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EnTaro.Tassadar [1.55] [Work in Progress]


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Disclaimer: I am in no way, a pro at this game. However, I do think I have enough experience with Tassadar to write a guide that can help newer users, since most Tassadars I see in pubs are not very skilled with him.








EnTaro.Tassadar's difficulty turns off a lot of people, but his kit generally packs more utility and power than other heroes'. However, Tassadar is completely dependent on micromanagement to survive, unlike popular picks such as Nova, Kerrigan, and Raynor. Even with stronger items, other heroes require simply less effort to beat you--but a well-played Tassadar can be a major opponent and can easily turn a losing game around. If you are looking for a challenge and think you are up to it, you should consider learning how to play Tassadar.


Pros and Cons


+Can be built in a lot of ways


+Tricks people into wasting talents, ultimates, and effort

+One of the best towerdivers in the game

+Very slippery

+Great health sustain in lane

+Can gank two lanes at once

+Great "split" pusher

+Carries pub games hard

+Great synergy with Ocelot's Revolver and related items

+Can work well with almost any team composition


-Effectively melee


-Slight mana problems early on

-Requires a lot of micromanagement to do well

-People don't know how he works, so it can be hard to cooperate with your team

-Prone to misclicks

-No dance[/td]









I pick Might, Fury, Veteran, Swiftness, Youth, and Wealth.


Might adds to our early last-hitting power, and Tassadar scales extremely well with items. Because of this, you should be able to counter your opponent if he pushes (since Tassadar has formidable pushing power himself if you start with Energy Rake), or be able to easily secure last hits if you're trying to avoid pushing the lane.

Alternatively, it adds to your crit damage if you choose to build Critical Strikes. Since this guide does not reccomend stacking Weapon Damage on Tassadar, you should get all you can.


Fury is good on Tassadar because Tassadar's damage scales with Weapon Speed no matter how you build him. This is important especially if you are doing an INT-heavy build, as your only Weapon Speed would come from Star's Fury and Hyper Armor. Since Weapon Speed stacks multiplicatively, 15% can go a long way and help even during the late game. Remember that your Q's cooldown


Veteran gives you a head start to being fed, which is great as Tassadar because having a fed Tassadar is like having two fed heroes on your team. It helps a lot when your clone can solo enemy heroes by itself.


Swiftness is vital because Tassadar is effectively a melee hero. Melee heroes tend to be kited easily, especially by mobile heroes like Nova or heroes with slows like Cain. Your Ultimate helps with this, but Swiftness will help you in the early game as well as later on if both you and your opponent have bought a Force of Entropy or Nitrogen Retrofit.


Youth because it almost doubles your mana pool at the start of the game. You will never have mana problems late-game with a good build, and the +230 mana will save your life a lot early on when you cannot cast very many spells in quick succession.


Wealth allows you to start with a Machete and four Blue Pots. These is your bread-and-butter starting items that I will discuss later.


Remember that talents do not apply to your clone!


Alternative talent builds:


Insight, Fury, Veteran, Prodigy, Brilliance, Wealth.

This one makes your clone almost indistinguishable from your real self--even to experienced players. Good players will have -hl enabled and so they don't be able to see your Weapon Speed.


Discipline, Integrity, Zeal, Fortify, Brilliance, Swiftness.

This makes you semi-tanky and gives you 7% and 13% movespeed when at full health. This is great for positioning yourself in teamfights. Fortify is nice for tricky situations and helps when you are swapping yourself into the enemy team (not that you should ever do that except in dire circumstances). Some energy regen is also nice for your early-game since you're not getting wealth for starting potions. If you pick this, just get a machete.


Some talents I want to comment on:


Fortitude makes it really obvious which Tassadar is the real one early on.

Demigod is useful for last hitting, but if you're jungling, Veteran is way better (only +100% WD as Spell Damage to the big creep doesn't make much of a difference), and Tassadar is already good at farming. If you want it to boost your early game laning potential, you could consider it.

Transport is redundant on Tassadar as you can already be everywhere at once! While not a bad choice, it is overrated in my opinion and is unneeded on Tassadar unless you want even more map presence.

Zeal only affects you and not your clone, and while you will be at max health often outside of fights thanks to Tassadar's sustain, you have good initiation anyway. This doesn't help your tower-diving nor does it help your chasing during most teamfights.

Insight only gives 5% more Spell Damage. I recommend it in my stealth build above because Veteran is so nice from my experience, but 5 extra damage per 100 Spell Damage you do doesn't really turn things around much. If you don't want Veteran just get Transport and only get Fury + Might.




