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[Hero] Fujiwara.Mokou


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Hero Created

-Later: Forgot to label she was an STR hero (altho it would be assumed) Added additional info to final (regarding how respawn time stacks)



(Anime Character)

Name: Fujiwara.Mokou

(Female, Civilian with red clothing, and long violet like hair, and red/white bows)

Type: Full on Tank [sTR]



Scipt: "Formerly an ordinary human, Fujiwara no Mokou became an immortal being after drinking the Hourai Elixir about 1300 years ago. Now she is never able to die, though she still feels the pain of injuries as normal. She's considered to be very powerful because she has lived for many years and earned that power, and because she doesn't die and can therefore keep fighting until she can no longer stand the pain." [http://touhou.wikia....iwara_no_Mokou]

(Always remember to quote where you got the info from if you directly used it! :D or else it is plagiarizing)

Starting Stats:

Base Health [300]

Movement Speed [2.7]

Attack Range [1.25]

Attack Speed [2]

Base Damage [38]

Base Armor [3]

Strength – [33] + [8] Primary stat

Agility – [24] + [6] Secondary Stat

Intelligence – [18] + [4]


Ignore the comments that say: Detail on how it works, if you understand the standard description given. It only gives extra detail and possibly an example to help better understand the ability if the standard doesn't provide enough info. (it shud tho.)





Heroic Passive: Tears of a Phoenix

"Allies (not including Mokou) restore Hp equal to 20% of the damage Mokou takes (After mitigation) in a Radius of 8."



Effect: An enemy that deals 700 spell damage per ability, hits mokou, but only deals 500 spell damage to mokou. EACH of mokou's allies in a Radius of 8 from her will restore 100 hp then.




Ability One: Fire Bird: -Flying Phoenix-

"Mokou dashes towards a targeted area (up to 1 seconds max), burning enemies in a 3 unit radius of Mokou. In addition, Enemies hit take spell damage, and lose movement speed for 3 seconds, while allies gain movement speed for 3 seconds if they got "hit". When mokou dashes toward the targeted area, her movement speed will be fixed at 12 regardless of slows or bonus movement speeds. Upon casting the ability, Mokou gains debuff immunity for the duration of the Dash, and an additional second of debuff immunity when the dash duration ends. Mokou will stop charging if anything interrupts her charge (even stuns since they last .05 secs in debuff immunity)"

Energy Cost: 60//70//80//90

Cooldown: 20//17//14//11

Range: 8


Level 1: Deals 60[+50%int] Spell Damage. Enemies lose 15% movement speed for 3 secs. Allies gain +8% Movement speed for 3 seconds

Level 2: Deals 100[+50%int] Spell Damage. Enemies lose 20% movement speed for 3 secs. Allies gain +12% Movement speed for 3 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 140[+50%int] Spell Damage. Enemies lose 25% movement speed for 3 secs. Allies gain +16% Movement speed for 3 seconds.

Level 4: Deals 180[+50%int] Spell Damage. Enemies lose 30% movement speed for 3 secs. Allies gain +20% Movement speed for 3 seconds.


Detail of how the ability works: Mokou does not gain bonus movement speed from her own effect. Allies do not take damage from mokou's ability, the radius in which she gives the movement speed buff to allies is the same as enemies. The ability times out at 2 seconds incase, some wall prevents mokou's dash. Also if Mokou uses her ability, she gains debuff immunity, which will end 1 second after the dash ended.

Use: This ability is good for escaping or engaging in a fight. (Enables tank to jump straight into the fight while allies trail behind safely and attack, Also removes debuffs that enemy used to stop you with.)




Ability Two: Everlasting: "Phoenix's Tail" [Passive]

"Mokou has a great phoenix tail, that blazes fire. It leaves a trail of fire behind her (similar to how unix's passive works), that lasts 3 seconds behind where ever mokou has been. Enemies that touch the fire will take spell damage. In addition, any thing that hits Mokou in the back will deal less damage."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: None


Level 1: Mokou's Flame deals 20[+10%int] Spell damage per second. Physical and Spell damage from behind deals 10% less damage.

Level 2: Mokou's Flame deals 30[+10%int] Spell damage per second. Physical and Spell damage from behind deals 15% less damage.

Level 3: Mokou's Flame deals 40[+10%int] Spell damage per second. Physical and Spell damage from behind deals 20% less damage.

Level 4: Mokou's Flame deals 50[+10%int] Spell damage per second. Physical and Spell damage from behind deals 25% less damage.


Detail of how the ability works: Works similar to how Unix's Slime passive works. The passive resist works similar to how Zeratul's backslash works too. The fire that spawns on mokou will spawn 0.5 units behind her every 0.1 seconds and take up a space of 1 unit in diameter.

