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What would the best combination of heros be?


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In your guy's opinion, what would be the best composition of Hero abilities, (and base hero [that gives the hero range, stats, and speed, and attack speed].


I think the best composition would be:


Base Hero: Nova (High range, high Agi, and attack speed)


Heroic Passive:


Astral Projection [Heroic Active]


Ability 1 [Q]


Spell Storm

(debuff immunity and massive AoE)

Ability 2 [W]


Psionic Slam

(Throw back makin it easy- and you got ur clone for double pull LOL)

Ability 3 [E]

(Lord Z)

Tenacious Fury[Passive]

(Fast attack speed and physical resist)

Ability 4 [R]



(basicly a stun and silence for 6 seconds. Not to mention that, you can use spell storm so enemy can't stop you with debuffs, if enemy is going to survive, you just throw, you got tenacious fury for super attakc speed, and chain chrono from clone.)




-Edit- Sry, i had to rush this at the end. Forgot to explain some few details.

Try to stick to the ability ways.

i.e. Heroic Passive should be a hero's heroic passive and not any other ability

Ability 1 [Q] has be a Ability one of any hero [Q]

(Dooms got the picture xD).

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Hero Base: Vorpal (cause he looks cool, and you'd laugh real hard if you saw the below abilities on him).


Heroic Passive: Rory's (More spell damage, more fun).

skill 1: Spell Storm (strongest skill in the game).

skill 2: Immortal Solace (keep them bastards close to you).

skill 3: Magnetic Link (to prevent blinks, other spells).

ultimate: Unix's Tentacle (Cause what makes a silenced enemy that cannot run away and is taking mad spell DPS even more sour about life? MORE spell DPS).


Basically, just get a warp shard, and lots of wards, find loners, kill them.

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Base Unit: Zeratul (has a movement speed of 3)

Speed Build:

Leo's Heroic passive +10% movement Speed

Lord Z [Q] Overdrive (+50%)

Brine's [W] Adrenaline (+18%)

Nova's [E] Vanish +(??? 100%?)

Grunty's Final [R] Passive: River Racer (+80%)


Get a Phantom Menace, Paradox, 3 Arc bounds, and a masamune. FTW!

Zeal and swift would work too. Or Swift + Haste(active).

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Lz unit base and stats

-Str hero

-Balrog's HP

-Boros spellstorm

-Shadow stepping strikes

-LZ Tenacious Fury

​-Drake Epilogue



Drake unit base and stats

-str hero

-Drake fan the flames passive

-Lz solice

-Vorpal Dark matter passive

-Micro Flux

-Balrog ulti



null unit base and stats

-Int hero

-Rory Spell amp passive

-Raynors silencing shot

-unix fungal(or maybe jakk's minefield for more dmg but less utility)

-Rancor cloak(+130%int dmg bonus to Q spell)

-Kerri ulti

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Passive: Tosh passive: You are so over and God mode so what you need is only money, but anyway you can get all with no money just by power.


Q: Oil Sick: Black oil is a symbol of power.


W: Cloak Field: What an uber hero needs is to know where enemies are. No more.


E: Flight Mode: You r hurry, you are God, You can fly. That's all.


R: Micro Ulti ( Disabled): You can't be stronger.

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Hero Base: Jakk (Good Range//Attack speed)

Heroic Passive: Acid Strike (Brine)

Q : Nitrogen (Cain's stun ability)

W : Proton Pack

E : Molo Grenade (Rory)

R : Fist of Gaia


Use nitrogen for stun, Rory's Grenade, Proton pack (Silence for no escape after the stun) and and Acid Strike [nice damage and 10% max hp too] (then flare gun) and you got a definate kill. If that ain't enough (vs a tank probably) throw in a Fist of Gaia for a molo death tick.

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Here's mine:


Using "Q must be a Q skill etc" rules:


Type: INT, ranged. Secondary stat STR. [Think Erekul, I guess]

Heroic Passive: Geminus.Boros' Burning Blade [50% INT DoT on AA]

Ability 1 [Q]: Egon.Stetmann's Caustic Salve [12-second DoT/HoT]

Ability 2 [W]: Vergil.Nerazim's Disarming Strike [Damaged enemies lose Weapon Damage] OR Null.Disruptor's Arcane Barriers [Force Fields] OR Subterran.Unix's Fungal Toxin [DoT + Root] OR Ironhide.Cain's Frostbite [successive hits deal free Spell Damage]

Ability 3 [E]: Chuck.TBone's Echo Matrix [Non-Echo Matrix Spell Damage causes AoE Spell Damage]

Ultimate [R]: Tiberius.Rancor's Armageddon [Nukes] OR Toximancer.Vespus' Toxic Tornado [inflicts DoTs]


*cough* Echo Matrix proc spam. W is flexible because it is. XC


Using any mix-mash of 3 abilities, Heroic Passive, and Ultimate:

Type: AGI Melee

Heroic Passive: Fine.Brine's Acid Strike

Ability 1 [Q]: Geminus.Boros' Spell Storm

Ability 2 [W]: Shadow.Geminus' Stepping Strikes

Ability 3 [E]: Toximancer.Vespus' Noxious Fumes

Ultimate [R]: Prelate.Zeratul's Chronosphere


Using abilities that existed in previous versions, too:

Type: AGI Melee

Heroic Passive: Fine.Brine's Acid Strike

Ability 1 [Q]: Geminus.Boros' SpellStorm [Applies to allies]

Ability 2 [W]: Prelate.Zeratul's Unfolding Fate [backstab => Cloak and Spell Damage 3 seconds later]

Ability 3 [E]: Rory.Swann's Molotov Cocktail [We all know what Molotov is, right?]