Skill Overview



Thanks to Eliwan for the image





V.png Astral Projection [Heroic Active]

Mana Cost: 50

Cooldown: 45 (After Projection vanishes)

Cast Time: Short

Tassadar creates an Astral Projection of himself, reducing the Weapon Damage of himself and his Projection by 30%. The Projection is managed as a separate unit from Tassadar, lasts indefinitely, can cast all of his abilities except Astral Projection, and can take 250+50*LVL (+100% INT) damage before it vanishes.


This Heroic Active has so many uses that it will be impossible to address in this portion of the guide. I will have a separate section for Clone use.



Q.png Energy Rake [Q]

Mana Cost: 15

Cooldown: 6

Tassadar empowers his next attack with a rake of energy that replaces the regular attack and deals Spell Damage in a cone, resetting Tassadar's attack timer. This ability is automatically casted upon attacking, empowering the next attack afterward. The cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds every time Tassadar attacks.

Level 1: 40 (+50% INT) Spell Damage

Level 2: 70 (+50% INT) Spell Damage

Level 3: 110 (+50% INT) Spell Damage

Level 4: 130 (+50% INT) Spell Damage


This is the reason INT Tassadar is viable, and while the base damage per level seems low, it is actually worthwhile to max this ability first because it deals Splash Damage and because the clone casts it as well. Also, think about it--the cooldown is much, much shorter than most mages' primary damage-dealers and is easier to reduce, but the base damage per level, combined with the clone, becomes effectively the same. This is some major DPS.


Remember that this ability will cast automatically. However, sometimes you want to open with it because it does not lower Tassadar's DPS very much and it can hit harder than a single attack if you build appropriately. To do this, simply hit Q and then proceed to melt your enemy's face off.


This ability is always useful for farming, even if you do not build a lot of INT, because it deals splash damage. While laning, you should be utilizing the AoE to your advantage and hit your opponent with it if he is melee. Tassadar is strong while laning against melee heroes because he can harass and farm at the same time.

In teamfights, try to memorize the AoE of the ability and position yourself at an angle to hit as many people as possible with it. This will maximize your damage output and take advantage of the AoE.


Takeray mentioned that you can cast Energy Rake then attack yourself or your clone in order to hit cloaked heroes or units, without damage since Energy Rake is an AoE spell. Use this to harass Zeratul in-lane and punish him hard for trolling you.



W.png Soul Drain [W]

Mana Cost: 55/70/85/100

Cooldown: 18

Tassadar channels, draining life from his target for 6 seconds, leeching all the damage he deals while slowing the target.

Level 1: 40 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second, 30% Slow.

Level 2: 60 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second, 36% Slow.

Level 3: 80 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second, 42% Slow.

Level 4: 100 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second, 48% Slow.


This is not really a damage ability as its scaling is low (that is not so say it does terrible damage--it just doesn't do enough to offset the time lost attacking or casting Q). The main parts you want to care about are the slow and the leech. Cast this on a tanky creep (tank, roach near full health, marauder, etc) to regain a lot of health. The ability has the amusing quirk of not triggering neutral creeps if you do it while far enough away. You can use your shields while fighting the creeps to perhaps migitate some damage. Do NOT open with Soul Drain on a neutral creep, because the alignment change will break the targeting.


This ability has an important slow that can make a huge difference in ganks. Whether you need Nova pinned down or an overextended tank slowed long enough to deal damage, Soul Drain can secure a lot of kills. Use it while ganking side lanes if you go mid. I do not believe the slow stacks, so you should only have either your self or your clone casting it at a time. A 12 second slow can seriously ruin somebody's day. Also remember that the cooldown starts as soon as you cast it.


I would max this skill second if you are ganking often, or third if you are finding yourself in a lot of cases where you need to duel.



E.png Hyper Armor [E]

Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 34/32/30/28

Tassadar gains a shield that gives him a number of stats while it remains active.

Level 1: 80 (+80% INT) Shields, +8% Movespeed, +15% Weapon Speed

Level 2: 150 (+80% INT) Shields, +12% Movespeed, +20% Weapon Speed

Level 3: 220 (+80% INT) Shields, +16% Movespeed, +25% Weapon Speed

Level 4: 290 (+80% INT) Shields, +20% Movespeed, +30% Weapon Speed


An underestimated ability for sure. This makes INT Tassadar surprisingly hard to kill. It makes him extremely difficult to catch as he is faster than everybody while the shield is up, and protects him from heroes with long ranges taking potshots at him. Use it while running into a teamfight to help a friend, or while being focused.