Note: A good tank passive for escaping wise, making it hard to kill or if getting surrounded.



Ability Three: Possessed by Phoenix

"Mokou applies a debuff on a targeted unit that lasts 6 seconds. The targeted unit will take a % of the spell//physical damage mokou takes as True damage (before mitigation). In addition, the targeted unit will also spawn a fire bomb every second after the target has had the debuff for at least 1 second. Each firebomb will detonate after 3 seconds or until killed, dealing spell damage in an AoE 2.5 unit Radius. Each fire bomb has 30+5*Lv. Hp. Takes 1 second to cast (channel)"

Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 32//28//24//20

Range: 6


Level 1: Reflects 12% of damage taken. Fire Bombs Deal 20[+20%int] Spell Damage

Level 2: Reflects 18% of damage taken. Fire Bombs Deal 30[+20%int] Spell Damage

Level 3: Reflects 24% of damage taken. Fire Bombs Deal 40[+20%int] Spell Damage

Level 4: Reflects 30% of damage taken. Fire Bombs Deal 50[+20%int] Spell Damage


Detail of how the ability works: This ability is like a Barb Armor, except it is targeted towards a specific target, rewiring all damage taken on the specific target. In addition, the person with the debuff will spawn bombs 1 second into the debuff. (Give player some time to react that he has the debuff placed on him). While you want the fire bombs to be killed, the reason why gain hp per level, is so that an Basic AoE like Super heated mantle won't instantly kill it. It gains hp as you level up, when fully leveled, it will have 4x the amount of hp, yet the enemy will probably have at least 4x their base damage, making it not die instantly, but at the same rate, as they did earlier game(or closer to the same rate) While casting range is 6, the channel will (1 sec it takes to channel) break if the enemy moves out of a 8 unit radius from mokou during the channel.


Note: The ability will spawn up to 6 fire bombs at the 1/2/3/4/5/6 second mark of the debuff. This ability is ment to

Use: Good vs enemy AA heroes who have to get close, and have to stay still to get kills.



Ultimate Ability: Immortal Phoenix [Passive]

"Having drunk the Hourai Elixir, Mokou can survive in battle, regardless if her body is being destroyed. When Mokou is below 50% Maximum Hp, she gains Shields, Damage resist, and restores Hp per second for 5 seconds. Has a cooldown. Also passively reduces the time it takes to respawn."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: 90//70//50

Range: Self


Level 1: Mokou Gains +15% Damage Resistance and gains +150[+60%int] Shields for 5 seconds. She will also restore 2% her max Hp per second for 5 seconds. Respawn 5% Faster

Level 2: Mokou Gains +20% Damage Resistance and gains +275[+60%int] Shields for 5 seconds. She will also restore 4% her max Hp per second for 5 seconds. Respawn 10% Faster

Level 3: Mokou Gains +25% Damage Resistance and gains +400[+60%int] Shields for 5 seconds. She will also restore 6% her max Hp per second for 5 seconds. Respawn 15% Faster


Detail on how it works: Lets say mokou has 5000 Max hp, and she takes damage now having 2400 Hp. She will then gain (lv3 ultra) +25% Damage resistance and 500[+80%int] Shields for 5 seconds, and she will restore 7% her max hp per second for 5 seconds totaling up for +30% restoration of her Max Hp(+1500Hp).

Note: It may seem like a lot, but Life tech actually restores the exact same amount of hp, except this passive only does it at half the amount of time, and grants shields to help. Executioner axe would be effective vs this passive too. The shields provide a slight cover if mokou just took some serious damage (like cyprus's final to 10% max hp) giving a little bit of time for recover to come in effect. Also the Damage resistance also helps her survive longer for the short duration if she is in any trouble. Respawn time works similar to how armor works. With the talent respawn time, respawn time would be 0.8 * 0.85 making respawn time 32% lower with the talent that reduces respawn time by 20%.

Use: Good for tanking, and very useful the higher Hp she has.



Additional Information

Suggested Build:[not in order]: OrganicCarapace.pngLifeTechNanosuit.pngForceofEntropy.pngSpellBuffer.pngElectricMantle.pngBarbedPlating.png

Alternative Items: ChillingArtifact.pngKorhalVanguard.pngDarksteelTitan.pngSuperheatedMantle.pngExecutionersAxe.pngShadowmourneMini.pngParallaxGenerator.pngNitrogenRetrofit.pngEternalDriveMini.pngShrapnelCloak.png

This Hero is from the Anime Series: Touhou (one my favorite characters). She is builded primarily towards a tank build.

This hero relys a lot of Passives (3 passive abilities and only 2 activate abilities, both which are offensive//defensive at the same time)



Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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