Ultimate: Prelate.Zeratul's Chronosphere [-99% Time + silence to units in bubble]

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Here's one that strives for being a carry of STR.


Melee STR

H.P.: Infernal.Mandrake's Fan The Flames [sTR from Kills/Assists]

Q: Balrog.Brutalizer's Lunge [Jump and slow]

W: Alpha.Crackling's Voracious Bite? [Deals 40/60/80/100% Weapon Damage as Spell Damage and heals 40/60/80/100% Weapon Damage Health]

E: Lord.Zyrkhan's Tenacious Fury

R: Nova.Terra's Psionic Web


FTF gives STR [Main => W.D.], Lunge scales with W.D. and slows so you can attack more, Crackling W gives you unbeatable sustain, Tenacious Fury lets you get fewer W.S. items, and Nova's ulti forces the enemy to engage you.


Here's one that goes for balance, as a support hero of much utility with not too much killing power.

Ranged INT with decent range; probably 6

H.P.: Egon.Stetmann's Science!

Q: Rory.Swann's Rebounder

W: Garamond.Singsprocket's Seeker Swarm

E: Hybrid.MAAR's Frost Wave [and Frost Wave only! On say... 18/15/12/9 second CD with 80/110/140/170 energy cost]

R: Tiberious.Rancor's Armageddon


Science! coupled with long CD abilities means that you need to get levels in your E to make more use of them. I gave it Rancor's ultimate because no other ultimate had ANY synergy, and at least there was a LITTLE in Rancor's. However, without Scans, Rancor's ulti is not able to be used to get kills.


Here's one that goes for cool balance and shows how good this one hero is:

Ranged INT with LONG range, probably 7 [Jim base?]

H.P.: Summers' Weapon Switch; able to A) Deal minor bonus AoE damage; B) Drain Energy from AA

Q: Rancor's Dead Eye Lockdown

W: Summers' Spyder Mines // Rancor's Scans

E: Zeratul's Planar Void

R: Rancor's Armageddon


By adding the ability to Ward, Armageddon has more utility; and with some AoE pushing power "Tiberius Summers" will be able to not SUCK before ulti-- one of Rancor's problems is early-game.

If I were allowed to edit the abilities themselves... I'd like to change Weapon Switch from AoE // Energy heal to AoE // AA slow [maybe 15% for 1 second].

Then, is would be a support hero as a result; having the utility needed, being able to secure a couple of kills [not too many] with powerful support damage that is accompanied by stunning-- but the ability to land 3-second stuns and save your allies demands skill with your Planar Void.




Base: Cain?

H.P.: Micro.Gravitus' Fast Twitch

Q: Null.Disruptor's Magic Missile

W: Tosh's Rise of Da Spectre

E: Molgloo.Grunty's Rawket Lawncher

R: Chuck.TBone's Brownstone Totem


Stun/Stun/Stun/Stun/Sustain ftw

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Raynor: (Int and long attack range)

Heroic Passive: Astral Projection (Tassy)

[Q] Death Mark (Raynor)

[W] seeker swarm (Gara)

[E] Rocket Lawncher (Grunty)

[R] Totem Stone Toilet (Cow's Final)


Get a Chain going. Double rocket + Double Toilet = Total death from across the entire map

(Death mark and seekerswarm are also fairly long range)


Heroic Passive: SCV Factory [Gara's heroic passive]

[Q] - Banglings (Queen Imperial)

[W] - Toss Passive -Spectres- (Tosh)

[E] - Marine King's Marine's (MK)

[R] - Tyrant Ultralisk (Queen Imperial)

(erekul because it is int and can be tanky)

YOU GOT URSELF A SUMMONER ARMY! If only i could add unix marines + Astral Projection ):

How do u counter this?: AoE of course -.- Imagine getting stun locked, from ultra then spectres, as a ultra, spectres, erekul, marineking's marines, and SCV army are all attacking you... (GET COA and dominion flag)

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Another one:


Base: Jim Raynor

HP: Micro Stun

Q: Null's Magic Missile

W: Egon's Silence + Mana

E: Derpa's grenade

R: Chronosphere


Recommended Items: Mossberg Taser, Small Hadron Collider, Stun Baton, Electric Mantle, and Shrapnel Cloak.


What was that, you wanted to play?

Talk about RQ all day. Don't Forget, Time splitter. Increases duration of stun//silence and also gives u massive attack speed for Stun Baton ^^

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