Remember that it scales with INT. Building Armor/Spell Resist and INT at the same time will help a lot and increase your effective HP. Tassadar has 25 base armor at level 18, so adding in a Chilling Artifact or Superheated Mantle might not be a bad idea.



R.png AEther Swap [ultimate]

Mana Cost: 100/150/200

Cooldown: 40 (10 when swapping with projection)

Tassadar channels for 1 second, swapping with his target at the end. If the target is his Astral Projection, he gains the health of his Astral Projection (losing health if the clone is injured). The clone behaves the same way with Tassadar himself.[

Level 1: 8 unit range.

Level 2: 10 unit range.

Level 3: 12 unit range.


This is Tassadar's defining ability. I will have a section on it as it is pretty much neccesary for Tassadar to be viable--otherwise he has no way of getting into the enemy team--or bringing the enemy to him.[/td]





The Clone and its Uses


Other than his AEther Swap, Tassadar's main defining characteristic is the fact that he can have two of himself present almost all the time. The clone has the ability to use any of Tassadar's abilities with no damage reduction. This is what makes building Tassadar as a caster attractive, as his Q deals massive amounts of damage on a short cooldown. Because his Weapon Damage is reduced, AA builds are less viable than they seem, but are still viable nonetheless.


There are a number of uses for the clone:

  • Extra DPS: As stated, the clone can cast abilities, essentially doubling his scaling and base damage if he and his clone focus on the same target. His clone gains all of his items, along with all [unique]'s, opening up on-Hit builds as well as Cerebro and Lethal Barb as viable build options. His AA damage output is 140% of normal, but Tassadar is short-ranged and stacking Weapon Damage will make him squishy and reliant on his short-ranged attacks to deal damage. Weapon Damage is viable on Tassadar, but I reccomend INT as well because as I said, his clone doubles his Q's damage.
  • Pushing/Lane Holding/Farming: The clone can kill creeps all on its own, although care must be taken if you choose to jungle with it as jungle creeps are very damaging. You will have to micro the clone to use Soul Drain in order to keep its health up, which means your actual self might end up getting blown up in the lane. You can, however, AFK jungle with Tassadar, and use your clone to gank lanes, using it to secure kills for your team, hold lanes for teammates while they recall, and initiate teamfights for free.
    Lane holding is especially useful as of Patch 1.48, which makes Tassadar an excellent solo laner as he can recall to base without losing his tower or missing creep score.
    Tassadar can also push two lanes at once, which helps a lot late-game as he can apply pressure to a tower and require someone to split off and hold it, forcing a 4v5, albeit minus your clone.
  • Ganking: Tassadar can send his clone to gank and assist his teammates if they need help, especially if he is outlaning his lane opponent. He can also gank two lanes at once and cause ragequits, because most opponents will not call MIA's when your clone is gone, giving you the element of surprise. Many times I have ganked a lane with my clone to have the player who was just ganked shout "NO MIAS RETARDS" and similar things, even though I was at my lane the entire time.
  • Duplicating Auras: Thanks to itsthaguy for this. Tassadar's clone duplicates aura items such as Space Battery, so sending your clone to another lane early on will give them the aura as well. Just be sure not to let your real self get killed while microing the clone--I recommend sending it to/from mid so that the fighting occurs at different times.
  • Towerdiving: Tassadar's clone's spellcasts do not attract the tower's attention, so you can harass people farming under their tower without repercussions. They might attack the clone, but if you use your shield and they are at low health, you can often get an easy kill without putting yourself in the line of fire at all. Thanks to Eliwan for testing this, the clone's Autoattacks attract aggro, but I believe it only does this if you are within the tower's range. Pre-cast your Q.
  • Soloing People: The clone is a formiddable force later on in the game, and if you are fed enough, you might be able to kill people without ever meeting them just by sending your clone around the map.
  • Trolling: Remember that the clone is indistinguishable from Tassadar himself if you disable the -fruits command. Use this to make people waste talents and ults in order to kill you. Try to be unpredictable, since your opponent will generally think that your clone is the one that is acting recklessly. This lets you play badly without being punished!
    Be sure to watch your level as it can ruin your attempt at trolling.




How to Swap


As Tassadar you should always be looking out for opportunities to use AEther Swap.

