damage and lose 50% movement speed and attack speed for 2 seconds. Two seconds after the debuff is applied, the affected target will shoot another lightning bolt to the nearest enemy (prioritizes heroes) causing them to take physical damage equal to the first charge, and repeat until no targets are in range, OR the lightning bolt has reached the maximum times it can bounce. If the lightning bolt can not find any target or reaches maximum bounce capacity, the bolt will deal extra damage after 2 seconds. Search Radius for bounce is 6 unit radius. Takes 1 second channel"

Energy Cost: 85//110//135//160

Cooldown: 26//23//20//17

Range: 8


Level 1: Can bounce 2 times. The enemy who gets hit last will take 40[+30% int] bonus Spell Damage.

Level 2: Can bounce 3 times. The enemy who gets hit last will take 60[+30% int] bonus Spell Damage.

Level 3: Can bounce 4 times. The enemy who gets hit last will take 80[+30% int] bonus Spell Damage.

Level 4: Can bounce 5 times. The enemy who gets hit last will take 100[+30% int] bonus Spell Damage.


Effect: This ability is similar to Rory's Rebounder, except that the rebounder shoots instantly at the next target, slows instead of stuns, and also rebounds 2 seconds AFTER the target has been hit, giving enemies time to spread out. Does not stack. If a target gets hit by two different lightning bolts at the same time (cerebro may lower cd) they will cancel each other out. The lightning bolt procs items. The Last person to be hit, will take bonus damage from this ability. While it prortizes heroes, it will target creeps if there are no other targets. It will not rebound if there are no other targets either.

Note: This ability will always start with: Primary target: 0 secs. then bounces to other targets at: 2/4/6/8/10 sec.




Ultimate Ability: Shattering Blade

"Shake the ground as a sword materializes from the ground (shards come from the ground) in an AoE 2.5 unit radius, dealing spell damage per second for 2 seconds and also slowing enemies in the radius. The shards gather up into an energy sword 0.5 seconds after the shards stop spawning. When the sword is formed, it hovors in the air for 0.25 seconds before smashing into the ground. Sword deals massive Physical damage in an AoE 2 unit Radius and stuns enemies that get hit. Takes 1 second to channel ability."

Energy Cost: 275//450//625

Cooldown: 80//65//50

Range: 5


Level 1: Shards deal 70 [+30%int] per second and slow enemy by 25%. Sword smash deals 200[+100%Weap] Physical damage and stuns 1 second.

Level 2: Shards deal 110 [+30%int] per second and slow enemy by 30%. Sword smash deals 300[+100%Weap] Physical damage and stuns 1.25 second.

Level 3: Shards deal 150 [+30%int] per second and slow enemy by 35%. Sword smash deals 400[+100%Weap] Physical damage and stuns 1.5 second.



After channel 0 - 2 second mark, energy shards coming from the ground are rising into a large sword above targeted area. At 2 second mark, shards stop spawning. (shards are animation effect not projectile damage). At 2.5 second mark, the energy sword forms. At 2.75 second mark the sword smashes into the ground. A good ability for catching a team in, altho it is fairly easy to dodge since it requires channeling, close range, and takes time for final damage to come in effect. Teleport makes it easy to avoid. Since it is fairly easy to avoid, the cooldown is fairly low for an ultimate, but long enough that is would primarily have only one use during a major team battle, but low enough, that it can be used almost every encounter. Back fall is that it is spammable but costs a lot of mana.




Additional Information

Suggested Build: ArgusCrystal.png, IsomorphicPyre.png, ExplosiveRetrofit.png, BlackHoleMagnum.png, SunflareGun.png, DarwinsMight.png or ContaminationShard.png

ArgusCrystal.png(Amplify spell damage), IsomorphicPyre.png(Deal alot of damage on abilities), ExplosiveRetrofit.png(Makes it easy to leech since it will give AoE physical damage to 10% physical weap, BlackHoleMagnum.png [Q] ability useful for, SunflareGun.png [Leech, Int, and Weap, great, and high spell damage, DarwinsMight.png (more hp, and alot of leech for your spell damage abilities) (Ihan along the way).ContaminationShard.png amplifies physical damage. Other Good items: HandofMengsk.pngNitrogenRetrofit.png[increase slow on final for sword to smash StarsFuryMini.pngLightningRod.png (4 lightning rounds for physical), BarbedPlating.png, ShrapnelCloak.png, ElectricMantle.png, SuperheatedMantle.png.

-- With this hero, You primarily want to get Unique items that proc Spell damage, especially if it is AoE spell damage since your passive deals some physical damage, it is leechable off of it. Also since most of the abilities listed proc item effects. This hero's Max attack speed would be 1. [4.0 - (3.0)] This hero is ment to be really different compared to standard mages that rely on Glass cannon mages. Although this hero doesn't really require attack speed, even though it is a AA caster hero.

Ironic part is that since his AA is basicly an ability, and his [Q] is basicly his AA, Silence is like a Shrapnel, and Shrapnel is like a silence. IT IS A PARADOX!

Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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I think his Q is so spammable, 3 seconds with that looow mana and 0.4 sec stun is a lot imo. I know you can make the same with stun baton but in the early game, if you rush this spell, it can be too much

I only added the stun because i thought the ability was to weak (late game). It is basicly his AA, but his AA would be 3 seconds, instead of standard. He is basicly screwed in any fight vs fight then. But it is ultimate harassment ability. I c ur point sir.

The [Q] ability now scales it's range with his passive. You can still rush the ability, but it would take a few more levels to rush this ability, and you would have to greatly sacrifice getting other abilities. (Having you Q still spamable at a low range tho, makes it dangerous.)

This Q isn't that much damage (and is basicly his only direct damage, and is ment to be his main source of AA attack).

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