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Caster Nova


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So original and funny, but Caster Nova sucks, x6 Masamune Nova is 1000 times better, specially without leech talent.

You can also try a troll and very very bad build with pyre, khali blade, shadowmourne, lethal barb, darwins might and contamination shard but you need tons of skill to do kill with that build.


You are welcome.

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Gravitus Drake Brine MK Boros Zeratul Leo Crackling Rory Jim Jakk Null

Kerrigan BioTron Blank Blank DARPA Shadow Blank Blank Unix Erekul Viron Blank

Cow Balrog Blank Blank Rancor Tosh Blank Blank Egon Garamond Blank Blank

Tychus LZ Blank Blank Vespus Tassadar Blank Blank Dustin Cyprus Blank Blank

Vorpal Cain Blank Blank Grunty Nova Blank Blank Jackson MAAR Blank Blank

SS Blank Blank Blank Vergil Blank Blank Blank Queen Blank Blank Blank


Yeah I'm sure you just lack imagination ;D

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