  • Is your teammate about to die? Swap your clone with him, saving his life and denying your opponents gold. DO not do this if you are sure your teammate will die from Damage over Time (Toxi, Egon).
  • Is the enemy carry loitering about at the front of the team? Swap him into the middle of your team to give him a warm welcome.
  • Is the target far away? Use your clone's swap first, and place your cursor over your clone so that you can swap yourself with him after your clone swaps. Activate shields as the enemy team might be forced to initiate.
  • Are you at low health while your clone isn't? Swap yourself with it to regenerate to full instantly, leaving your ability at a shorter cooldown and costing no mana. This allows Tassadar to solo towers with ease. Don't actually try it though... it's dangerous and can get you killed if your enemy sees you. You're not v6 Shadow.
  • When being chased by one person, split you and your clone up to go in different directions. Activate your shields, then have your clone swap you if the enemy comes after you.
  • Use your swap to juke your enemy if he has low APM. Run away, then swap with them and run the other direction.
  • Drag important people away from their team to change teamfights in your favor. Making a Mandrake miss his ult while he is in the middle of your team is one of the most satisfying things ever.
  • Swap people over cliffs to minimize their chances of escape--or maximize yours.
  • If your teammate is being chased, you might be able to fool your enemies by swapping yourself with your ally and running in a different direction. Do this with your clone unless the situation is dire.




Item Builds


Tassadar can be built in a lot of different ways. Expect your items to match the state of the game. Remember that high burst counters enemy carries, so INT Tassadar might be more viable against a team full of them than AA Tassadar. Remember that On-Hit builds with Bandit's Artifice are sufficient for shutting down a person constantly, so if your team lacks CC to pin important people down, I would recommend the On-Hit route, and so on.

Starting Items

:DuransMachette::EnergyCapsule: :EnergyCapsule: :EnergyCapsule: :EnergyCapsule:


Tassadar tends to eat a lot of mana early on. Energy pots will supply a load of energy so you can heal yourself with Soul Drain and harass your opponent, using your shield often to migitate harass. The Machete gives you a bunch of stats that matter, such as health, damage, and AGI. However, it gives 3% lifesteal, which I think is useless considering it won't win you early trades and Tassadar already has monster sustain through his Soul Drain (which is what the pots are for).


You can also start with Capricorn's suggestion: :KhalisWeaver:


Core Items

Mid-Game is where you'll be making most item choices.


I'll be referring to the items as text because at the time that this guide is being written there aren't icons in the forum for many of the items being referenced.

The items will be rated based on how useful they are, and their relevance at this time in the game.


:OcelotsRevolver:Ocelot's Revolver (10/10)

This is pretty much Tassadar's core item, and should be rushed if you are off to a good start. If you are doing badly, it is still a priority as this is where a lot of Tassadar's early burst damage is coming from. The Spell Damage from your Energy Rake and the subsequent revolver proc on the next attack rivals early casters. And it works with your clone too!


:SuperheatedMantle:Superheated Mantle (8.5/10)

A great early item. Rushing it is not really worth it because it builds out of Miner's Goggles, a "GP10" item. If you are doing so-so or badly, pick up the goggles. After finishing your Ocelot's you can keep the goggles until later to generate some income or you can finish your mantle. It increases your damage significantly because your clone gets the aura too, and makes your farming arguably the fastest in the game. You will be stealing last hits left and right, and your towerdiving will be amazing because your clone can follow them around all day, dealing damage with the aura, without causing the tower to switch to it from the creeps.


:StunBaton:Stun Baton (8.5/10)

Because your clone copies on-hit effects, this is a great item because it can contribute to keeping your opponent permastunned. Late-game with a Bandit's Artifice and some weapon speed, you can keep an opponent stunned quite often.


:IsomorphicPyre:Isomorphic Pyre (8.5/10)

It deals a decent amount of damage for a low price, and synergizes well with your clone. Combine this with other "on-hit" items such as Stun Baton and Lightning Rod and follow up with a Bandit's Artifice to do a lot of damage that you normally wouldn't be able to do as any other hero. Get this mid-game, as early on you should build damage instead.


Sliptide Scythe (8.5/10)

It adds less damage than a Pyre per hit, but it gives decent stats, including your primary attribute (AGI). If you want to deal a lot of Spell Damage on-hit, get this and a Pyre.


:LightningRod:Lightning Rod (8/10)

This poor guy gets overshadowed by Stun Baton, but is useful nonetheless. Skip your Superheated Mantle if you plan on getting this because it also helps your farm.


Gravity's Edge (8/10)

A powerful starting item, giving you early Spell Penetration (that's what I call the [unique]) and awesome offensive stats (INT for your Rake, Weapon Damage, and Movespeed because you are melee). Your mana problems will be over as soon as you complete your first major INT item, and this is a solid starter. The only problem with rushing it is that most people will not have Spell Resist early on, but it has one of the highest INT boosts of any item in the game, so I would not be too concerned. The [unique] is just icing on the cake for the late-game.


:NitrogenRetrofit:Nitrogen Retrofit (8/10)

A nice mix between tanky stats (450 health is a lot) and offensive stats (INT lets you spam all day and do tons of damage). Alright as a starting item, I suppose, as it'll make your Soul Drain slow even more (it applies on all Spell Damage, including Isomorphic Pyre and Sliptide Scythe) and make you impossible to run away from. I would forgo an early mantle if you get this early instead.


:ArgusCrystal:Argus Crystal (7/10)

If you get this your damage will go up dramatically. It boosts your damage from Ocelot's as well. It is a bit expensive though, and does not give much other than damage, and since it no longer amplifies your allies' damage as well, this is a pretty selfish item to take. Do not get it if you are planning to do more supporting and initiation than killing.


:ChillingArtifact:Chilling Artifact (6.5-7.5/10)

I believe this item should be useful in theory as it will increase your dueling power dramatically, but if you rush it you are going to lack INT. The CDR helps with ulting often, though, and the Mana is great if you are planning to go Tanky/DPS without INT, so it could be useful depending on your build.


:DarksteelTitan:Darksteel Titan (6.5-7.5/10)

It's a good tank item. Only get it if you're going Tankadar.


:BarbedPlating:Barbed Plating (7/10)

Good for Tankadar because it works best with health. However, since your shield and clone count as additional effective HP, it could replace a mantle in your build if you're having most of your trouble with AA heroes.


:ExplosiveRetrofit:Explosive Retrofit (7/10)

Farm all day, every day!


:IhanCrystal:Ihan Crystal (7/10)

Gives a nice amound of health, although it takes time for the INT to kick in. Once you get to the late-game you should sell it. I would buy this third and only if you are doing a semitanky/tanky build or are going INT Tassadar.


Lethal Barb (5/10)

I don't think this is a great item to rush, because Tassadar's starting Weapon Damage is low. It is useful later on, but I think it is a bad idea to rush it.


Cerebro (4/10)

Same thing as Lethal Barb. It is far too expensive and critical strikes aren't worth using this early in the game.


End-Game Items

Later on you'll be finishing your item build. You can keep some of your core items, but the cheaper ones (Mantle) might have to go.


Lethal Barb (10/10)

If you are doing AA Tassadar, get this once you get some weapon damage. It is an amazing item because it is overpowered right now. 100% weapon speed for critting? And your clone gets it too? That's awesome. Remember that your Q loses 0.5 seconds of its cooldown whenever you attack.

If you have a Cerebro, get this to boost your critical strike level to an acceptable amount to make Cerebro reliable.


Star's Fury (10/10)

A great item for INT/Hybrid Tassadar. If you don't have much INT, avoid this item. If you do get it, it has a nice plethora of stats that are all great on Tassadar. The reason it's great is because it's like Ocelots, but does more damage.


:BlackHoleMagnum:Black Hole Magnum (10/10)

Gives a lot of AGI and is good for the same reasons as Ocelot's Revolver. Get this if you are stacking Weapon Damage, otherwise get Star's Fury because it will probably do more damage and gives better stats.


Masamune (10/10)

As an AGI hero, Tassadar is naturally resistant to Physical Damage, so the debuff on this item isn't crippling. It gives monstrous weapon damage and a lot of Time Scale, so Tassadar definitely benefits from it. Get it on Crit or Generic AA builds.


:ArgusCrystal:Argus Crystal (10/10)

Since most of your damage will be Spell Damage unless you are stacking crit items or doing a generic AA build (even then, Black Hole Magnum deals Spell Damage), this is good. Since it'll increase your AA damage mo matter what (you can't stop your Q from activating), this is never a bad item on Tassadar.


:IsomorphicPyre:Isomorphic Pyre (10/10)

This is an epic item late-game for any build because of the sheer damage it does with a clone.


Cerebro (9/10)

Since the changes to this item, it is no longer as overpowered as it was on heroes like Boros. However on Tassadar it is just as great because it will reset all of your cooldowns, allowing you to take large amounts of damage with your Hyper Armor (compared to what other heroes can do) and spam your Q more. It gives INT and crit chance, the latter of which is needed for the item to function. Like I said earlier, if you get this you should get Lethal Barb as well to avoid wasting the crit chance stat. Otherwise it is just too unreliable.


Khali Blade (9/10)

It doubles your critical strike bonus damage. You have to get this item if your critical strikes are a major source of your damage. Otherwise, skip.


:BanditsArtifice:Bandit's Artifice (9/10)

This gives you a third clone that also procs on-hit item effects. As discussed before, use on-hit items such as Stun Baton to abuse the fact that you can proc the same items three times faster than you normally could.


:BarbedPlating:Barbed Plating (9/10)

By now you should find a way to work it into your build if there are a lot of carries on the enemy team.


:SunflareGun:Sunflare Gun (8/10)

It gives relevant stats, but I wouldn't get it unless you are doing a total hybrid build (Argus, Sunflare, Star's Fury, Lethal Barb, Cerebro, and Khali Blade, for example).


Galactic Defender (8/10)

It gives good Spell Resist and Weapon Damage, but the shield can only be activated on the real Tassadar, blowing your cover.


:ForceofEntropy:Force of Entropy (8/10)

You need damage before you get this, but it does make you tankier and has a very nice slow attached to it. If you use this and Nitrogen Retrofit, you can keep people pinned to the ground very easily. Use your clone to Soul Drain them, adding insult to injury!


:ArcboundRavager:Arcbound Ravager (8/10)

I love the movement speed and weapon speed on this item. If you have Cerebro you can skip out on Lethal Barb, but I think Lethal Barb is better unless you are a) really unlucky and not getting crits or b) too slow to catch up to people. You can use your swap to get close, though, which is why I think too much movespeed is a bad idea.


Aggressor's Guise (7/10)

This item is good for staying sticky to your target, but it is better-suited to heroes like Balrog who last long enough to do a lot of damage. The cloak is good if your enemy is not buying Truesight Elixirs, but it otherwise does not increase your damage very much, and the health can be gained from more damaging items such as Nitrogen Retrofit. It does give AGI, so it's not a total waste of a slot, and the CDR helps with ulting and proccing Q. Buy at your descretion.


:HandofMengsk:Hand of Mengsk (6/10)

The active only affects you and not your clone. The leech is good but the active is half-wasted. The weapon damage is reduced by splitting.


:DarwinsMight:Darwin's Might(6/10)

The leech and defensive stats are good, but the active is half-wasted on your clone. Get it if you are doing a generic AA build with crits.




Example Builds


In the last pub game I played in, the enemy team consisted of 4 AGI heroes plus Unix. This is pretty standard at the time of this guide as AA heroes have the lowest skill cap (in my opinion), and because of this they suit pub players well.

But besides that, some heroes are legitimately hard to deal with because of their skillsets. However, Tassadar is still great even in this kind of situation as each Energy Rake can chunk huge amounts of a carry's health.


I won with the following build (but I didn't carry the game--we had a great Brine who initiated very well):


Machete + 4 Pots


Superheated Mantle

Nitrogen Retrofit

Stun Baton (this didn't make as much of a difference as I thought it would, however)

Argus Crystal

Barbed Plating (after I noticed none of them had crits)

Upgrade Ocelot's into Star's Fury

Cerebro (sell Stun Baton)


I was chunking most of Nova's health almost instantly, and while my crit chance was low I was close to the attack speed cap with Tassadar's natural AGI and steroids.






Early Game

This is when you generally pick your lanes. Make sure to pay attention to your team composition. If your team is largely immobile and lacks escape abilities, then you might want to go to the suicide (long) since your clone can take some heat to protect yourself. Otherwise, go mid if you plan to gank the side lanes. Go to the short lane if you want lots of farm or if you are new to the game and don't think you can gank properly.


As a general rule, you should try to make sure your opponent gets hit by your Energy Rake if he is melee and farming. If he is ranged, you can harass by activating your shield and running up to your opponent. If your enemy can stop you easily (Grunty is notorious for this) then just don't harass. It is not worth it as getting, say, stunned in the middle of the lane while being assaulted by creeps will hurt you a lot more than what you can put out. You might sacrifice your clone if your opponent is in a terrible position (right up to your ramp, for example). Make sure to use your Soul Drain if you're not using both Tassadars to attack. Remember that two Rakes on a person hurts a lot, and is great when laning against two people if they clump together.


If you are mid, always check for runes in the river. Keep your clone at your base to prevent your opponent from pushing. Start with your Energy Rake for the damage and creep clearing, and level your Hyper Armor next (if you are getting harassed a lot) or Soul Drain (if you are taking mainly scratch damage and want to heal up after some time). Once you hit level three, you can go for some kills. Make sure to run your clone up to the enemy (use your shield here to protect it) then Soul Drain your opponent and attack him with your real self. Alternate between your clone and self if you want to mess with your opponent (not if you picked Fortitude).

Make sure to take your thor if you do not have a jungler. if you picked Veteran, you should be at a level advantage unless they picked it too. The sooner you have your ult, the better.


At level 6, you can go for a tower pull. If your clone is down, revive it and do a chain pull once they step at around the center of the river, using Soul Drain from the Tassadar closest to your enemy, and having the other Tassadar attack your opponent.


While laning with a partner, you should take Energy Rake first, Soul Drain second, and Hyper Armor third. Harass with your partner and if he is a DPS hero, use your Soul Drain so that you can maximize damage to your target. Always try to evaluate whether or not a Soul Drain will result in more damage being done than simply joining in and attacking.


Mid Game

As large fights begin to occur, you should send your clone to roam around and give your team an advantage in these little fights. Be sure to pay attention to yourself. At this point, all you really want to do is to farm (farm your lane opponent(s) if you are already fed) while still winning teamfights, so make sure to check on the real Tassadar in case your opponent(s) decide(s) not to let you farm in peace.

Tassadar begins to shine here. If you get to the point where you can no longer farm safely (such as when your tower is down and you do not have wards) then you should concentrate on pushing a lane (usually mid) to force teamfights. You can keep your clone near the tower to do a bit of extra damage to it, but make sure your teammates don't stay in the tower for too long as you actually want to evacuate it at the last moment, because then you might be able to attract an enemy or two who come in for a seemingly easy kill, even if your team is waiting outside of tower range. Swap, shield to escape the tower, and go to town.


Remember: After a successful gank at this point, you should usually push toward the enemy tower in order to either a) take the tower while your enemy is away, or b) force another teamfight, this time with your opponents down one person. Don't just leave and go back to farming, it's a wasted opportunity.


Late Game

Now that you have a lot of powerful items, you can probably start dueling people. It normally isn't safe to go out alone unless you are fed, but if you do, make sure to use your clone to scout, gain info, and attract ganks.

Remember that at this point split pushing a lane can allow your team to focus entirely on a lane. If the enemy sends one person to kill your clone, you outnumber their team so you can push hard.


Try to focus on people who can change the course of a teamfight. Also make sure not to do things that are detrimental to your team. A lot of people like to pluck whoever is in front. But if you position a Mandrake in the center of your team, you are just asking for him to ult everyone. His team will follow afterward, and you will lose the teamfight.

Instead, focus on people who are vulnerable. You can also try to swap people who are channeling skills to reposition them or outright waste abilities. Swapping a Mandrake away from your team while he is ulting can get him to waste his ult and win you the teamfight, securing another push. With some skill, you can mess up a lot of people's combos this way.




Mid Lane Opponents


Tassadar is a decent mid laner. There are too many combos to go up against with the side lanes, but in a 1v1 it helps to know how you should act.


*Icons stolen from Eliwan*





You see him mid often because he gank gank extremely well level 6 and up. He also has total map presence with his Rockets if he is a good shot. Always push your lane when he leaves to gank, call MIA's immediately, and also notify people if he shoots a rocket.

As for laning, it's a toss-up. He outranges you, and his rocket will give him an advantage, but harassing with Energy Rake, sustaining with Soul Drain, and absorbing damage with Hyper Armor makes it a relatively even matchup. Just be sure to keep creeps or your clone in front of you in case he shoots a rocket, and don't chase him if he set up traps on the ramp. Try to snag movespeed runes first (wards are good!) or he will murder your team. He lacks a hard escape such as a blink or stun so he is a prime target for swapping in teamfights. He also falls off late-game compared to the other carries.



Nova is a ranged carry with an exceptionally strong early and late game. From my experience she is most vulnerable mid-game, because her early game is just insanely good. She can out-DPS anyone from the start, and since Tassadar is short-ranged you won't be harassing her often. You can use your shields to negate one shot, so try to hit her with a pair of Energy Rakes if she comes too close. Otherwise, stay back and just farm with your short-mid range and AoE. Take your Shield before Soul Drain.

You can either send your clone to help with kills, or keep your clone in your lane and gank with the real Tassadar for more reliable ganks. You should be ganking often though as she will probably win the lane early. If you can keep her from killing the tower mid-game, you might be able to destroy waves before she can use them to push.

Mid-Game you should try to kill her as she is the most vulnerable at this point in the game. Later on once she has a Galactic Defender, Sinobi Style, or tons of leech, she becomes notoriously good at killing entire teams by herself. At that point, you should snag her into your team with your Swap and make sure to snow her if your team doesn't stun her in time. You should always have a Truesight Elixer on your team late-game.







Post funny screenshots in this thread and I'll add them!







Thanks for reading this guide and I hope you don't hate me!

Leave a comment if you'd like.

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This is an epic guide, but the clone is distinguishable from the standard (involves clickling tho)

Ways to tell: You clone doesn't have talents, so depending on which talents you got, your clone won't have it

Primary way: Clicking on the tassadar, the clone will never display the items you tassadar has. If you click the tassadar and he has no inventory pop up, it is a clone. The items on your clone are only noticeable by the player who is controlling the tassadar.

Other ways: Clone tassadar doesn't have consumables//true sight (mostly late game purpose)

But this is 5000% of the epic scale


-edit- It is nice how unique items work at full strength. I usually like to split my tassy and a clone in two lanes beginning games so both lanes gain a Space battery or sustainer buff to help them.

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Itsthatguy, the Tass inventory bug was fixed. Tassadar's clone's inventory does show up to enemies. P=

And solve the second problem by just not getting the talents with visible benefits-- Swiftness won't have any visible benefits.

Also, the clone may not inherit stat potions but in a team-fight you can't waste time clicking on Tassy's clone. P=

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This is an epic guide, but the clone is distinguishable from the standard (involves clickling tho)

Ways to tell: You clone doesn't have talents, so depending on which talents you got, your clone won't have it

Primary way: Clicking on the tassadar, the clone will never display the items you tassadar has. If you click the tassadar and he has no inventory pop up, it is a clone. The items on your clone are only noticeable by the player who is controlling the tassadar.

Other ways: Clone tassadar doesn't have consumables//true sight (mostly late game purpose)

But this is 5000% of the epic scale


Yes, I should mention this.


This is why I do not pick Fortitude--becomes it makes it really obvious which Tassadar is the real one since health shows up right above a person's head.


You are a boss, FruitNinja.


Can I have the replay from where you took that screenshot? =X


Edit: Little thing I made in a few minutes



Thanks. :)


Nice picture too... it's a work of art.


As for the replay, I can't seem to find it...


If I remember correctly, it was a 3v5 with me, vorpal, and rancor vs a team with jakk, cain, and a few others on it... it was a long time ago. I thought I saved it but apparently I didn't.

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Itsthatguy, the Tass inventory bug was fixed. Tassadar's clone's inventory does show up to enemies. P=

And solve the second problem by just not getting the talents with visible benefits-- Swiftness won't have any visible benefits.

Also, the clone may not inherit stat potions but in a team-fight you can't waste time clicking on Tassy's clone. P=

Inventory bug fixed is news to me. I don't recall it being fixed in this current patch. Is it fixed in the beta version? (I don't have mumble so i wouldn't know).

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I just went 2-6-13, first game with Tassy


And I don't know when it was fixed, but mumble told me that it's fixed in public


Also, in that game

Towerdiving: Tassadar's clone does not attract the tower's attention, so you can harass people farming under their tower without repercussions. They might attack the clone, but if you use your shield and they are at low health, you can often get an easy kill without putting yourself in the line of fire at all.

Tassy's clone's SPELLCASTS don't draw aggro but AA does

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Tassy's clone's SPELLCASTS don't draw aggro but AA does


From my experience it doesn't work that way, but alright. Did the tower attack YOU or the clone, and were you in the tower's range?


How'd the game go? Did you win?




Though I don't get Nitrogen Retro. It slows with everything u use ( Q and W) so like autoattacking and with W .


I know, this is why it is a good choice. It helps a lot with chasing.

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You forgot, in my opinion Electric Mantle. It gives you CdR ( Not really important) but faster CD on R and E and you get a double stun and some tanky.


Other good item is Hive symbiosis since you health a portion of copy damage and he heals from your hits too ( Besides leech and damage you get for it)


And of course executioner's Axe not mandatory, but he is a good wearer of that item since last hit double and so on.

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A double stun is nice, but hive symbiosis is a bit of a waste imo. Maybe of you go full AA. What was the leech from hive buffed to?


Yep btw being my main changable item if needed. Hive gives me leech so I get a bit, what do you recommend in these terms btw? ( In terms of leeching/useful).


Nice and good guide*


*Guide: Orientative options of a character, not being linear and dictatorial, considering all his possiblities.


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Why you haven't mentioned how to combo your spells? Use clones R, while channeling use E on real tass. When your clone blinked, select him and use slow (W) on pulled target and use A click on enemy with real tass. If enemy have survived, you can use this combo 1 more time, but pull and slow with real tass, while using AA (with E) with clone. If all this done properly, this combo do high damage and has amazing CC for your teammates. Even if enemy used blink or any escape mechanism while first part of combo, you just pull him one more time and now rape him!!!

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